University of West Georgia Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that the online graduate programs are offered in much in the same fashion as a traditional classroom and do not take into account individuals working full time. The workload is often greater in terms of reading expectations and office hours of professors are often during the day. Most of the professors I have had for my online courses have a) never taught an online course previously b) never worked full time and gone to school full time. This gap is very noticeable in the expectations for online graduate level courses.


I wish I had known more about the requirements for my major.


As a high school senior, I was READY to leave home and experience greater freedom and independence away from my parents. Now as a freshman at the University of West Georgia, I wish I had known that college can have even greater challenges and obstacles. You are basically on your own, so you have A LOT of responsibilities. For example, no one will wake you up in the morning for class or make you go to bed at night when you have an 8AM class the next day. Also, some college professors do not care to know your name.


I wish I had known just how much support students receive from faculty and staff. Some schools prepare freshmen - University of West Georgia PREPARES their freshmen for success.! Call the school and ask questions, e-mail, or visit in person. I have always received a positive and welcoming attitude. No place will be perfect - but I have found one that is GREAT


I wish that I had known how hard the professors would be as well as the importance of reading my text book for certain classes. You really have to form a great relationship with your professor to get the grades that you want. You also have to choose the right professors, so talk to older students that know the campus so that you can prosper!


I wish I would have known that you need as much financial aid as possible.


Absolutely nothing! That was the join in going to college. The unknown! The experience of making mistakes and learning from them is all part of the fun in gaining that true "college experience".


I wish that someone would've told me that money is very hard to come accross. Also i wish someone would've told me that strong, and i mean STRONG self-decipline, plays a major role in college.


I wish I had studied harder in high school. If I was better prepared, then I would do better in my writing. I love to write, but I do not always do it well. I wish I could go back to those English classes and rewrite those sloppy research papers that has cased more harm with my writing skills than English literature. I would also inform my teachers to push harder, critique all my writing, and care more about what I learn rather than my grades.


I wish I had known that waiting several years between high school and college would make it so much harder! As I attend my classes, I can see how much the responsibilities I have as a wife and mother make academic success more difficult. Campuses are geared towards people who have the freedom to put their college career as their top priority and still have time after classes to participate in a variety of activities. Living on campus as a single student would be a life experience that could make it possible to have fun and still focus on classes.


I wish I would have known how much of the financial responsibilty was going to fall on my shoulders. As a transfer student to an out of state school, I wasn't elligible for financial aid other than loans. Though my education is an investment, a loan was the last thing I wanted to take to get my education started and finished, however I have no choice and not going to school is not an option.


I wish I had known about the way things are done here. People don't give you information about where to go or what to do or even just where to look. You have to trip over it on your own. I wish I had known that grades don't matter, that you don't get scholarships for academics. I wish I had known that fees went up every semester. I wish I had known about that low strandards and how certain demographics are catered to at the expense of others.


That I would feel in a minority regarding my level of commitment to doing well academically. Most students here seem not to care.


That it is basically a commuter school and that most students go home on the weekends


I wish I would have known how different college really is from high school in aspects like class grades, attendance, and just keeping up. I also wish I would have known how difficult is it to live on your own and manage things like money and time. And lastly I wish I would have known how much you really grow and find yourself in college. High school problems and insecurities become laughable when you face college life.


That all semesters count.


Although, I am glad I came to this school to get my bachleor's degree in Criminology; I wish I would have known more about the department and its professors before I came.


I wish I would have known how intense my major would be. I am a Middle Grades Education Major with concentration in teaching Math and Science. I didn't know that I'll be doing three semesters of UNPAID student teaching - which prevents me from working. This has been very stressful for me.




I wish I had known more people here.


I wish that I knew more about financial aid. They are not very helpful in this department. They are quick toget students to fill out paperwork for a loans rather than helping them with grants or scholarships.


I wish I would have known that my GPA wouldn't mess up if I had attended here. And especially how boring it is outside the classroom. The professors are undescribable. Some professors are funny. It just depends on the ones you choose.




I wish I knew how bored I would get with this school


how beautiful campus is; that it is a great value for your money