University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


So far out of my college experience I have gained the knowledge that I will need not only as a student, but also as a future leader of my chosen profession. I believe that since I have had to pay for all of my schooling myself, without any help from my parents, I have gained the knowledge to understand that what your money is invested in can make all of the difference in the life you live. For those who have been able to receive financial aid, or have their parents pay for their schooling, they don't understand what it feels like knowing that everyday you arrive in class, is one more day that you have come to realize you can make it through. I believe if each individual were to experience this kind of emotion, they too would understand why it is so important to attend school, for those who are receiving no help at all.


I attend San Joaquin Valley college at Bakersfield i'm with the emergency services & safety management program. I have gotten so many and wonderful opportunities experience in my college years as fire arms training, laws and arrest, defense techniques, first-aid i loved them all even though if their were happy or sad moments. Back in high school i was introduced about gangs which i actually back up the south side i seen the violence, and also taught about drugs but thats gone for me after i seen my real father lost in drugs treated my mom like crap that's when i opened up and did something better for my future. I had teachers and my pricipal in high school that help me out to moved on and that's what i did even though my freinds thing i'm a looser. I want to show all that i accomplish my dream i get flash backs from my past that makes me sad and cry pointers that i sometimes wish my life ended. I thank god, my mom and to all that help me out thank you because i could not done it without you guys for keeping me.


When you graduate high school, you never really know what to expect from a college or university. Sure, you tour your campus and you make a few contacts, as well as choose classes, but living there and going to classes, interacting and knowing how getting involved is not something that you know when you first get there. At UWEC it was easy to transition from living at home and living in a dorm with new people. I actually had a random roommate my freshman year of college and now she is one of my best friends. I am involved in organizations on campus and also work for one such organization. The campus itself is pretty, not too big, not too small, but just right. Espeically just right for me. It has given me a better sense of self and what I want to do when I leave. UWEC has also given me opportunities that I would not otherwise would have had. I have a better sense of community as well. Being involved has helped me branch out and become friends that I would not have in high school.


I have really learned how to study well. All through high school I never really had to study because school came easy for me. When I hit college I realized just how much catch up I had to do to learn how to study correctly. In college there can be a lot of obstacles in your path that may prevent you from studying correctly. I have to work in order to pay for college and since I live at home I also have to balance family life. I really had to work hard in order to get the grades I wanted. It has been very valuable to attend because it has definitely started to prepare me for life after college. From working with people you may not normally work with, to following a study schedule, everything I've learned in college will benefit me later on in life.


What I have recieved out of my college experience so far is the readiness to start life. The college experience can be a scary one but it does not necessarily have to be. When I go to my classes and do my work I feel like I have accomplished something for myself and that is a great feeling to have. Many times I think about people who are not as fortunate as me and do not have the same privalege as me and I am grateful to have this experience. My college education thus far has given me many life making tools. The teachers have us read many books and write many papers about life and how different people have to deal with it and it makes you appreciate your life a whole lot more so that when you finally graduate, you can go out into life and help anyone else that is less fortunate. You then use this knowledge and new-found humbleness to help others and to raise your own kids to the best of your ability. Going to college is a valuable life experience and it should not be wasted, but utilized to make a better future.


My name is Paola Monteon, i am a high school graduate looking for a place to go to college to continue my education. I am the first one in my family that is actually trying to go to a good university or college, my sister went to a JC college and that was the end of her education. I want to become a Doctor but because of the lack of money and the fact that some of my grades weren't that good i have limited my own options but i am working really hard to get back on my feet so i can go to a pre-med college. For that i understand i have to start from scratch and scratch for me is a small university.


It is at the campus of UWEC that my dream lives. Professors have cheered and encouraged me when I felt overwhelmed. As a married mother of three with a soon to be empty nest it is finally my turn to explore who it is that I want to become. I began my academic endeavor with a set idea of the area I wanted to major in. Little did I know that the general education courses I enrolled in would open up an entirely different world. My academic advisor along with many of my professors freely gave their time and advice. I changed my major and even created a topical minor. My origional question of who do I want to be is now clearly defined and I have a beautiful road map of the journey I have embarked on. The students at UWEC have been an invaluable assest. It's hard to attend school as an adult student while surrounded by students younger than your own children. Yet it is these very students that took me by the hand as they showed me to take effective notes, create successful study habits and most importantly loved and believed in me.


