University of Wisconsin-Madison Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Our strong feelings of being a part of a community. Madison students are all about school pride and if you have some, then you have 40,000 friends.


The best things about the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the student organizations. There are a variety of student organizations and clubs on campus. Some organizations are social while others are academic. Each organization and club has its own specific purpose. Each Fall, there is a student organization fair in which all of the organizations on campus participate to recruit new members. Being a member of a student organization is a great way to improve your social skills, network with other students, and stay connected to the campus overall.


There are so many opportunities at UW-Madison. It offers over 700 clubs and organizations. They are one of the top higher education institutions in the Midwest, with great academics. There is something for everyone there.


The nearly tangible school pride that exists on the UW-Madison campus, and across the Wisconsin alumni community is the greatest asset the university possesses. This comradery unites current undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and alumni. The Wisconsin spirit unites and strengthens badgers from all walks of life, regardless of various social and academic associations. Simply being a UW-Madison student affords me the opportunity to relate to accomplished professionals in a wide range of fields, simply based on the fact we are both badgers for life.


The best thing about the UW is the laid-back attitude of the students. Although it gets a little intense during finals, most students are friendly and relaxed the rest of the time.


The community at the UW-Madison is incredibly supportive and proud of the University; it is an academically-focused group of people that also love to spend time in the community through volunteering, working a job, and spending time with friends. There is a sense of family at the University and


I love all of the opportunities that the University of Wisconsin - Madisons has to offer. Not only does it offer the academic programs and venues for me to pursue a medical degree in the future, it also provides numerous clubs and activities to become involved with such as a cross-country ski team. The abundance of things to do is truly amazing.


The University of Wisconsin - Madison is the epitome of a work hard, play hard environment. During the week everyone hits the books and libraries. The rigorous academic environment will set you up to succeed in any career path. Professors and assistants work together to teach and mold students into well-rounded, confident, and rational individuals. On the other hand, Madison has an endless supply of activities, organizations, groups, and events. The people who live here are culturally accepting and genuinely keen on sharing. If you can dream it, you can find it in Madison.


The abundance of opportunities.


You will recive an Ivey Leauge education for a fraction of the cost .


We have a capitol building that is identical to the US capitol building in Washington DC... but it's two inches shorter. It's pretty neat, but in reality, our entire campus is unique. How many schools are located on an isthmus? I'll answer that: not that many.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison is known and great for many purposes. The best thing about my school is our commitment to diversity. Coming from a small town with the majority of White population, I am amazed at the different cultures, languages, and traditions that people hold. UW Madison has opened my eyes to the beautiful, culture-filled world.


There are so many opportunities to get invoved. There are reaserch opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and educational opportunities to name a few. If there is something your intrested in, they have it.


Madison is a phenomenal school with an extremely great atmosphere and offers an extreme amount of options and activities for students to do on campus. It really fosters a great community for people to get connected and really know that they are among friends. Because of this, the campus of Madison is an extremely thriving student body that has an extremely proud amount of school pride.


So far, I love everything about the University of Wisconsin. I have the opportunity to take exciting, challenging, and stimulating classes with world renowned professors and faculty. I have the opportunity to live with a very diverse and innovative group of people. I have the opportunity to explore different career choices with guidance from fantastic advisors and teachers. I have the opportunity to take classes in a broad spectrum of areas that interest me. Most importantly, UW Madison allows me to express my individuality through the choices I am able to make. This is what makes UW Madison so special.


The best thing about the UW Madison and the city of Madison in general is the diversity of it's people. If you come from a small town, your eyes will be opened up to a whole new world of people and thoughts! You are given a chance to grow as a person.


The best thing about the University of Wisconsin-Madison is that there is always something to do. There are hundreds of student organizations, intramural leagues for all sports and skill levels, study groups and places to hang out with friends. Also, during football, basketball and hockey season, it is usely easy to find tickets and extremely fun to go to games with friends. The student crowd really gets in to the game and the Badgers are one of the top ranked teams in almost every sport. The amount of school pride students have for the Badgers is incomparable.


Because im a huge sports fanatic, i will have to say the fact that we are Div 1. Okay well thats not the best but I love that my school is so full of Badger Pride win or lose! But what I can say that seriously is the best thing Wisconsin-Madison has to offer is its Academic diversity, there are so many choices, all that hold prestige in the World. With research at my university we set the bar, with our liberal arts we set trends!


What I think is the best thing about my school is that there is quite literally a place for everyone. No matter what kind of social habits or interests you have, there are a million and one different options for you. With all these different options, there is sure to be nobody that feels out of place.


The campus


Has an urban setting in a rural area.


The best thing about my college is the freedom! Not only am I out of the coils of my parents, but I no longer have to fit into the "High School" mold. This is not the only freedom I am referring to however. I have hundreds of exciting classes to choose from, everything from shopping to eating out within a 10 minute walk, and the space to explore myself. I literally feel as if I have the world at my fingertips.


The scenery and being by the lake is breathtaking. Eating on the terrace and over-seeing the clear water is beautiful and makes every moment of eating your meal ever more enjoyable. Even though the campus is 933 acres, all the classes are walk able and within the 15 minute grace period given to get to each class. Another thing I like about the university is the activism that brings the students together. The university brought together a safe place to be able to break from your comfort zone and open up.


The best thing about my school is the amount of choices there are. A student can take whatever class interests them, and it will (most likely) count towards their graduation requirements.


The best thing about my school is that with so many people on campus, you get to meet someone new every week.


