University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


I found the University of Wisconsin - Madison to offer a variety of specialized and challenging courses which were aimed at advancing ones personal growth. As a student of the art department, I gained a broad technical background as well as specific and concise knowledge both in and out of my field. The program challenged me to push the capabilites of materials, to think conceptually, and, ultimately, set me up with the tools and knowlege necessary to continue the pusuit of my MFA at an increasingly challenging university.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is the one place where fun and hard work peacefully coexist; the people that I am surrounded by are just as motivated as I am and make the experience unlike any other.


This is a place to dabble in any and all the activities you've ever been interested in; including intramural sports, to clubs, greek life, concerts, arts; and you will always be learning new things from the people that you meet; amazing school spirit, this is a huge run-on-fragment of a sentence.


UW-Madison was the greatest college experience ever!


UW Madison is a well known and accomplished college that excels in the sciences and is known for giving back to the community by creating leaders and scholars that envoke change in the world.




The campus is large and full of excitement, with interesting things in which to participate or just observe, such as games, protests, and parties!

Hui Young

The school with the best overall college experience in America.


A place where anyone can find their niche if they are willing to try.


Madison is a not only a school, but a community united in one thing, BUCKY.


The best place to get the college feel and college learning experience.


UW-Madison is a university that embraces diversity and encourages each student to work to their highest potential and strive for excellence.


Madison is the trifecta of academics, athletics, and activities.


UW-Madison is the flagship school of the University of Wisconsin System that promotes learning through debate, discussion, research, and meaningful student-professor interaction.


UW Madison lies between two lakes: Mendota and Menona. The isthmus houses UW Madison. There aren't many brick buildings and most of the large halls are old. At the center of our campus there is the landmark Bascom Hill with a large statue of Abraham Lincoln overlooking downtown Madison. It's a very pretty school with plenty of trees and greens in the lakeshore neighborhood and tall, modern buildings in southeast. It's beautiful.


This campus is so great because there is such a variety throughout it. We have a mixture of historical-looking and more modern-looking buildings (for an example, look at the contrasted aesthetics of our two student unions: Memorial Union and the newly completed Union South). The Lakeshore side of campus has a great view of the lake and a beautiful nature path that takes you down through the trees.The Southeast side of campus faces the capitol building and features the hustle and bustle of downtown Madison. In the warmer months, you can see people lounging on Bascom Hill, doing homework or playing frisbee. The Union Terrace provides a view of the lake and you may see the Hoofers sailing club taking people out in sailboats, canoes, etc. One thing that surprised me when I toured this campus was how many people use bikes for transportation. The sheer volume of people on campus is great. If you come downtown during passing time, be prepared to sped a lot of time waiting for hoards of people to cross the streets.


When I was searching for the right school, the biggest factor in my decision was campus. Coming from a relatively small suburb, I had an immense yearning for the metropolis. At the same time, I didn't want to be confined to the concrete jungle (see NYU or GW). Upon stepping out of the car for the first time in Madison, I immediately knew this was the campus I was looking for. The adjective that came to mind was 'bubbly'. Students were everywhere, coming, going, loitering, etc. Madison is perfectly situated in between two beautiful lakes, making for spectacular scenery in the fall, summer, and spring (but also bone-chilling winds in the gloom of winter). As one traverses the isthmus, they move from classic campus, full of quads, lawns, trees, and typical university buildings. Upon crossing Lake Street, Memorial Library on your left hand and the bookstore on your right, one finds themselves immersed in what I like to call "the perfect practice city". Madison has the bar scene, restaurants, commerce, foot traffic, and public transportation of a big city, without being overwhelming in the least. It is easy to walk from one end of the city to the other in less than 20 minutes and nearly impossible to get lost. State Street is the defining feature, and has been called the perfect college campus street; packed with bars, shops, and restaurants, State Street stretches from the campus area straight to the massive Capitol building. For the prospective student who wants the city culture, but is afraid of missing out on the old school college experience, Madison is the perfect campus.


Uw Madison is a large sprawling campus with stunning buildings. Being on the edge of the lakes it's absolutely beautiful. At the same time it maintains some small town joy with buildings such as the Rathskeller, which resembles an old German mead hall.


UW-Madison is an amazing school in a happening city full of life, culture, fun, and opportunities.


My school is a big ten university where I find myself to be a minority ethnically and financially- but I love my school all the same; the academics are challenging but the resources are rewarding.


UW-Madison is a diverse school; in it's people, opportunities, and landscape.


The epitome of Excellence, We even give Harvard a run for their money!


The best place to get a great education, get a degree, and succeed.


UW-Madison is state school with an Ivy League level of education, and it is very large and intellectually diverse; therefore, anyone can find his/her niche there.


The University of Wisconsin- Madison offers one of the greatest educations available while allowing its students to have a great social life.


In my opinion, the University of Wisconsin- Madison is hands down the best university in America because it has the perfect balance of educational discipline and hard work combined with a fun atmosphere and great social life.


The University of Wiscosin-Madison is a wonderfully large school with great professors, great classes, endless major choices, and a beautiful campus.


University of Wisconsin Madison is a large campus which is full of a variety of opportunities and is able to cater to a large breadth of students and faculty.


UW-Madison is an excellent choice for students who desire superior academics and athletics, a beautiful campus area in a college-centered area, and an urban setting that incorporates the diversity and lifestyle of cities like Milwaukee and Chicago while still being small enough to navigate easily and safely.


The University of Wisconsin - Madison is an absolutely outstanding college with seemingly endless opportunities to challenge oneself and to broaden their horizons as long as they are willing to seek out and take advantage of those things available to them.


The school is a different experience, that you will learn to learn if you don't from the very beginning.


It is a place for anyone to find anything they can dream of and enjoy the ride as they get there.


UW-Madison has something for everyone but you do need to activly seek out what you're looking for.


UW Madison is challeging but worth it.


It is very fun, but also challenging with lots to do around campus and tons of people to meet, but it also feels small enough because you constantly bump into people you know!


UW Madison is a large school with a diverse student and professor population.


It is awesome!


My school is large, alive, and engaging.


My school is very academically orientated, but everyone manages to have a lot of fun as well.


everyone is very smart and works very hard, and plays hard too!


An amazing place that has something for everyone.


UW-Madison is a well rounded, ethnically diverse campus that offers many resourses for both acedemic and extra-curriculuar activities.


A fun and bold campus in the heart of an awesome city.


UW Madison is an exciting, enriching, and stimulating school that I recommend attending to anyone.


UW-Madison will definitely challenge you academically, emotionally, and prepare you for life after college.


A school that is located on a beautiful campus, where professors, students, and alumni take a lot of pride in the school's academic, research, and athletic achievements.


My school is vibrant and eclectic.


Work hard play hard.


competitive, difficult, prestigious.


UW Madison is a socially exciting, liberally minded, and academically recognized public school, meaning that it is the best of all worlds.