College has been one of the most terrifying yet rewarding experiences of my life. I came into school thinking I had my entire life planned out, and UWEC has opened my eyes and mind to new opportunities and experiences. By attending this liberal arts institution I have been able to have an interdisciplinary education. I feel more prepared for several careers rather than one because I have a better understanding of more than one discipline. I have had the opportunity to travel to foreign lands and teach Nicaraguan children how to speak English and play UNO,while I learned to "latin" dance and play soccer like the locals. I have attended conferences, planned our campuses first LGBTQ film festival, and met life long friends. My teachers and advisors have been so supportive and helpful in guiding me towards graduation and a successful life. I do not think I can even fully describe how valuable attending college has been for me, especially since I am not finished yet. I just know that this institution has changed my life and I hope that I have left my mark on it as well. I will never regret coming here, it has been amazing!!


My experience with college has made me more aware of things I can accomplish, when I put my mind to use. I have been out of high school since 1985 and I never thought that I was college material when I graduated. Since no one in my family ever went to college or graduated from college, I never thought I would either. My mother and father didnt even finish high school, so there wasnt anyone trying to encourage me to go to college. I eventually found a job in 1986 in the manufacturing field as a machine operator or machinist as they call it. Not too long after I started working, my son was born in 1988. Ive been working as a machinist since my last permantly layoff, because of the economy. That was my second permantly layoff due to the economy, jobs have been outsourcing in the field of work that im in. It been valuble for me to attend school because, im not just looking for a job now, im looking for a career. I still have to pay for books and some of my tuition, because I'm a nonresident student.


I have had many new experiences here at UWEC. I did not know how to sew, and for my first semester i decided to take a costuming class. This class lead to a costuming practicum second semester and later to having anon campus job for the following school year. I have learned many things i did not know before and have been able to learn fromupper classmen who are practicing in my area of study. I plan to be a music education major and i get to play trumpet with all of the people int he trumpet studio. This helps me learn what to practice and shows me what i need to do to get in to the trumpet studio here. College has been invaluable with all the new experiences I've had. In one year I've made more close friends than i have in the four years prior of high school. We all live so close together in the dorms so we become great friends fast. College is a great experience and i cannot wait to go back in the fall.


UW-Eau Claire has offered me a variety of experiences that are valueable, rewarding, and unforgettable. This college has supplied me with the knowledge and understanding of my field that is needed to be very successful in the future. At this college students are encouraged and rewarded for hard work, leadership, and participation in class, on campus and in volunteering and making a difference on campus and in the community. Resources for every aspect of a student's college career are available for student to take advantage of and learn from. The students, professors, and staff promote a positive learning environment filled with diversity and challenges in their teachings and learning. Professors and staff care about their students in a way that is filled with interaction on and off campus in a positive and respectful manner. The opportunities to succeed are numerous and varied fitting the needs of all who attend. The student life is exciting, entertaining, opportunistic, and can be a little wild and crazy, but all in good fun. UW-Eau Claire has prepared me for my future, along with giving me some great memories along the way.


I could say debt and great friends but the truth is that I feel a great sense of accomplishment and ownership from the experiences that I went through and the work that I put in. During all 5 years of my first degree I worked 40 hours a week and received a management job in my Sophmore year. This accomplishment helped me relate alot of my course work in business studies to my current job with a fast growing company! Other than the personal gain and accomplishments I have endured, I have never taken college or my professors for granted. I have developed great friendships with many of my peers as well as leaders in particular industries around the community. I truly believe that the value of college is measured by what you put into it. A college degree does not get you a great job automatically. My first undergraduate degree has helped me understand the very importance of being a leader in classroom discussions, partaking in campus organizations and the community, and getting the most out of the experience no matter how busy or occupied you are. My approach into my second degree are greatly influenced by these experiences.


