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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


Yea. Fuck the badgers. Go BLUE!


While there is a strong bar and party life, there are also house parties and many students who like to spend Saturdays nights at home with just a couple of peeps.About th liberal and anti Israel aspect I haven't heard any anti-Israel comments, and I've found that while it is as liberal as any other college, it isn't off the hook, and there is a strong republican contingency.


I dont think they should be. i think there are a lot of people here who dont drink or dont want to drink but there are just not enough social things to do on weekends so people resort to drinking.


The best way that I could put it, is that there are many University of Wisconsin's. There is the school that Playboy has dubbed Number One Party School, and beleive me, one would be hard pressed to ignore that aspect of the university. There is also a rich tradition of academic excellence and pride at University of Wisconsin. It has often been said that if it weren't for the all too regular subzero temperatures, the University of Wisconsin would have a chance to crack the Top 20 list of US colleges. There is also Big Ten althetics, which often go hand-in-hand with parties and alcohol, but can also be a source of sober entertainment. Additionally, people often think of Wisconsin as not being the posterchild for the American Heart Association, if you know what I mean. Madison, however, has state-of-the-art access to exercise facilities and resources which if sold in a major marketplace would charge no less than a hundred dollars a month for membership. These are all provided gratis to University of Wisconsin students and faculty, and has helped make Madison America's Third Healthiest City. Finally, to address the label of "coastie". Does it come up? Absolutely. Does it form any measurable divide within the student body on any level? I really don't think any University of Wisconsin student, regardless of geographical origin, would agree that it does. University of Wisconsin students have a great mutual respect for each other on both a social and intellectual level, and that is part of what makes Madison, WI a very happy place to be.


Yes. But sadly since the school got number 1 party school rated by Playboy the school and the city have been trying to change that. The truth though, I really dont think it'll make a difference. If they are stricter at bars then people would go to house parties. College kids will always find away around the so called "system."


For the most part, yes. But Wisconsin is very academic. It's a work hard/play hard situation. Yes, wisconsin students know how to throw a fun party, but we're also motivated and hard-working.


People from the east coast and wisconsin do have different fasion styles, looks, and personalities sometimes, but are generally more in common then their stereotypes suggest.


For the most part some of these are true, you'll have class with all of these people but you'll most likely hang out in a group that fits you best.


They are fairly accurate. "Sconnies" do have certain Wisconsin characteristics, such as heavy drinkers. The coasties are somewhat "stuck up." But these are only two of the main stereotypes. There are thousands of students that do not fit into either one. Yes, the student body as a whole are major drinkers and partyers. Thursday through Saturday are heavy party nights. Wisconsin is a great academic school. The overall Madison vibe is awesome. It is truly a great school with a mixing of cultures that makes it so appealing


Some are accurate. There is a lot of beer-drinking and partying, but it is definitely avoidable and there is a good population of students who avoid the bar scene. Though, I might add, the bar scene is huge. Lots of kids are from small towns or suburbs of Minneapolis or Milwaukee. Also lots from Chicago and the coasts. This is also definitely a more liberal campus, but since it is so big all types of people can be found here. And the accents are bad.


Mostly, but Wisconsin students also know how to work hard.


The partying stereotype is not true at all. Most people don't even go out every weekend. It is a select few people that party almost every night and they usually drop out after their freshman year.