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University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


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This campus is so great because there is such a variety throughout it. We have a mixture of historical-looking and more modern-looking buildings (for an example, look at the contrasted aesthetics of our two student unions: Memorial Union and the newly completed Union South). The Lakeshore side of campus has a great view of the lake and a beautiful nature path that takes you down through the trees.The Southeast side of campus faces the capitol building and features the hustle and bustle of downtown Madison. In the warmer months, you can see people lounging on Bascom Hill, doing homework or playing frisbee. The Union Terrace provides a view of the lake and you may see the Hoofers sailing club taking people out in sailboats, canoes, etc. One thing that surprised me when I toured this campus was how many people use bikes for transportation. The sheer volume of people on campus is great. If you come downtown during passing time, be prepared to sped a lot of time waiting for hoards of people to cross the streets.

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