I have recieved alot of infromation,learning, and understanding through my experience in college so far. I have recieved alot of great information on the classes that I need to take to achieve what I want to become. I have recieved alot of information about scholarships that can help me continue going to college. I have learned alot in all my classes that I have taken so far. I have learned alot about my major and what I want to become. I learned that if i put a 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} effort into my studies im guranteed to succeed and fulfill my dreams. After taking some of my classes at college, I have a better understanding of my major. I also have a better understanding on how many classes you need to take to recieve a certain amount of credits. Everyday im understanding more about life as a college student. Attending college has been so valuable to me because, im taking my education one step further and trying to become a better person in life. Its also been valuable to me because I want to help other people get to where im at, and help other people become more interested in college


I have gotten a so much from my first year being at college. One thing that I thought college was going to be was a piece of cake. No one told me it would be this difficult. The teachers expect a great deal from you, all the homework and reading involved and resident life. Being involved in my dorm has helped my college experience termendiously; we have study groups, wing activities, hall council, all of which have helped me meet some great people who are in the same boat as me. I was very home sick at first was in this state that I could not do this whole college thing anymore but with the help from friends on my floor, my RA, and parents, I have realized how great college is. If I had not come here I would not be reaching my goal of becoming an elementary school teacher. I will also be the first in my family to graduate from college and I feel that is a great achievement. I want to show everyone that I can do this.


I believe my college education has been custom tailored to the way I learn. I went to a technical school and I won't change anything I learned in my 2 years. I really enjoyed learning and still do. College education is the best way to go. I gained so much information even going to three different schools, but staying in one for 2 years was even better. I gained networking skills along with ability to learn how teachers teach and help students with difficult learning styles, such as myself. College education puts you ahead of the pack, other people see how much hard work you've put behind yourself. Employers are looking to see that you can communicate successfully in a work enviroment and I've gained that through my experience.


College has given me the opportunity to explore my strengths and weaknesses, and to step outside of the box in my learning. So many great things have come out of just being aware of what is going on around me on campus. I've been given the chance to do research with a great professor in the material science department, which is something that I had never pictured myself doing. College has been so great so far, and I can only see it getting better and better every year.


I have gotten so much out of my college experience i dont even know where to start. I am a very shy, quiet person naturaly and going to a new place with all new people really threw me out of my comfort zone. Going to my first class was hard because I was scared that it was going to be too much for me. My first chemistry class was when i realized this is right where is was supposed to be. The teacher made it so easy for class participation and just made a great learning environment; it was completely different then my high school experience. I have learned so much so far not just in class but in life. I have become a stronger more independent person and also totally cured myself of my shyness problem! I can't even imagine what my life would be like if i hadn't attended college and i dont want to!


Attending college has been a very valuable experience that has given me good friends, exposure to new ideas, and great learning opportunities. I have also had the chance to get involved in my college community through volunteer work, and tutoring ESL students. I have had wonderful professors and advisors who have helped me to persue my interests and passions. My college experience is preparing me for a bright, productive, and fulfilling future.


Perseverance . I had a sense of what perseverance was before college, but here that trait in me has become outwardly strong. I no longer question my goals or the point of what I'm accomplishing. I strive to be the best because I finally realize everyone else is doing the same. Other people push me at college in a way I didn't have in high school. In college, I understand what it means to push myself. This trait has not only helped in school, but in my personal life as well. My friend acquired a drug problem upon entering college. She grew distant, unhappy. Seeing this in her made me realize what I never wanted to become, and in turn showed me what to become. I needed focus. Without college, I wouldn't have the pressure I need to succeed.


I have learned much about myself, my passions, talents, and weaknesses. I have learned about the world beyond my self and gained a greater understanding of my place and purpose within it.


College is a very unique exsperience for each indiviual. You make college what you want it to be. For me college has shown has given me independence. Unlike high school, college is a place you must really want to be in order to succeed. I want to graduate in good standings, so to me studing is more important than all the parties that are happening in college. College will give me the education that I need to succeed throughout my life. Once I graduate college, I will have gained a higher education, a better look at the diversity surrounding me, and a better understanding of the independence I will need once I graduate. Attending any college is indeed a great exsperience as long as you make it one.


