University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the awesome geology program we have here at UW-Eau Claire. The professors are fun, intelligent, and care about how you do in their classes. I never forget to also brag about the weekend field trips we get to take to other states for our learning experiences as part of the program.


I will always brag about the choral program. UW-Eau Claire is nationally known as "Wisconsin's Singing University", and it shows within all six choral ensembles. Each of them are comprised of students of many majors. UW-EC is also extremely beautiful, especially when walking across the footbridge in fall and spring. The view of the Chippewa River is breathtaking. Lastly, the community is extremely strong, and there are endless ways to get involved, like joining a club, participating in research, enrolling in dorm activities, and more. Eau Claire is the best!


The people at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire make it a truly special place. Campus is filled with incredible people with diverse interests. It is rare to interact with a student or faculty member who is crabby or rude. The people on campus are genuinely kind, helpful, and care about you. The majority of my professors have gone above and beyond to ensure that I succeed in their class. Additionally, within the classrooms, a little family is created, as peers encourage and support one another throughout the semester. Throughout my time on this campus, I have made lasting friendships.


The academics on campus are deeply intellectual and beautifully inspiring at the same time. Somehow, this sleepy looking campus manages to perfectly harmonize a balance of challenge and fun into every course I have taken. I am impressed that they embrace all areas of study equally. The people are all incredible as well. Shining smiles from fellow classmates and reassuring nods from helpful professors compensate and contrast the dated landscape.


When talking about UW-Eau Claire, I tend to talk about the beautiful campus and the great teachers. The teachers here are very personable and truly want to get to know the students individually and on a name-to-name basis.


Outdoorsy activities!


When I tell my friends about UWEC, I brag the most about the food. The cafeteria food at Eau Claire is surprisingly good and eating with friends is a huge part of the social structure.


I like the size of the campus and the class sizes.


University of Wisconsin Eau Claire has a ton of great things to offer here, that other schools don’t have. We have the Chippewa River that runs alongside the campus and in the summer students take tubes and float down the river. It’s a blast. Also if you stand in the middle of the bridge over the Chippewa River in the winter, it is on the list for top ten coldest places in the Midwest.


UW-Eau Claire is very, very well-known for its massive hill separating the residence buildings on the top from the academic buildings on the bottom. I am forced to walk up and down that hill multiple times a day, so truth be told, I get quite a leg workout. I brag to my friends that attend other universities that they have to worry about gaining the "freshman 15" when I don't because I have the convenience of the hill as my personal trainer.

Pa Nyia

It is at a good price, has many majors to try out, and you can make many new friends.


I brag about the new Davies Center (the student center) that will be done in the fall of 2012! It's huge, beautiful, and has great things in it like a multi-story fireplace, comfy chairs, Starbucks, all day breakfast, Taco Bell...the list goes on and on. Everyone is psyched to finally be inside it. There will be more green space on campus, more outside seating, picnic tables and a patio once they build the new Davies Center and everything will be fresh and new. I'm very excited, the new student center is definately something to brag about!


The biology and music programs at the school are incredibly competitive and well-known. The forensics team is nationally-ranked.


UW-Eau Claire is a gorgeous campus. Eau Claire in itself is a beautiful place to live. There's so much to do, if you can get away from your studies, you won't be bored. There are hundreds of opportunities to participate in activities and enhance your resume on campus as well. There's everything from National Student Exchange, Student/Faculty Research to Blood Drives, numerous volunteer opportunities, several church groups, to Triathalon Club, and even Student Ministry of Magic. I can do anything here, and I'm excited to try so many new things.


Housing is very close to campus; It is only a 10 minute walk for me. All the buildings are very close and easy to find.


UW-Eau Claire provides a "homey" atmosphere on campus. I enjoy the friendly people, beautiful surrounding environment and small town feel. Though the campus feels small, it has all of the opprotunites, experiences and convieniences that are offered at larger universities.


Whenever my friends and I discuss our respective schools, I love to tell them about the fun events that are constantly going on. There is a dance club on campus called Higherground, and its always a fun venue. Every weekend, the UAC plays films in the student union. These films range from new releases to foreign to indies. Not only is there so much to do on campus, the surrounding city of Eau Claire is easily accessible through the free transit. The coffee shops and cafes are perfect for studying!


Great sense of community, area reminds me of home- same demographics.