I believe that the best thing about our school is the amount of extra-curricular activities available to students. There are more than six hundred registered student organizations at UW-Madison, and many more unregistered student organizations. These clubs provide multiple opportunities for students to meet new people who share their interests and passions, as well as develop crucial leadership and organizational skills. These organizations also coordinate concerts, free films, and other events that provide multiple opportunities for students to get together and have fun without drinking.


The social life because it is fun and you meet lots of people.


The best thing about University of Wisconsin-Madison (besides "Jump Around" during the football games of course) is that it is a huge university yet it has so many ways for anyone to find their place and make the campus smaller and feel more like home. Also, it is one of the best elementary education schools in the country which is a huge reason why I chose to attend UW-Madison.


There is enough different types of people to give one a good impression on how different people think and act in the real world. Aside from that the T.A.'s seem very good.


It is one of the best values in college in the world. It consistently ranks in the top ten in every program it offers, and the students reflect that rank. For me, I can have incredibly nerdy conversations about technology, the universe, whatever and everyone has the knowledge base to chime in and give their opinion. Then with those same people I can go play ultimate frisbee, go to football games, go rock climbing and have bonfires. Being intellectual and cool are not mutually exclusive things at UW Madison, and thats why I love it here.


The best thing about my school is wide variety of activities to do. It is very easy to get involved and find something that is fun to do. Sporting events are great and everybody is is very supportive of the sports teams. Also, there are numerous clubs and organizations that you can join throughout the year. It is nice to have the opportunity to get involved with something when you need a break from homework and studying.


The best thing about my school is that it is well respected in academics and because of this many people who come to campus to speak are well known authors, political figures, etc. It's exciting to see these people first hand and adds to the school spirit of people being very proud to go there.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the student body. On my dorm floor alone are students from as far away as China and Australia, and as close as my own Wisconsin home town. There are students who excel in technology, the arts, science and engineering, as well as a group of entrepreneurial types, of which I am one. Our floor is part of a new Entrepreneurial Learning Center, which is an incubator for new ideas. During our weekly dinner meetings, the energy is so high that we all truly believe that we can aspire to anytihing!!


I would say the best thing about my school are the opportunities it presents to me. I am a science guy, and have found a job in a research lab. I will be given the chance to coauthor a research paper and get invaluable experience. I also know that as long as I study as hard as I can, I will excel in my classes and have a high GPA. Wisconsin will more than prepare me to go to medical school.


Everyday life. The people are great here. There is a wide variety of people from different places with different views of the world. There are so many things going on to do, you can never be bored. If you don't feel like participating in something, you can always just relax at one of the many cool places on campus. Great places include the lakes, the union, state street, and bascom hill, just to name a few.


There is a great variety of social activities. Although it is hard to handle everything with school, the time management better prepares you for the real world, and so does the vigourous course work.


It is big enough that there is something for everyone here. In terms of academics you can study anything you are interested in. In terms of a social life, you will meet friends who are interested in all sorts of different things and there is so much to do on and off campus. You don't have to drink to have fun or make friends here.


School spirit is amazing. Madison feels like home to me. So many people who all share in the same pride and are always friendly and helpful.


Madison has something for everyone. If you are focused on academics or looking for internship opportunities, Madison has the courses, professors, and resources. While the school aspect is fantastic, this university provides its students with what seems like infinte options to satisfy anyone's interests, ranging from cultural activites to sports to volunteering. Because Madison is such a large university and offers so many different choices to its students, anyone attending here will feel welcome and ready to fully discover and develop their personal interests and goals. That's what makes the University of Wisconsin-Madison so amazing!


It's not the biggest University campus, but it is big. There are many things to explore and learn. It is very diverse if you choose to look into those areas. There are many activities you can join and it's a fun and open school to go to. It is also a very academically focused school, but along with that it also has students who know how to let loose and have fun when done with their academic needs.


Lively atmosphere, friendly environment, lots of options of what to do.


The best thing about UW Madison is the people. You will meet new friends and they will help you as you help them. There will be a bond you have never felt before. The people are open. They do not care about race or religion. The person you are is what others' searching for. Even when you feel leftout, there are groups of people feeling your pain. You will find yourself friends worthy to be called true friends.


I consider our engineering program the best thing about my school. As an engineer, I obviously spend all of my time in our program. Our Engineering Career Services office is extremely helpful. They host many job-related events and excellent career fairs. Also, our undergraduate advisor is extremely helpful. Our coursework packets for our major are extremely detailed and let us know what classes we have to take and when. We also have excellent computer labs and academic libraries and buildings for our use. I honestly cannot say one bad thing about our engineering program.


The environment is really nice. There are people everywhere.


Probably the social atmosphere even though there is no downtown so to speak.


The diversity and the amount of campus activities. The availability of very research-oriented professors and experts is a great feeling.


There are endless opportunites for any and every activity that a student could desire to pursue.


The location is brilliant, on the edge of a lively downtown area, everything within walking distance, with beautiful lakes and student unions.


The social life both on campus and in the city of Madison compliment each other very well. I have visited dozens of large state colleges and there are very few like UW-Madison.


I feel the availability of extra curricular activities, clubs, and other groups at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is fantastic. Everything from Tae Kwon Do classes and chess clubs to business groups, environmental groups, and volunteer groups - there is literally something for everyone to get involved in here! The involvement in these groups often provides a person with many life skills including leadership, social, and organizational skills. All you need the the motivation and initiative to get involved.