University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are mostly average young adults that feel college is the next step towards their desired career and a successful life.


My classmates at UWEC are very interesting. They are always cracking jokes and having fun in the classroom. Everyone here is really nice. They will wait and hold the door open for you longer than is necessary. It's the whole Midwest-nice thing. Most of them are chill and don't cause a lot of drama. Everyone just gets along really well.


Each one is different than the next.


My classmates are very reserved. In most of my classes we are not required to talk the entire class period. Most students walk in, sit down, take notes, and leave without ever speaking. The students that do talk, have friends in the class.


The students in my classes are very respectful, but are not afraid to speak up and answer questions. The class sizes are usually pretty small, which makes it easy to get to know each other. I really enjoy getting to know my classmates and working with them on projects.


My classmates are very attentive, intrigued, and engaged.


My classmates are wonderful. They are nothing like my high school classmates. People in college are mostly kind and accepting there are not as many cliques to worry about.


All of my classmates are outgoing, sociable, and ready to learn in the atmosphere they have entered.


The classmates are open minded, friendly, and easy to get along.




My classmates are welcoming and easy to talk to. As a nontraditional student I do not feel out of place.


They are usually pretty friendly and helpful.


My classmates, they are my pupils, and colleagues, but most of all my friends!


My classmates are the ones who push me the most. They are all very smart people and have worked very hard to get to where they are now. My biggest competition at this stage of my life are my class mates. They provide many challenges to me and to other students. It is the best feeling when you achieve a higher grade on an exam than a fellow classmate.


People in Eau Claire are extremely friendly and always willig to help, all you have to do is ask.


Hard working, dedicated people who know how to have a good time but don't let that get in the way of being academically successful.


Equally the same.


Varied--some quiet, like me, some more boistrous, almost all eager to learn and do well.


School, compared to your professional career experiences, is very similar in that the people that surround you and who interact with you make you into a great person. That is exactly my experience with my classmates. Whenever there was a project to work on or a deadline to meet we worked together in great debate and with honesty and integrity. Great students make other students into great students through leadership and collaboration.


My classmates are helpful, understanging, and tons of fun!


Everyone I meet here seems to be pretty friendly. Sometimes I feel I have to be the one to introduce myself first, but I always get a friendly response. I have made some really good friends from some of my classes. In most classes I feel like I am surrounded by very intelligent people.


Unwilling to reach out to people they don't know.


My classmates are open-minded, dedicated, passionate, and hard-working individuals.


My classmates are very friendly and very helpful, no matter what class I am in. I develop really good relationships with my classmates as well as my professors because we have smaller class sizes. I feel very comfortable speaking and having group discussions with my classmates. I feel like I have made some friends for life here.


My classmates, for the most part, are hard working individuals who are excited about their future in their field of study.


My classmates are fairly friendly. Though many people tend to keep to there friend circles. You have more liberal people and then you have your super conservative religious people. Most or all of us are white. We are definitely lacking in diversity. Most people come friend small town and blantantly show -isms.


My classmates are driven to do the best they can academically - that is why they are here- but also know how to take some time out to enjoy themselves.


A bunch of random kids thrown together and working towards the same goal of figuring out their future.


Typical college students, some original thinkers.


Friendly people in small classes, open to forming life-long friendships on a campus not too big, but not too small.


The majority of my classmates are very academic-focused, but know how to have fun, too.


They're friendly.


Hard-working, interested, and unique individuals.


Classmates are friendly and helpful, they will lend notes and help study.


Upper class students are often very open and liberal students who are willing to express how strongly they feel on certain subjects, often enough though in groups i've worked in, first year students have been shy and and harder to communicate with.


Dedicated students focused on making a difference in the/their world


My classmates are fun, engaging, accepting and down to earth.


My classmates come from all over wisconsin and a lot of students from minnesota. there are few african-americans on campus, mostly white and other minorities. there are quite a few exchange students however. many are here for the music and nursing program, some for the foriegn lang. programs.