University of West Georgia Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students are great. Everybody enjoys getting to know new people and are very social.


They keep to themselves and will talk to you, but only if you're outgoing first.


My classmates at the Univeristy of West Georgia are very nice and dedicated to thier schoolwork.


Varied. Unique and yet all clearly focused on preparing for our futures


My classmates are very friendly and helpful.


My classmates are very enthusiastic about learning and are dedicated to doing what they have to in order to become successful.


My first time visiting The University of West Georgia, I was amazed at the campus. It was pulchritude at its best! After a few more visits to UWG displayed it had more to offer than just a campus, it had substance. In my field, accounting, they're internationally recognized and have impeccable professors. When I attended orientation is when I realized I was at the right school. They made me feel as if they really wanted me to graduate. They offer many programs that I see helping with my success. In my opinion it's a Great school!


Everybody is serious when it comes to academics but most are lazy when it comes to attendance.


I feel that most students are very closed minded and selective of who and where they hangout . The forming of cliques was very quick .


I would describe my classmates as diverse, accepting and goal oriented.


Younger, younger and much younger, yet expressing the desire to learn from the professors and classmates.


This is an excerpt from a poem I wrote in my creative writing class many years ago In reference to my classmates. These classes were filled with strangers That may never be our friends. We simply share time on a journey to the end. some say things that matter, some things that are funny, Others just how smart they are , some sbout thrie money. Some say things only the professoerwants to hear. Do they not realize how arrogant they appear? In your next class before you speak Analyze the relevance and keep it short and sweet.


They are very energetic and ready to learn.


My classmates are goal oriented.


My classmates are very focus and easy to study with.


Dedicated but openly friendly.


My classmates are mature and for the most part responsible.


My classmates and diverse but encouraging and tolerent, also envolved students on campus and in the community.


Well my classmates are just that, classmates. When we are in class we can communicate freely and do the task at hand. But, once your outside the class that role is changed. For the most part the classmates that I have come in to contact with are really down to earth. We work great as classmates and that's what counts. Were able to come together and leave our views at the door.


Everyone keeps to themselves.


Young and very eager to learn and work hard. Mainly they are focused on doing well in school.


My classmates are diverse, opinionated, fun-loving, and open. Some of them are the best friends I could have ever hoped for and have taught me more than I would have ever thought. Some of them I will never see again and that is fine by me, but others I would be lost without ever seeing them again!


Everyone was very open minded. There was the occasional jerk that said mean things or didn't think before they spoke but every class eventually has one of those. I enjoyed talking with my classmates and learning about their opinions and experiences.


depends on the class. talkative, enthusiastic, also confused and studius


My classmates are usually fairly responsible in their school work but also like to socialize and have fun


My classmates are diverse for the most part, and tend to be helpful when you need a study buddy or notes from a day you missed.


Intellegent, hardworking, fun loving individuals.




My Classmates are supportive, fun, and helpful.


Some become friends for life, others are distant.


Most of my classmates are apathetic when it comes to learning and have no desire to socialize without getting something in return.


My class mates are very friendly and involved.


They are simply wonderful!


All my classmates are very diverse coming from many different countries and backgrounds. Everyone has a different story and I think that is what makes going to UWG great if your willing to hear what different people than your own background have to say. I am a Biology major and in there you are constantly doing research with men and women from all over the world in this one building. I feel that by interacting with all these differnt people has made me a more accepting person to humanity as a whole.


They are good for getting their assignments done; some just enough to get by.