University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

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The size of the school. It is large enough to have a great reputation and the ability to obtain reasources and yet small enough to have a education system that can work closely with students.


My college is deemed one of Wisconsin's most academically liberal colleges but I believe it's also very politically liberal. This ideology helps students accept differences among their peers and be overall more open-minded about their classmates.


The classes are so different and you get so many choices for classes in each subject of your generals. The teachers are there to help


The university has professors who atill practice in their feild so we are not getting 'out-dated' references to practice, but rather what is happening in the moment in our feild of interest


The University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire was the main school I was pursuing. I looked at two other schools and didn't feel that either of the other schools offered as good of programs. Initially I was looking in to a teaching degree and thought UW-Eau Claire was the better choice.


What I think is really unique about my school everyone here is really friendly. The professors act like they really care about you and are more than willing to go above and beyond to make sure your questions are answered. I joined a learning community here at University of Wisconsin Eau Claire and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have met so many great people through it and now have so many opportunities now that I am involved in it. There is something for everyone here no matter what your interests are.


University of Eau Claire has been more than helpful with my transfer from the Technical school I was previosly attending. They give so many opportunities to familiarize students with the campus and all that it has to offer. They truely care about the success of students by challenging them but in an interesting and involved way. I couldnt be happier with my choice to attend UWEC.


What's unique in my school is that even though it is a four-year college, the professors really like interacting with their students and giving them the best opprotunities they can receive. The students here are nice and very accepting and open-minded to different views on life. The campus has an openness to it like no other campus spacious wise.


There is an upper and lower campus so you are able to separate school on lower from social on upper.


I feel that the faculty really care and get to know students on a personal level and overall really care about the students success.


Eau Claire is unique because it is a campus that stresses communication and obtaining an all around good education.


University of Wisconsin Eau Claire offers a diverse university program in a stunning Wisconsin setting. The classes are small for a comparable university, and you really get a chance to work and discuss your studies with your professors. Additionally, the professors are engaged in research and bring in their findings to the classroom. From a practical perspective, the university is always bringing in professionals for networking, educational, and career development. The midsize school boasts a full educational concept and prepares students for real world application.


In comparison to other schools, Eau Claire is very helpful when it comes to helping a person organize their classes. A few friends of mine go to other school and they complain how their advisors do not help them choose classes that fit their career path. The gratefulness I feel that my advisor is able to help me is undescribable and I can only hope that the school continues to enforce this.


One of my favorite things about the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is not only the campus, but the surrounding area is beautiful. The college is inviting and soothing, which I believe are qualities of a great learning environment. I haven't found another campus that fits those standards in Wisconsin.


NO ONE STUDIES! at the end of my freshman year, everyone drank during finals week. Nearly every guy I partied with on that campus is a classified alcoholic.


The sense of community everyone has and how great the education is for how much I am paying.


It has the perfect location. It nestled in the Chippewa Valley along the Chippewa River. It has beautiful scenery and is within walking distance to downtown. The city is perfect size.


The UWEC campus is unique compared to other schools that I considered because it has the option of being part of the Learning Living Community. They have different aspects such as Global, Leadership, Social Justice or Healthy Living Communities. While some of these are new the Global and Leadership Living Communities are not ans they provide great opportunities to branch out and improve upon yourself. The GLC is all about diversity and studying abroad to expand your horizons. Also the Leadership LC is there so students can learn about what leadership means and can have opportunities to practice this idea.


UW Eau Claire is unique in many ways. What first strikes a visitor is the campus's obvious beauty. There are big beautiful trees everywhere and the campus is located on the Chippewa River. The academic side of the school is also amazing. The programs are challenging and designed to make students discover who they are. The teachers here are very helpful and invested in their students. There are also many extracurriculars. Anything a student wants to get involved with is available. If not, any student can start their own group or team.


When I first toured Eau Claire, I really like the atmosphere. I liked the generally small class sizes and the fact that there aren't any teacher's assistants. I also liked how the campus was centrally located in Eau Claire.


