University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is the most culturally accepting place I have ever been. I have learned more about diversity, cultural and social differences in the 1 1/2 years I have been here than I have ever in my life. There is a huge LGBTQ society, as well as numerous different ethnicity organizations where people can join and learn about varying cultures. As a special and elementary education major it is immensely important to learn how to work with people of different beliefs, values and cultures.


The best thing about my school is the people. I have never been to a place where I feel such genuine friendliness from others who have a sincere interest in how my life is going. Professors go so far out of their way to help students, and students work together to accomplish the same goal or to help another student accomplish a personal goal. The way everyone is able to work together and create something beautiful is the absolute best thing about my campus.


The best thing about UW-Eau Claire is the amount of opportunities students have to further their education. Whether it being an on campus job, an internship with a fellow porfessor, or knowledgeable professors who want the best for their students. There is a never ending supply of intelligence at UW-Eau Claire.


The small class sizes more only allow a more open learning enviorment where civial discussion can be had, but it also allows you to make new friends more easily.


The best part about my school is the campus is the most physically active campus in the UW system. Not only are many students involved in sports, many lift/run for their own health and do outdoors activities like camping, hiking, and canoeing. It definitely helps that there is a big hill to climb to reach the dorms and cafeteria.


I consider the professors at this school to be the best because they give great attention to their students. The fact that for all my classes I have the professors teaching me instead of teaching assistants is really important. The professors are also very willing to help their students. Whether it is to go over homework, quizzes, or just carry out a conversation, I feel very comfortable here. The professors are always looking to encourage me to do my best.


The best thing about EC is it's friendly atmosphere. Everyone here is generally open, professors and students alike!


The best thing about my school is that it cares about their students education but also cares about equality and making everyone feel welcome. They want everyone to be equal and try to get everyone involved the best that they can. They have centers and clubs for everything.


I think I am getting a quality education for the price I'm paying. Wherever you go, you have to two options: to enjoy and see the opportunity, or to dislike it and see only the negative side. I've met some super friendly people and I've had some fantastic teachers and those are two things that will mean more to me in the long run than if I was one in a sea of 200 students being taught by a student assistant to the professor.


The best thing about my school would be the people. People here are very friendly and down to earth. Everyone tries to help each other out. The professors are very nice and helpful. The campus is beautiful and there are a lot of organizations you can get involved in.


The people are mostly friendly and it is a high quality educaiton. It is very diverse with many students participating in the study abroad program, and many foreign students come to study here. There is large focus on being environmentally-friendly and many efforts are made to "go-green." The professors are very knowledgeable in their fields and have great input into the lives of students. Also, there is a massive hill on our campus that allows students to incorperate moderate exercise into their everyday walking to and from class.


The best part of High School was the ability to be involved in numerous activities. Becoming involved helped to make me an experienced well rounded student and a valuable member to society.


I love that my school is very similar to my home town. My college is not too big and not too small. There is a huge hill that students need to take to get to thier dorms, and I love the hill because it keeps me fit.


The best thing about UWEC, besides it being one of the most beautiful campuses in the U.S., is its separation between upper and lower campus. Lower is all academic, places to study, the library, and of course, academic buildings. On upper, it is a great place to socialize. All of the dorms, except two, are on upper. Theres a cafeteria, basketball courts, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, and even a place for dancing and playing pool. It is so relieving to go from studying and class on lower to upper campus and be able to relax and socialize with friends.


I love the fact that most professors are willing and able to help in any way they can.


I love how upper campus and lower campus are divided. It feels like a big separation between school and social activites, which I enjoy.


Almost everybody at the school go above and beyond to be friendly. I remember walking around campus the first few weeks of school during my freshman year and every single person you would walk by would say "hi" and give you a friendly smile. Even during finals week, you can't go more than a few feet without having someone smile at you just to brighten your day.


The campus is beautiful. I love being in Eau Claire.


I consider the best think about this school to be the environment. Every one is friendly and helpful. It makes you feel comfortable and safe.


The best thing about my school is that it is alive and ongoing because I have attended another school through the a program here at the university and that school was completely the opposite of this school that I am attending now. I am so glad that my school is alive on the weekends and has tons of school spirit!


The best thing at my school is the small classes and the chance for you and your teachers to get to know one another.


The availability of staff as well as the involvement of many different faculty and peers


The attitude that professors have about their classes. Unlike a lot of big research schools, they really are there to teach you and make sure that you understand the material. They also are very passionate about what they're teaching, which makes classes a lot more fun and interesting.


I believe the best thing about UW Eau Claire is the support for students. Teahers, students, and other staff all want the students to succeed. To be in a place where people believe in you is a great experience for everyone.


I really enjoy that the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire is really big into education majors, which is why I chose to attend the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire. It offers certification in almost all teaching major subject areas and the credits transfer to other universities in the area fairly easily. The University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire also has many different groups, such as the Wisconsin Education Association that students can be a part of while attending classes there.


The best thing about my school is the competition. The competition is very high and encourages students to do their best and focus on their work. In the real world, people want the best of the best. I feel that is what my school is doing, we are finding the best of the best; the people who will go the distance; the people who will reach th top. As much as the compeition is frustrating and exhausting, it's just going to help our students in the end.


