University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Milwaukee's a very diverse community with a lot of things going on. I think anybody could pretty much attend this school, as long as your focused on your goals whether that be academics, sports, social life, or just making connections in general.


My school is very diverse, so anyone can join!


The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is a perfect-sized school for anyone that wants a campus with enough social diversity, but also enough resources for them to excel academically. The beauty of this school is that it can really fit any type of person. Whether you're into the socializing aspect of college, or really concentrated on academic success this school has the best of both worlds and anyone can confidently make UWM their school of choice.


Choosing the right college can be difficult for students pursuing higher education. Does it offer the major you are interested in? What is the athletic department like? And an even bigger question, “What’s campus life like?” That’s why every college might not be the right fit for you. However, with 180 degree programs, a men’s basketball team that made it to the NCAA tournament this year, and over 300 student-led organizations, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers a variety of options that fit Wisconsin’s most diverse university, making nearly anyone a possible attendee of UWM.


This school is great for people who are looking for diversification while advancing their knowledge. This school has a great honors college that knows the best way to help students grow through critical thinking and analysis of the world. There is so much to gain by continuing education here but there is also much self-growth that can happen here because of the amount of diverise people one will experience.


Someone who likes a pretty big campus


The kind of person that should attend this school is a person who is self motivated to do good in school and wants to achieve their goals of graduating. They should also be active with the school and ask for help when ever possible. This will lead to less confusion and be able to meet new friends along the way.


This school has a reputation for being where students go when they don't have another college to go to. However, I think this school should become everyone's first choice. The school provides just the right amount of academic challenge. The school doesn't force peple to socialize, so students have to be able to make friends naturally. Hard, I know. It attracts a lot of engineers and nurses and such, but also a lot of artists, so basically everyone is accepted here.


Someone that is looking for "the college experience" should come to Milwaukee because it definitely does have a lot to offer. You can meet a lot of interesting and diverse people and can form relationship towards the future.


The Kid of person who should atten University of Wisonsin-Milwaukee is someone who is open to a diverse range of social, racial, and cultural groups. This campus has a wide variety of student and teachers, and being open to all the experiences they can provide you with is great for getting involved and getting connected with other students. I personally think having an open mind on this campus is a must!


The outgoing type who doesn't mind a lot of people. One who is very sociable and like to meet new people every day.


The kind of person that should attend the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee can be anybody that wants to continue their education. There is no certain kind of person that can't attend the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a great place to be, it has a wide variety of all different kinds of people, it is also I really great city to hang out and have a great time. If you love the city and the school, you will enjoy your stay.


Someone who does not mind a large student body and is open to different ethnicities, cultures, and sexual orientations.


The type of person that should attend this school is someone who probably lives in the city , doesn't want to pay as much for tuition, or if their parents came here. In this time of a recession it's really important that things are more affordable.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is comfortable with living in a large city with many students attending. Although the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee is located in the large city of Milwaukee, someone should not base their decision of post-secondary education on its location. If the school offers what the person wants to study, then that needs to be a part of the decision.


The type of person that should attend this school should probably be outgoing and wanting to work hard, not to mention enthousiastic about what they are doing.


Anyone who loves diverstiy. Anyone who wants to learn. Anyone who wants to feel like they go to an closed campus yet not at the same time. UWM has things going on all the time, so you will never be bored!


Those who are very liberal and very artistic and open to new things and opinions would love this school. They should be people who enjoy and embrace the cultural and personal differences between themselves and others.


This school has exceptional music professors but often lacking in practice spaces, which can be great but difficult for musicians. This school also has a very good engineering department


The person that should attend this kind of school is a person that wants to learn. This probably goes from most schools, but it is true. At the university level, a person must be self directed, and a major factor in being self directed is the want to learn. If someone doesn?t want to learn, then why are they there? An education is a valuable commodity and should not be taken for granted. The University of Wisconsin ? Milwaukee is a diverse community with a collection of minds seeking knowledge to aid them in their future careers.


A person who is in search of a career path. It has a lot of opportunities for a lot of different choices for the future. The school allows you to take in a wide range of classes and professors. I like the growing community and job prospects for the area. This school is intended to help widen a student?s knowledge in different areas of study.