So far in my college experience, I have learned so much about myself. I have learned that I can be self-sufficient, as well as successful. I had doubts about the rigorous nursing coursework, but I excelled beyond what I had expected of myself, and I am so proud of what I have achieved this past year. I have learned that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I also learned that I can do all of this on my own, without my parents constantly overlooking me. It is important to develop a sense of self and self-sufficiency early on in your college career so you can establish yourself as a member of society in the years to come. I can't wait to start my life after college; I know that I can and will succeed, because college has taught me that.


Attending the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire has been an amazing experience in my life. I have learned many valuable skills that can be applied to my future career as well as my social life, and have figured out who I am and who I want to be. Since my university is a liberal arts school, I have taken many classes and joined clubs that do not directly apply to my major but have increased my general knowledge about the world and have helped make me a more well-rounded person. Over the years, I have been in clubs that teach fencing, ballroom dancing, and photography, just to name a few. I have also learned to appreciate different cultures through classes, school events, and study abroad. UWEC really emphasizes studying abroad, and last semester, I studied in Winchester, England. I learned so much about the world and the different cultures in it, and I know I will use what I learned from that amazing experience for the rest of my life and my future career. All in all, being a student at this university has been an enriching and valuable experience, and I cannot imagine my life without it.


Attending college has allowed me to mature and learn. The professors treat you as adults and make you grow quickly by giving you responsibilities to manage yourself. Also the content of the various subjects allow you to learn new and exciting things. I have enjoyed attending classes and learning as much as I can. I realize I enjoy learning and want to know more. I'm not too thrilled with exams but learning is exciting. As a future educator, my love of learning will be an assest as I hope to instill this love to my students. I know that my students will be teaching me every day and therefore I will be learning as much as they will be learning too. I really enjoy college and find it fullfilling. It opens my mind, allows me to understand others and their cultures and it teaches me new strategies for me to use in the future. The two years that I have experienced has been benificial and hopefully next year as I attend a four year university I will continue to grow and learn but I plan to add the social aspect of college.


I have not learned only the concepts applicable to my major, but who I am and where I want to go in life. It has made me a better person through school work and the people I have met here.


So far, during my college experience I was able to find my true self. I am a lot more confident and now know its okay to just be myself; there is no reason to be someone your not. Its been valuable because I know what is expected of me in life, and I know that if I work hard and but my best effort forward I can do and be anything I want.


While my college experience started at the University of St. Thomas and has continued at UWEC both places have contributed to my college experience. St. Thomas was not the right fit for me and I learned that having people around you who you can relate to is important. I felt disconnected from my peers and consequently lost interest in class and had my grades drop. I made the decision to transfer to UWEC because of this. Here my experiences have been much better. I have made new friends, improved upon my grades and developed interest in campus orginizations such as KT Community Board. UWEC has taught me that with the right atmosphere you can be yourself and at the same time succeed. I have also learned that attending college furthers your chances out in the workforce. While recently looking for internship opportunities I observed that the criteria under requirements always included either attending college or graduating from college. The other thing I believe makes college something valuable to attend is that you expand yourself through the opportunities offered there. At college you come into contact with a lot of different kinds of people and this is essential for the workforce.


College has given me the chance to find out who I am as my own person. My entire life I have had my parents watching over me and my family dictating my actions, but once I arrived at college all of this changed. I did not have anybody constantly looking over my shoulder, and I was able to make decisions for myself. It has truly been an experience to live on my own. I have proven to myself that I am mature enough to stay within my boundaries, as well as that responsibility is one of the most important characteristics a person can have. If I had not traveled so far away from home, I do not believe I would have discovered all of this. Being put out of my comfort zone and with many people who I did not have much in common with showed me exactly who I am. I now know that no matter what situation I am put into, I will be able to come out of it successfully and having accomplished what I went in to do.


My experience has been an interesting one at Eau Claire. I transfered to Eau Claire to play basketball and I was exctied to start the semester out and get into season. However, before I knew it I was in the hospital getting ready to have an impacting surgery where I wouldn't be able to walk for 4-6 weeks. I had no idea how I was going to make it to upper campus up the hill to my classes on time. But thankfully Eau Claire had a van service for people who were disabled, and all my worries went away. I have grown as a person from my surgery, but being at Eau Claire made my life a lot easier because everyone was accomadating to me and my needs seeing as I couldn't walk, which I was trully thankful for!