The best thing about UW-Eau Claire is the setting of the campus. There are hills, a beautiful river dividing the campus, and stately old buildings next to state of the art buildings. This lends itself to a relaxed, laid back feeling among the students, which is necessary when the pressure of classes, projects and exams gets to them.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. Everyone at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire is friendly and nice. You feel welcomed wher ever you go. Another great thing about my college is the lay out. Mainly all of the classes are on lower campus, so if you want to be close to them you have the option of staying in the two dorm buildings on lower campus. However, if you want exercise and to be more involved, upper campus is a good spot to pick.


I believe the best thing about my school is how it is surrounded by many trees and wildlife is close to campus. This gives individuals the relaxation they can enjoy on a warm summer evening. At the same time the traffic and large number of businesses make the campus seem like a home away from home.


The advising professors that guide students in their academic roadmap are super effective and friendly.


The best thing about my school is that it really feels like home. The campus is beautiful and every time I walk outside I feel so peaceful. It is the perfect balance of urban and rural: not too urban (there is a lot of nature and forest), but not too rural (there is a large mall/city). I absolutely love it here and I would never think of going anywhere else.


The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire offers so many diverse opportunities, which is what I believe to be the best aspect of this school. There are a countless number of clubs on campus, and through each of these clubs there are numerous programs that are available for participation. As a freshman, I was given the oppotunity to go to an elementary student's house and read to him once a week. This is a wonderful experience for my major, and an opportunity that would not be offered at many of the other schools I considered attending.


The best part about going to school in Eau Claire is even though its a division three university, one can still get a great college experience in a big town. Not only is Eau Claire is located on the river but Eau Claire also has a wide variety of activities for students to enjoy. I would also say that I love how one gets personal attention in almost every single class. Last semster I took anatomy and had over 150 students in a lecture hall, but the professor got to know everyone of us.


The professors that I've had are interested in helping the students reach their goals. I think that is really important because students need to know that their professors are there to help them succeed.


The professors at UW-Baraboo are always very helpful and comforting. The professors make the college enviornment more pleasurable and more relaxed. Instead of making you feel afraid or intimidated to continue on with your education they do whatever they can to help you succeed. In my opinion that is one of the best things that a professor can offer a student.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. Sometimes I find that schools put on an act to be nice to you just so that you will choose that school and go there. I thought that at first with UWEC but they difinitely proved me wrong. Everyone is nice no matter what day it is. I love the way that the university makes you feel like you live in a cozy community. I also love how beautiful and safe it is.


The best thing about my school is the professors. Every professor holds a high educational degree and is able to easily share their knowledge with their students. Personally, all of my professors truly care about the success of each of their students and willingly offer advice either in class or during office hours. When listening to and speaking with professors, their enthusiasm for their subject is evident. The faculty-- mainly professors-- at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire is the best thing about my school.


The best thing about UWEC is its subtle promotion of self-sufficiency. Through the strict academic instruction, countless leadership opportunities, job fairs, workshops, and motivational speakers, students are being prepared to compete in the workforce. I have found I am motivated to excel academically due to the many programs in place which have provided me with the necessary information about a career in my major. Having to organize a plan for my future and putting it into action has brought forth an independent and self-sufficent attitude that will aid any adult in trying to succeed in the current workforce.


I think the best thing about my school is the level of dedication I see in students, faculty, etc. throughout the entire campus every day beginning with the day I first toured the campus. Everyone is ready to help you succeed at whatever it is you want to do.


I like the campus because it is similar to my hometown-it has about 65,000 people and there is a lot of vegetation around. The campus is beautiful because it is next to the river, and the entire campus is like a park. It relaxes you when you are stressed; you can just go and sit outside on the campus mall and enjoy the warmth and sunshine in the spring and early fall. That is one thing I will always miss when I leave school.


The most beneficial part of the UWEC is that we have so many unique experiences available to us. Whether it be our extensive study abroad program, the numerous available internships, or the hands-on undergraduate student-teacher research, there is an exciting opportunity awaiting every student in every major. The emphasis on these programs is what makes the UWEC stand apart and shine above many other colleges. It is a great place to learn about myself and the world I will live in after graduation.


Our university prides itself on excellence through a quality liberal arts education at an affordable cost. Our school focuses on the students - it offers us immersion opportunities abroad and domestically, the chance to work alongside faculty on research projects and makes sure we have the best resources available to us. UWEC takes pride in being all that it can be - not a cent here is wasted.


UWEC is a great atmosphere for students. There are constant activities that allow students to resist the pressures of life. The school provides free busing and other services for students that allow the students to maintain employment and stay busy when they are not studying. These activities make UWEC a great school and when added to the wonderful education and resources for students, it makes UWEC an excellent college choice.


Friendly students that work together and have open minds even when they disagree.


Professors intraction and paticence with students.


I feels like home. There is a lot to do, but it is also very academic-focused.


I love the general atmosphere. We have a beautiful campus, amazing programs, and people are really easy to get along with.


I think that the best thing about the University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire is the out of the classroom learning experinces that I have ben involved in. I can safely say that I have learned more out of the classroom doing things like undergraduate research, being involved in Student Government , as well as competing on the Track and Field Team has truly given a completly separate education.


The environment is just wonderful.--walking around campus, sitting in a lecture hall, eating in the cafeteria, hanging out in my dorm room. I just feel so much at home, and I love that I feel so much at home although I am away from home.