People who are used to living in an urban setting. They should either be used to relying on public transportation as a main source for travel or be ready to give up their cars. UW-Milwaukee offers all students free bus passes while attending school. Parking restrictions in Milwaukee are too complicated and strict for it to really be worth driving to or around campus.


I would say anyone. If you like the campus, then teh school can always do it's best to accomodate to your major.


This school is very diverse and everyone could fit in. It is a large school and I have found the atmosphere to, overall, be very accepting of all races and sexual orientations. If you hate large class sizes you shouldn?t come here because there are a lot of large class sizes. There are a lot of smaller classes as well though, so if you can handle some big classes you can still find individual attention in smaller ones.


Someone who can not afford a school like carroll because of money situation. Also someone who is just trying to save money and have a chance to get into a lot of volunteer work or clubs or just have the opportunity to meet a lot of people.


People on a low budget, and who want to interact with people of diversity should attend this school.


I think that UW-Milwaukee caters to a variety of students. However, since it is a city-based college, a person who attends here should like the city atmosphere, such as large groups of people . Being a shy person, myself, I found Milwaukee to be a place where I was able to break free from that. It is a very socialiable and comfortable atmosphere where everyone accepts and respects each other.


A person who is strong willed and will not fall into temptation. UWM is a good school and it has a lot to offer, however, the surrounding activities encourage drinking and a person must be able to turn down an invitation to a party, or sports event so they are able to study and stay focused on their education. If a person can balance their social life with their acamdemic life, they should be able to do well at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Someone willing to work hard but also willing to cut loose on weekend


Anyone serious about about learning. Aperson that values ther education.


Anyone looking for a good education and is able to deal with poor facilities in which to recieve that good education.


I strongly believe that you need to have an open heart and mind when entering the UW-Milwaukee academic system. You have to be willing to be flexible and trust the system will work for you. The University supports multiculturalism and community service and I believe it is an important aspect we all need to be open to for our future endeavors.


I would recommend this school to students who have gone to a much smaller school, but want something different, as I did. It's a great place to be known as a number, not a face. If your looking for something larger and more diverse, it's the place to be.


Any type of person can com to UW-Milwaukee.


Someone who doesnt mind the hustle or bustle of the city, who doesnt mind the impersonal relationship with professors and teaching assitants, someone who is responsible, studious, goal oriented, and willing to experience new things whether it be culturally, or socially.


I would have to say that UWM has such a variety of students. I don't believe there is really any special type of person who should attend this school. There are many programs and extracurricular activities that anyone would fit in. The only type of person that I think should not attend is someone who thinks it going to be nothing but a party. That is a for sure way to flunk out.


in this school the perosn that will attend is someone who care about the the school and want to graduate from high school or college.


A person who likes big citites and always likes to be on the go


Someone who likes the urban lifestyle and doesn't mind the somewhat large size that can seem unfriendly at times. They must also be accepting of different beliefs/viewpoints. They must understand that alcohol is a big part of many students' social lives here.


Self-motivated, open-minded and social.


This university is good for students who know they want to go to school but are not necessarily sure what they want to study (there are a lot of resources to help them figure that out) as well as students who want a quality and unique educational experience that is challenging, giving them unique knowledge and insight, but also want to maintain a good social life. Also, UWM is great for those who need to work their way through college, many students are commuters and professors are very understanding of student's demands outside of school.


You should attend this school if you're looking for a big city with a small town feel; Milwaukee is the biggest city in the state of Wisconsin but you are never overwhelmed by its size. If you don't like to do a lot of walking, this campus is perfect because you can make it from one end to the other in 10 minutes. If you're looking for a lot of diversity and a good time--UWM will help you meet lots of new people and show you a good party or ten, all within the same block.


Focused students should attend this school. There is alot of work to complete. You need to really want to be there.


any on who wants tp learn


Self-motivated goal orientated person


I beleive anyone can attend UWM. It strives on being a university that is "diverse" and for the past ten years they have come very far in diversifying the student population.


Any kind of person could attend this school because it a university.