I live in a middle class family that is not able to pay for all of my tuition fees, but also not poor enough to receive adequate financial. Therefore my options are limited to states colleges and technical colleges. I picked UW-Eau claire because they have a strong Kinesiology program. UW-LaCrosse also has a good Kinesiology program, but Eau Claire is far enough away from home that I cannot come home every weekend. Also, the UW-Eau Claire campus size is perfect. The campus isn't so huge that you get lost like UW-Madison.


Our campus is not only extremely comfortable, it is obvious that professors love teaching and getting to know their students. The overall "feel" of our campus is driven, passion, and openness. Also, UW-Eau Claire is by far the prettiest campus in Wisconsin.


UWEC provides a challenging work enviornment. The nontraditional student services provided are superb compared to other universities I have researched. The Academic services from advisors has been an exceptional resource and of great assistance in every aspect. I have never had a problem recieving help everytime I have asked!


Eau Claire is a nice place to get an education. There are a lot of changes being made as of recent and I think it will only make the campus better though I'm sure the more conservative people aren't too thrilled. I like campus a lot, but I am a very outspoken person who doesn't back down because someone tells me to. EC is great if you like the outdoors and the small town aspect, campus is perfect for nature people.


The city of Eau Claire is amazing and has a lot to offer. The location along the Chippiwa River is beautiful and campus is so full of life. Any warm day and there will be people sitting around outside talking and playing. It is a beautiful campus and the hill is always a workout but we brave it year in and year out.


theres plenty to do around school and in the surrounding area.. the professors are very engaging in the class room also


It has one of the best geology departments, one of the toughest nursing program between Wisconsin and Minnesota, and a great Jazz band. I was an undecied major when I was looking at colleges and UWEC had the widest range in majors and minors without being too huge of a university that I would be taught but assistants instead of their professors. This university requires that every student who wishes to graduates has to put in at least 30 hours of community service.


First of all UWEC is the only Wisconsin university to make the Princeton's 100 best universities list in 2007. It is also a campus that is focusing on going green. It offers a variety of places to live and so many students enjoy living in the dorms that there aren't enough rooms, but the people who do not receive rooms are put up in a hotel in Eau Claire and receive free shuttle back and forth to campus. UWEC is also the most beautiful campus of all of those that I visited.


The one thing I love about Eau Claire is this program called Eau Claire exchange, this is where you can go to any university in the U.S. for the same price you are paying at Eau Claire which is so amazing especially for people like me who love to travel and meet new people and discover different cultures. Also I wouldn't change this school for the world, everything is amazing, the campus it self, the people, the professors, the academics, the sports, and the diversity.


it is very small. I started at a very large school and this one is almost too small but is a very nice change.


It was closer to home. I wish I wouldn't have picked it, but now I feel as if I have to graduate here because I'm worried my credits won't transfer.


Fun group of fellow students.


I attended Central Michigan University for the first year. So, this school is much easier to meet lots of people. The best part about going here was the fact that you can go and talk to the professors like they are one of your friends.


The campus at my school is very unique and beautiful. It is located on a rivver, and on a hill. Most of the residential units are located at the top of the hill. This creates an amazing view. With this amazing campus in mind, there are also mnay convenient businesses located in walking distance.


I loved the atmosphere of UW-Eau Claire, I felt comfortable and at home here. I also loved the intramural program; it gives me a chance to I have been on a kickball team for two semesters now, and we won last semester! This school also has an excellent Health Care Administration program, that offers me a year of experience at a nursing home before I graduate.


Beautiful Campus, great tradition and credibility. Fantastic school of business. Great job placement


We have a book rental system which helps save a lot of money. We also are getting a great education for a relatively low cost compared to most colleges.


Eau Claire is a good starter school. There is some of student drinking, it's avoidable, there is plenty to do besides "get sucked into drinking." The library is massive and has lot of room an resources. its easy to get noticed for better or worse. parking services and convenience stores are draconian and take advandtage of students left and right, so watch where you park, up to the minute. 10 minutes in a 5 minute spot will get you a ticket. Shop off-campus if you want to make it through the year with a shirt on your back.