First, the unique relationships that I was able to develop with my professors have been extremely valuable and insightful to me professionally and personally. They motivated me to become interested in research, and several of them worked on various projects with me. I have kept in contact with many of my professors in my career, and many of them have pushed me into continuing my education. On a side note, the Homecoming celebrations on campus in the fall are also a bragging point. School spirit is completely evident and embraced by the community.


How friendly the professors are and how much they care about you achieving your best and how pretty the campus is.


Financial aid is really good and the campus is really fun to be on.


I love the fact that there is so much offered to the students to help them in their studies. We have an incredibly large library, computers avaailable everywhere throughout campus, and even a loan program to borrow laptops and other equiptment. The bookstore has rentals, which really cuts down on the cost of books. They have a wonderful academic center and lost of knowledgeable tutors that are willing to help anyone.


I brag the most about the disc golf coarse, the great selection of food and coarses offered, the friendliness of everyone, and probably the most about the big hill we sled down in the winter!


Our mascot is a mystical bird, how cool is that! Also, I brag about the natural beauty of Eau Claire. We get to float down the river in summer, pick apples and pumpkins in early fall, get snow days in the winter, and then we have amazing farmers markets in the spring and summer! We are an hour away from Minneapolis-St. Paul, so if needed we can get away from "small town" and have fun in a bigger city. Eau Claire is a unique town, unlike any other I've been to.


The classes are just the right size to promote learning. The professors are almost always flexible, caring, and rewarding of hard work. The students, people on campus, and in the surrounding area are welcoming, friendly, and love to have a good time. There is always something fun to do and there are many varieties of activities to partake in. There are many options and opportunities for jobs and volunteering.


I mostly brag about how beautiful our campus is. Everyday I get to look outside and see landscapes I know aren't at many schools. The river that flows through campus has such strong presence and is a joy to see everyday. I love living on this campus. Everything outside truely makes a day brighter. Imagine green grass, tall trees, colorful flowers, and excited birds all over the place. That's this campus. That's the beauty.


I absolutely love the small class sizes and the one-on-one attention students are able to get from the professors but also the natural beauty of the campus; its truly breathtaking since it sits on the banks of the Chippewa River and is surrounded by lush forrests, parks, and trails.


When I talk about my school, I talk about the diversity of the student body and the campus life. There is always something going on in Eau Claire, so one can harldy become bored. I have made new friends from numerous countries. I now have friends in Mongolia, China, Macedonia, Serbia, Britan, Sweden, France, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Malaysia. I thoroughly enjoy the different views each culture brings to classroom discusions, and attitudes toward life. I am truly thankful for the friends I have made across the globe at my school, and I hope they feel the same.


The greatest thing about Eau Claire is that you are only taught by professors and not by a TA. It is awesome to get to know your professors and for the professors to get to know your name and your interests. The small class sizes make Eau Claire a great college experience.


I really enjoy the Computer Science wireless and computer labs available for students. I also enjoy the resturants on campus.


I brag about the cool events that go on at the university and the nice places to eat in the nearby downtown area. Our science equipment is top-notch. While I don't like some professors, it is compensated by other great professors knowledgeable in their field. I love being able to go into the field in just an introduction class.


I brag most about all of my friends and all the good times we have.


Excellen professors who are always available. The campus is also very compact, which makes walking to classes a short and non-rushed trip.


UW-EC is located right on the Chippewa and Eau Claire rivers, these two rivers provide campus with a beautiful view as well as many recreational opportunities.


Great academia, great atmosphere, beautiful area


I really like the choir that I'm in, so I usually tell them about things we are doing in choir throughout the year.


We have a really good Music Program at UWEC.


This school is one of the hardest to get into in the state and is highly regarded in the business and graduate communities. It also has an honors program for students who come in with high ACT scores and top 6% of their class. That program is a great one to have. Also UWEC has one of the most beautiful campuses in the UW system.


That I go to a University and that I'm getting a four year degree and all the amenities our campus has to offer and all the fun I've had and things I've learned over the years I couldn't have outside of this University.


The great people. There are always lots of interesting people to meet. Also the professors are AMAZING. Very interesting and really care about you.


The class sizes, the social life, and the professors all rock!




That campus life is great and I have a lot of fun living on campus.


I brag about my organization and the good it allows me to do in the community as well as the friends I have made. The university does and great job giving the students opportunities to do and see things we never would have before in the forms of guest speakers, concerts and even alternative spring break trips. All of Eau Claire's efforts is expanding your learning in and out of your chosen field to make you a well rounded individual.