When I first came to school I was excited but nervous at the same time. I was excited to learn new things and meet new people, but nervous about how hard the classes might be. After attending college for a semester, I have learned so much. I learned how to live independently from my parents and how to manage my time wisely. I also learned how to loosen up around new people and not be so shy. After being at college for this short time, I have also learned how to eat healthier and take care of my body. Also I learned that I shouldn't have been so nervous about my classes because, although they can be tough at times, there are always people willing to help you if you take the initiative to ask for help. These traits and habits that i have learned over the year, are traits that I can carry with me even after college, and that is why my college education has been so valuable thus far. I learned that we as college students are not only learning the coursework, but also life skills that will affect us throughout our lives.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a senior, I would remind myself to look past all that all the drama I was going through at that time. I would remind myself that in only a few months I would be in college where the girls aren't snippy and there are plenty of other guys to pick from. I would tell myself to stop bending over backwards to be friends with certain people because the friends that are true will prove it by staying in touch next year. Plus, there are going to be so many people to meet and become friends with, the untrue friends wont matter anymore. I would also tell myself to spend more time with my family because you are going to miss them like CRAZY in a few months! Put them first, before friends. And i would remind myself to be open to anything, a lesson i learned throughout first semester. Last, I would tell myself to HAVE FUN in school, it's going to be the best years of your life!


My advice to my high school self can be summed up in one word: balance. You need to balance the present with both the past and the future. College is a time to enjoy yourself, but it also prepares you for your career. It?s important to balance your life between the two while remembering what got you this far. You have to learn to balance your new friends, old friends and academics. These are four years you will never get back and you should enjoy them. Once you graduate, the responsibilities become more burdensome. Take advantage of the relaxed college years by meeting new people, joining clubs and having fun responsibly. At the same time, it?s important to keep your high school friends in your life. Ignoring them and only valuing their friendship when it?s convenient for you is no way to maintain the relationships that shaped who you are today. With all this being said, these four years are just as important for setting up the rest of your life. Waste away your four years and you?ll pay for it once you hit the real world. Balance is the key to make it through successfully.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would make sure to stress certain aspects of college life, and bring out the truth about some misconceptions people have. I would tell myself to save every penny that I was earning at the time. It's nice to go out and have fun with friends, but that money will be needed very soon. I would tell myself that living in the dorms realy is not that hard to get used to and it is actually a great way to meet new people and make friends. My one warning would be to realize that college is a complete shock at first, especially from what I was used to at my high school. I would tell myself not to freak out, but be aware that the workload is intense and the classes are quite a bit harder. I would say be ready to grow up and get even more of a sense of responsibility. I feel like I have matured a lot in the last few months and I know that college is going to be one of the best experiences of my life.


Dear Caitlin, Put some of your preconceived notions of college aside. I would advise visiting your advisor more than once a semester in order to get on track and hopefully graduate early. Getting involved in activities might be painful at first, but it?s a good way to meet people with the same interests. Go to the politics study sessions, you?ll need them. Don?t be afraid if you really dislike college for the first three months, I think it?ll get better. Do not over stress about things, just relax and do your best. You aren?t a baby if you really miss home and your friends. Your roommate will annoy the heck out of you; find a place to study besides your room before things get bad. Most importantly, don?t doubt yourself and your abilities to do what you might not think possible. You have a lot more going for you than you think. -Caitlin


Knowing what I know now I would deffinitley tell myself that time is very valuable in college. Time management is so important in the life of a college student. Every hour you spend in class is an extra three hours outside of class to study (at minimum). If you do not have the time to study and concentrate on school then there is no point in going because you will not succeed. I would also say managing money is very essential. College is expensive and the more money you save and manage the better off you will be in the future. One of the most imporant things that I would also tell myself is to prepare for the responsibilities that are to come along with the college life. College means that you are responsible for everything. No one does anything for you anymore and you are responsible for all assignments, readings, attendance, and focusing. College is a big step from high school and all of these things that I know now I wish I knew before I went to college becasue it was definitley a big wake up call. But I have gotten used to the transitions.


