University of Wisconsin Colleges Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about University of Wisconsin Colleges?


The lack of sports, and the sports they have are not fully supported by staff or students, our school is very small but i believe that basketball, volleyball, and baseball could be as big as they are at a large schools high school. Our athletic director is awesome but i am not completely sure she emphasizes the sports to the max, granted she has limited resources to work with. I just think the school could make them a plus, and not a sidenote or burden.


I wish there were more upper-level math and physics courses. The lack of higher level courses in these areas makes it hard for students majoring in these areas to stay at the campus long.


It's such a small campus there are only 1-3 professors in each academic department . It'sdifficult if one instructor's teaching style does not match your learning style.