University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


UWEC is a really great school that has many opportunities for everyone that attends the school. The school is a good place for people to learn and the professors, as well as other staff around campus, are willing to help any student in anyway possible.


The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire emphasizes on small class sizes with highly educated professors that deeply care about your success, not only academically but in creating well rounded good samaritans to set good examples for generations to come.


This will be my first year at UWEC, but from what I have experienced so far the university seems to have a thriving academic and social aspect.


My school is a beautiful place for students to expand their knowledge of not only their field of study, but of themselves and the world around them.


My school is a great place with an environment that fosters learning, peer connections, as well as faculty to student connections, and offers many useful tools to its students.


My school is diverse, intelligent, and most importantly fun.


The University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire is a school based on equality and education.


UWEC is a university that truly reaches out to all its students and faculty members.


Studious and quiet, but full of spirit and fun activities


Experiences at the University of Wisconsin-Eau claire will vary for each individual, but the university does an excellent job providing a fun and friendly environment, advancing a liberal education and providing the necessary resources and opportunities for individuals to succeed academically.


UW Eau Claire is rated as a high value school, meaning that I am getting a good eduacation for the money that I spend.


UW-Eau Claire is the most aesthetically-pleasing, open-minded, and all-around greatest college campus that I have ever experienced!


The University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire is very academcially and socially balanced.


My school is a well-rounded, excellence driven, very supportive university.


A safe, friendly, encouraging place to learn, meet new people, and hav fun, all while learing skills you need for your carreer.


University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is a a beautiful campus with excellent professors that are true interested in teaching you.


It is a beautiful campus and the education is tops.


It's a smaller school with many excellent professors who are well-known in their field surrounded by natural beauty and a great local music scene.


UWEC is a great place to learn and make friends.


The university has a wonderful academic atmosphere with many friendly faces, great professors, and beautiful surroundings.


UW- Eau Claire is a very beautiful, small, and cozy school that is enjoyable to be a student at and has great professors.


University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is a wonderful school that provides many opportunities for students to use their talents and to also learn the vast subjects that are offered by the school.


Smaller school located in a great city.


UWEC is a fun school with amazing academic opportunities that you won't get anywhere else!


A great, natural environment that really allows for excellence and one-on-one interactions with the professors


definitely a teaching school


Success-orientated school that supports students and acknowledges hard work.


Eau Claire is any students dream; beautiful, challenging, and FUN!


Overall, a nice school


The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is filled with exciting adventures, welcoming people, and a fun atmostphere.


Wonderful community that supports individualism and creates a learning environment where students of all ages, races, and backgrounds can come together to prepare for their futures and to achieve their dreams.


The people are friendly and the campus is really pretty.


UWEC challenges its students academically, intellectually, and physically (hiking across a mountainous campus), through its competitve programs as well as high level of academic expectations while promoting individuality, self -sufficency and inner growth, creating a well-rounded adult prepared to compete in the workforce.


UW Eau Claire is a school with around 10,000 people attending but even though it has a good number of people attending it still feels like a smaller school in which you can get specific attention from your professors and run into people you know as you walk to class, thats what makes it so nice to be at.


UW-Eau Claire is a very friendly campus that is strongly focused on building a solid, liberal arts academic background , making sure students perform to the best of their abilities, and cherish their education for life.




UWEC has given me the assistance and oppertunities necessary to make me the most productive and successful student I can be.


At the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire, opportunity, like the Chippewa River, flows through the college campus, giving students the chance to immerse themselves in experiences that enhance their vocational skills and aid them in becoming effective leaders of our generation.


it is big, has lots of extra-curriculars, pretty scenery, and is very acedemic and career focused.


Eau Claire is a tasteful blend of many different ideas and cultures that provides a wonderful environment that encourages learning.


My school is a very exciting and very welcoming place.


A quiet campus with a lot to do.


Large enough to have opportunities, but small enough to allow for professors/staff to get to know you.


UW-Eau Claire is a beautiful campus, where excellence is strived for by students, professors, and staff and everyone is respected and taught to the highest standards of education.


Cold, snowy, and boring at times because of the weather.


UW Eau Claire is perfect for those first generation college students that are leaving the small-town for the first time, where everyone here is warm and welcoming and you can depend on your professors and peers to help you out with anything, academically or socially.


A fantastic school to advance academically.


The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire maintains it's own motto, "Excellence is our motto, our measure and our goal."


UW-Eau Claire offers many different career options and opportunities; such as, internships, workshops, practicum's, and study abroad programs.


A friendly place with professors who are experts in their field who want to teach students.