University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known for how our educational system is set up. It effectively allows us to succeed in out undergraduate, while also giving us a broad education in other basic fields as well.


The University of Eau Claire is best known as “Wisconsin’s most beautiful campus,” while visiting it became obvious as to why. The campus is separated by Garfield hill, which contains a multitude of hiking and biking trails. It’s campus is built around the snaking Chippewa River, allowing for relaxing studying places as well as a grate place to cool off. Although this campus is beautifully judged outwardly, the inside to me is more impressive. The real beautify of the school is the time and energy it provides each student as it paves the way for their success.


The great education you recieve from it


Besides its outstanding Music and Nursing programs, Eau Claire is known for many things including its beautiful campus, faculty-student relationships, and undergraduate research. The campus is bursting with wildlife and vegitation and even includes a mix of old and new buildings that offer both herritage and innovation. The campus is relatively small allowing students to truly get to know their professors, and vice versa. Furthermore, the undergraduate research program has hundreds of participants and is celebrated every year with the Celebration of Research and Creative Activity (CERCA) and the Honor's Provost Symposium.


The school I am attending is best known for it's Liberal Arts and music programs.


UWEC is best known for it's intense Biology department and elite nursing program.


University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is best known for 'The Hill.' The Hill takes you from upper campus to lower campus; most student dorms are located on upper campus. Some people say, "It is almost impossible to conquer The Hill," while others say, "Conquering The Hill is my workout for the day."


It is known for its music program. We have a marching band that is quite unlike any other. They make marching band cool, and that is no small feat. It also has a strong education program, there are a lot classes but a lot of hands-on work as well which is great when preparing to enter the school systems.


The school is known for its school pride. The Eau Claire community devotes a great deal of time supporting the Bluegolds and we are happy to do it. Everyone really comes together to rally up spirit at sporting events. However, another thing would have to be the bridge. If you are not familiar with Eau Claire you wouldn't understand. Basically it is the footbridge crossing the river, that at any given time has the wind wipping past it at FREEZING temperatures. To put it mildly, we are very devoted students to brave that bridge every day!


The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is known for it's beautiful campus.


The college of Nursing is well known in the midwest. THe Marching band is also famous.


Producing individuals that do well in there choses careers and strive for excellence in everything they do.


UW- Eau Claire is best known for the friendly environment both with students and faculty. It is also known for the beautiful campus year round.


The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is known is being one of the best academic colleges of Wisconsin. The faculty is friendly and knowledable and it is a pleasant learning environment. The campus is beautiful and it has been a great all around experience since starting here last year.


My school is best known for it's high level of academics. UW-Eau Claire has great professors that are willing to help you any time you need them. There is almost always something going on around campus, or a fun activity to get involved in. There are also many student organizations to join and something to get involved in on campus. Our school is also known for requiring the students to complete a certain number of hours of community service before graduating.


I think it is best known for its academic excellence, it strives for its students to be the best they can be. It helps out in dozens of different ways and trys to help students be the best as often as it can.


UW-Eau Claire is a school that is known for molding students into successful individuals who go on to acomplish great feats in their further journeys. Students who have succeeded in Eau Claire have a different level of respect for not only the environment that they live in, but they also retain a high concern for issues foreign to they personal lives.


Education, Nursing, Psychology, and Communication Sciences and Disorders


I think UWEC is best know for the surrounding area. It is a beautiful campus with a lot of nature surrounding the area. Plus, the footbridge is also been commented as one of the coldest campuses in the world. I also think the university is well know for its resources. They have a great amount of programs to services students such as an Academic Skills Center, Services for Students with Dissabilities, Counseling Services, Bridge Program, TRIO, etc... This is essential for first generation and low-income students.


The University is well known for creating great graduates who reach far. The University truly desires to help you become well educated for your future.


Our music groups!! The Blugold Marching Band is the pride and joy of UWEC!! It's the largest division three marching band in the United States and everyone goes to the football games just to see the band. Eau Claire also has some great singing ensambles, such as the Singing Statesmen. They have toured around the midwest and around the country. Last year they even went to Argentina. And lastly, the UWEC Jazz Ensamle! They won the downbeat award last year, marking them as the best college jazz band in the nation!


If I asked Administration, they might say UW-Eau Claire is best known for the highly successful graduates. If I asked the faculty, they might say the important research that is done. But if I ask a student, everyone will tell you the school is best known for "the hill". All of the dorms are at the top of a steep hill. There is no "freshman 15" at Eau Claire. After climbing that hill multiple times a day, we are known for our muscular and shapely legs.


Our school is best known for "the hill". Lower campus is where all of the academic buldings are located, but in order to get to the dorms, you have to walk up a HUGE hill, which is a very good work out!


The bridge that crosses the Chippewa River which seperates the campus. During the winter it is absolutely freezing walking acrossed it and it once made a list of the top coldest places in Wisconsin.


My school is best known for their music program as well as that "little extra something" they add. Their music program is OUTSTANDING; some of its music majors have been nominated for Grammys! The little extra something that I was refering to is their study abroad programs, special activities, diversity experiences, and many career opportunities.


My school is best known for the liberal arts education that the students receive. It gives students a well-rounded education that helps greatly if you decide to change your major, or if you are undecided when you get there.


That my school is well-rounded in both academics and activities. My university is in a great location in Eau Claire. We have small classes and can get individual help from teachers.


The University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire is best known for their study abroad programs.


My school is best known for being environmentally friendly. The campus is well kept up and very scenic. There is a lot of open space for students to gather together outside while enjoying the beauty of nature. My school incoporates the environment into many classes and events held on campus. The beauty of UW-Eau Claire proves to be a main aspect to the college.


Clear water. That's what Eau Claire means. The lakes that surround the campus are clean and good for all sorts of water activities. The surrounding campus is beautiful and nature oriented.


Eau Claire is best known for its hippie way of lifestyle, the poeple here are all so friendly and always willing to help anyone who is in need of it. Also I would have to say Eau Claire has the most enviornmently friendly campus. We participate in trayless tuesday, where at the cafe and every dinning place doesn't use trays which helps conserve water and energy, aslo all of our campus vehicles are battery opperated. We also have 3 parks and a beautiful river right on campus.


The huge hill that seperates lower campus from upper campus.


Our mascot, or lack thereof, what exactly is a Blugold? Prospective students and parents alike, are always intrigued.


The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is very well known for it's business, music, and teaching programs. The majority of students fall into one of these three categories. However, outside these three areas there is huge variety of participation in other programs ranging from nursing and biology to philosphy and art as well as english, pyschology and computer sciences. There are several unique and personal-interest programs for students to choose from.


education and nursing


Music, education


Eau Claire is best known for having very out going, goal oriented people who like to be creative.