University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee?


I love this Univeristy, there is so much to do. It is in the heart of the east side, and you meet so many different people.


I brag about the Honors College here because the professors known how to teach and do it very well!


When I tell my friends about this school, the first thing I have to say is that the campus life is very alive and rich. Having a University in such a large city like Milwaukee allows our study body to be very diverse and so many organizations on campus have come from this.


The great bar scene and the vast amount of students that go there are my main bragging points. We also have a very nice work out center but it is too small.


I brag about the location and the quality of the science program that I am happy to be a part of. UWM has a large faculty with all sorts of speciaties and research interests. There are many opportunities to be part of ground breaking research.


The arts programs through The Peck School of the Arts, campus and surrounding areas such as the beach and biking trails, and the number of social activities available on and off campus.


To be honest the library, it has a vast selection of genres, great places to study, and I know that if there is anything I need as far as expanding beyond the scope of my text books I can find it there.


What I brag about most to my friends is my professors. I feel that they really want me and my class mates to learn, and not just learn but succeed. They are all willing to go the extra mile to help you earn that grade that you want to earn. They make class fun and interesting and teach the material well. My advisor has also helped me out a great deal, I know I wouldn?t be as confident in what I?m doing now if it weren?t for her and the rest of the staff at my school.


My school has a good library and lots of space to study in it. The professors are excellent and they keep me interested in the subject. I learned alot in the labs I took, because the teachers let us do hands-on work and ask alot of questions.


The people are nice, there's a great gym and rec area, and that you can go to the beach or hiking in good weather. There's a lot to do if you live in the Milwaukee or surrounding areas.