I wouldn't want to change the university that I had chosen. I know I made the right choice there, but I definitely would have told myself to spend more time with friends. I look back and can't believe how fast high school flew by. I miss all my friends and wish I would've keep in better contact with them. I also would tell myself to save all the money that I could in order to live a comfortable college life. Now that I'm in college I really watch my money and regret not saving more for everyday essentials. I would have told myself to call my roommate more and get to know her better. She's a really great person and we get along great but I wish we would've been closer friends before moving in so that it wouldn't be so awkward moving in with a stranger. The last thing that I would mention to myself would be to cherish every moment that I spend with my family because, now that I live on my own, I miss the closeness of my family and the comfort I had gotten from being with them.


First and foremost: be true to yourself. Do not allow the opinions of others to sway your dreams and aspirations for yourself. Do not settle for less than you deserve and aim your goals high. There are plenty of people in the world who would have you to be less than what you were meant to be, but do not put much weight on their opinions. Be the best you can be because the world will thank you for it.


Knowing what I know now about collge life and making the transition, I would give myself advice focusing on the emotional and physical changes. Prioritize: Figure out a schedule that works for you. Determine what things are important in your life. Things may have to be cut from your schedule once college arrives. Socialize: Don't worry that you won't make friends. Everyone is in the situtation you are. It's a fresh start. No drama. No history. It's up to you to make your new journey. Relax: When school becomes hectic, just breathe. It will be over soon. The challenges make you stronger. In the meantime, find a hobby that calms you, whether it is exercising or playing music. The adjustment from high school life to college life isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be hard either. Just remember that you have family and friends who continuously offer support, guidance, and encouragement.


I was most nervous of leaving my comfort zone and going to a strange place that would be a hundred times bigger than my highschool. I would tell myself the same thing I tell my younger siblings; college is tough but very rewarding. Not just tough academically but because its hard to force yourself to leave your comfort zone and try new things. Meeting new people can be very intimidating but all the freshmen are go through the same culture shock. I would tell myself to get involved with as much as possible but not to overwhelm myself with too many activities because, as important as it is to be involved and keep up your academics, I believe that having a healthy social life is important too. After graduating from college we need to have good communication skills when dealing with employers and other co-workers. Those skills are best acquired through interactions with other people, not just close friends. I'd encourage taking initiative by going to professors for help, and questioning , intelligibly, the information presented in classes that sparks intrest. Finally I'd say to put forth your best and you'll feel most satisfied with your results.


I would never have start out at a Community College. I would have went straight to a 4 year college. I would have sleep in dorm to escape stress and family problem. I would have apply for many scholarship and apply for many college instead of waiting till the end of school. I would have apply for Financial Aid earlier so I wouldn't be so stress out. I would have concentrate more on math course because I just realize how much math I needed to learn in college. I would have practice harder and study harder on the ACT test score. I should also change my personality because my personality and attitude is what got me into this mess in the first place especially my procasination.


I think that I would have told myself to focus more on school. I wasn't a bad student but often times my social life seemed more important during my senior year. Having a good work ethic and having focus on school is very important to stay in college and complete your classes with acceptable grades. I think that I would also tell myself to get even more involved in extra curricular activities. There's a lot you can learn about yourself and even a lot of friends you can make by trying out different activities and clubs.


I would tell myself that no matter how well I did in high school and no matter what grades I got I can always make it up by going to college. I would tell myself that I need to make a change and go to college so that I dont end up working at a dead end job like some of the people I know who aren't happy with life. I know it will be hard, but in order to make something of myself I would have to work hard and do the best that I can so that my future doesn't turn out to be something that I never wanted it to be. I would tell myself that while there are people standing on the corner holding a sign that as long as I have a good education I can hopefully make something of myself so I'm not standing in their place one day.


