University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Top Questions

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It is well diversed.


There are new and exciting activities to do almost every day. We focus on expressing each student's talents and letting them find themsevles.


My original plan was to attend UW- Madison, but when I toured La Crosse I actually began to tear up because it felt like I had come home; the size, atmosphere, surroundings, and amazing academeic opprotunities let me know I had made the right choice.


One of the main reasons why I picked La Crosse was because of thier Exercise Science major. It allows me to specialize or choose a concentration that will best fit my future, and that is what I really like. At this point in my college career, I am still kind of undecided. The fact that there are so many options is what caught my attention right away.


The size definitely helped my decision. It felt like home because it is a nice neighborhood with little crime, has a lot of activities and places to escape and relax. Most schools were too big, felt too crammed together and felt like I would just blend in with the crowd. I wanted a place I felt I could stand out, and La Crosse definitely completes those requirements. When a lot of other schools made me feel disconnected to the rest of the school, La Crosse feels like one big community, and that is a good feeling.


At UW-La Crosse class sizes are small and professors are approachable and care about their students. It is easy to ask questions and the staff enjoys students' interest in their academics. The campus environment is extremely welcoming and diversity and inclusion are a top priority. There are many options for how to spend your weekend, with the bluffs, Myrick Park and marsh, and downtown La Crosse all within easy walking distance.


I believe that the environment of UWL is what makes this campus unique from others. Not only the beauty of the nature that surrounds the campus, but also the environment that the staff and students create. The campus is surrounded by beautiful bluffs and is near the Mississippi River and has a very appealing look. However, I think the most important part is the environment that the staff and students create. The staff is very helpful and understanding, while the students are very accepting and kind. This creates a very inviting and comforting environment across the UWL campus.


My school is unique in the fact that it is a friendly, resourceful, welcoming, and changing school. They are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand our education and facilities here at UW-L. The people on our campus is welcome, friendly, and loving towards others. When I first came here, I was really nervous about classes and meeting new friends. Fortunately, I have met and made so many new friends, and I am happy to call this place my new "home."


My school is small and in a beauiful city. It only takes ten minutes to walk across campus, which is wonderful in the winter. Most people on campus are happy and will smile at you as you walk to class.


La Crosse is a beautiful area with historic downtown La Crosse only minutes away from campus, and La Crosse also has the comfort of nature all around with the bluffs being visable from any part of campus. Students at La Crosse are very active, social, and caring of one another. The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is like it's own community located within La Crosse.


There is a ton to do on and off campus. The bluffs provide a very scenic view and also tons of trails to hike.


The University of Wisconsin La Crosse not only offers a wide varity of activites and experiences for all students and staff in the La Crosse area, but the atmosphere with in the school is unlike any other. Students say hi to one another and make efforts to make sure that all are involved or have the opportunity to do so. La Crosse is a caring community and the campus adds a euphoric element not only in the campus community but in the communities that surround it.


The location is very unique and entirely awesome. Right in the middle of the bluffs, river, and marsh, what more could one want.


Everything on campus is so closed together which makes it very quick and easy to get to and from classes. It just makes life simplier when I can walk across campus in 5 minutes. Thats what makes La Crosse campus great and was partially the reason I chose this university


There is a lot of focus on outdoor activities and also on environmentally active programs. They have a outdoor connections area that helps you get involved with going outside by renting out really cheap but good quality outdoor tools. For example, canoes, camping equiptment, snowboards, etc. They also plan trips that get you outdoors with people that know what they are doing.


There is a strong emphasis on success and achievement, as well as preparing students for their future career endeavors.


The La Crosse atmosphere is unlike any other college I have observed. The school is fairly small which is great because I feel more connected with my professors and other students in my classes. I feel that all of the students are friendly and welcoming, which I did not feel when I toured other schools. UW La Crosse has many programs for individuals who want to be involved. I feel that La Crosse has wonderful opprotunities for success and the people here are dedicated to make sure that the students are successful and happy.


La Crosse had the ABC's that the other schools I toured did not. They were an active campus, not only physically but every bulletin board was filled with a rainbow of flyers for all different clubs. Every person on campus could find a club to meet there specific interest. The campus also took my breathe away with the beautiful scenary, the bluffs, the river, the trees. Last but not least the campus is caring, everyone treats others as if they have been friends forever. I know I am safe here.


My university is unique in the fact that it has a small school atmosphere with larger school opportunities. One's classes are never far from their dorms and everything, from the library to the dining area, is a short walk away. One will never feel as if they are just a number in a class and the professors even take the time to get to know you by name. There are many things to do here as well that many only associate with bigger universities. These things include studying abroad, conducting research, and witnessing influential speakers.


it's size compared to other schools in the state and the research being done. As well as it's location and expose to nature


The enviorment around the campus is amazing. When you look out the window you can see the beautiful bluffs and can walk down to the Mississippi River. The beautiful enviorment helps during the difficult courses, and give the overall college experience more positive.


The biggest difference between UW-La Crosse and other schools within Wisconsin is the strong connection to the outdoors. Whether it is with a hike up the bluffs with some friends or a fieldtrip to Myrick Marsh for a biology lab nature is a huge part for the majority of UW-La Crosse students.


I feel like our campus is extra friendly and active. The people that go here are just the kind of people that are fun to be surrounded by.


UW-La Crosse is one of the most active campuses I have ever been to. There are ALWAYS people outside playing games, studying, or just relaxing. Also, at La Crosse you really get your money's worth. The quality of education is amazing. Also, the facilities like the rec center, library, and liberal arts center are very nice. Everything is well-kept.


The amount of physically active and health concious people who attend.


Academic reputation and the ambiance around campus is unique


It's surrounded by bluffs in the mississippi valley and it has one of the best Division 3 cross country teams in the country.


This school is within state, but close to three other states.


The number of programs put on by the university for students, and the close interaction between staff and students really brings everyone closer together in a way that I feel few schools accomplish.


The students are very helpful and very active


It's located where I want to live, and it has a huge variety of majors, which is useful because I change mine a lot.


The passion that student have for education. Everyone I know wnats to learn so much and be successful at it. We all have this thirst for knowledge that never goes away, we always want to learn more!


Very friendly, although that sounds cliche. The town is very open to college students and their needs. Great on-campus housing, although the rooms are fairly cramped. campus is well organized and very easy to navigate, not too spread out, but yet fairly comfortable. textbook rental is a definite plus!


Offers the program I wanted.