University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The best thing about UWEC is that the professors are very kind and very personal towards all their students and that all your textbooks are rented. Large lectures run only up to 125 students. I think the school of 8000 is too small. If something happens, everyone will end up finding out about it. People spend most of their time on lower campus where all the classrooms are or in higher grounds which is where all the food is where the dorms are. They are very strict on alcohol in the dorms. There are parties after parties on Water street. Many freshmen try to get fakes to get into the bars but about 70% of the time, they realize it's fake and they barely let them in. There are parties every weekend in the sports homes, NEVER in the greek houses, only except if you are greek. There is barely any school pride. I have never gone to a football game, because nearly everyone is drunk or high, and the stadium is like a high school's football field and it is far away. The sports are not very popular at all. I have realized that you can have many groups of friends. I was in a sorority and I went out with both my sisters and the crazy partying girls on my floor, so it all depends on what you make of it.