I would tell myself to relax and not worry so much, and to live on campus, as living at home is a bit isolating. Alternatively, I would not tell myself which major to choose; I believe the time I spent floundering, exploring and questioning what I wanted to do were valuable and helped me make the correct choice. Most importantly, without that time of inquiring, I would have remained unsure of my decision. I would also not tell myself which classes to take; while I cannot say I enjoyed all the classes I have taken, nor did I need them all to graduate, I can say that they were valuable in teaching me various study and life skills that I will be able to apply in the future and would regret not having.


If I could go back, I would tell myself not to worry so much and to just have fun my last year in high school. I would explain that the transition is easier than it sounds and that college is almost like high school. I would also tell myself, that everything will work out the way I hoped for and college is actually pretty fun. Last, I would tell myself that there is a HUGE library for me to check books out of and that I get to keep the books for three weeks.


LaTosha, never give up and don't let anything or anyone stop you from achieving your goals. You have come so far and over came so much. Yes, you will have a one year old at home and I know it will hurt you everyday to be without him, but your parents will take great care of him. You have to remember you are going to college to better yourself and your life. You are in control of your life! You are strong and you can do this! Trust me the first two years are going to fly by. College life is so much fun and you can go home every weekend to be with DeAundre. I will warn you the older he gets the harder it will be on you because no mother wants to hear their child say "no mommy don't go." Tosha stay strong and no matter what STAY LIVING ON CAMPUS because it will determine the time it takes you to graduate. So don't worry you will do great, have fun, and never think of yourself as a bad mother because DeAundre will always love you and as he gets older he will understand.


First and foremost, save yourself the stress of last-minute decisions by beginning the application process the summer before senior year. Upon acceptance to schools, begin applying for any scholarships you are eligible for. Doing these two things will alone save you major stress that may arise around January. Secondly, take advantage of Advanced Placement tests as well as PSEO. These two adacemic programs allow you to earn college credit for a fraction of the cost and will put you ahead of other incoming college freshman in the areas of experience as well as earned credits. Thirdly, instead of doing the bare minimun for classes, really use this year as a time to better your study, reading, and writing skills. Having these already in place will allow you to learn material without putting so much focus on learning how to do so. Lastly, and most importantly, know your beliefs and views because you will be challenged by all. Be able to defend your stance on your moral, political, and social beliefs because whether or not you hold the popular belief, there will always be someone in opposition. These steps will aid you in a successful college experience. Good luck!


Be ready for an adventure. Don't be afraid to get yourself out there to make good friends.


I would advise myself to work harder my senior year in high school. Seniors often think that the hard work is over and it's time to take it easy. This makes the transition to college more difficult. Do not avoid taking advanced math and science courses in high school. It will help a student be better prepared for more difficult college courses. Being financially responsible is also important. It will be a necessary skill upon becoming a college student. Rather than thinking of the senior year as a time to be childish and irresponsible, students will be much more prepared if they see it as an opportunity to prepared for their future.


During my senior year of high school, I spent a lot of time playing sports. I was the captain of the soccer, basketball, and baseball team. I usually got home around 8pm to start my homework, and was too tired to care about the quality or the effort I was putting toward my academics. If I were to repeat my high school year, I would of spent more time studying for my classes, and getting everything I could out of my classes in order to prepare myself for college. I also would of studied abroad through a foreign exchange program in order to see more of the world before coming to college, and giving myself the opportunity to be on my own. Time management is something that is crucial in order to succeed in college. In high school, I never thought about how much time I had. I would of practiced managing my time by filling out a time planner before each month. This would of shown me how much time I really have to spend playing, hanging out with frineds vs. studying or working. Knowing how to effectively spend ones time is an important aspect of college.


I remeber my senior year, and how scared i was about the whole transition. I remember asking myself would the classes be to hard? Would i be secure enough with myself to put myself out there and meet new people? Would everything work out? I was never a person that was very good with change and this was a whole new chapter in my life different then anything i had ever experienced. If i could go back in time and give a piece of advice about the year to come it would be to worry less and focus on living. All my worrying did was make me more and more nervous about my new chapter. I would tell myself that things in life have a way of working themselves out, and like anything in life college had a way of working itself out for me. In the year to come i would come to love the classes i was taking, the major i chose and the people i have met. As Benjamin Franklin once said " Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight."