University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee? Is this stereotype accurate?


Everyone is kind-of a mix. I don't think there's a stereotype. I've met all kinds of different people. No one is very stuck up. Lots of us have to work jobs to make this happen, and I think everyone respects that.


I don't think there is a stereotype here. Milwaukee is a city that it is hard to stereotype in because it is so incredibly diverse. If we have a stereotype it would be that we are a crime ridden school in a terrible area. NOT TRUE!! Granted we are in a city and there is more crime here then out in the suburbs of Delafield, but the campus is in a safe area of Milwaukee. If you pay attention to your surroundings and use the provided services the school offers you are just as safe here as any other city. There is a community there. A network of people who are all united because of their affiliation with UWM. I have never had any problems, on campus, with any kinds of crime.


Milwaukee is considered to be a back up school by many. It usually doesn't even register on people's radar most of the time. Because of Milwaukee's diverse background, it's seen as a school full of people from a wide range of backgrounds. I have found that most people going to UWM are from the Midwest (Twin Cities, Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin). To be blunt: I think it attracts a lot of hicks.