University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Top Questions

Describe the students at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


My classmates at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are friendly, outgoing, helpful, willing to work hard to achieve academic and personal goals while balancing a well-round social life and community involvement.


Exotic animals surviving within the scorching Safari dessert.


The type of classmates I was surrounded with this past school year can only be described as a potluck. By this I mean there was a gargantuan variety of people. People who work hard, or not at all. People who party, and people who were more clean cut. People who came from wealthy families, and people who came from none at all. It was like a giant mixing pot, and I'm greatful. One of the things I learned during orientation was "If you end up hanging out with people just like you, we failed as a Univeristy." Branch out.


They all keep to themselves or their group of friends. People seem to make friends when they live down there and go to parties which I don't do I don't realy make friends there.


Most of them are much younger than me, they are mostly students that have recently graduated from high school, maybe two years or less. I really love being with them. When they find out that I am employeed full-time, attend school part-time and a grandmother of thirteen they encourage me to strive to be and do the best I can. I'm an example that it is never too late to reach a goal you have set, even if life knocks you, you can get back up and achieve your degree


I just transferred to UW - Milwaukee, and spent the 2012/2013 school year at UW - Whitewater. I haven't actually been on campus yet, but the people I have meet online (my roommates and other students in my Major) have been extremely friendly and helpful in transitioning me to this new campus. I know that when I move in, I will already have friends waiting to show me the ropes.


I think that UWM had some great culutre in its student population.


Mostly white, outgoing, driven and laid back.


There is a variety of students ranging from those who work really hard and those who try to have as much fun as possible, the hard-workers are more in this school though as they tend to plan ahead and work on their futures.


Many students are unmotivated by coursework or lectures as many professors seem to be going through the motions.