University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


What I brag most about UW-Oshkosh to my friends and family is the academics and how great the professors are. I also brag about the different options stidents have to get involved in the school. Also, the athletics here are great as well, with a lot of support from the commuinity.


I usually brag about how our school allows us to have winter breaks because our school hours are longer than some of the other schools. How our professors are there for us and are willing to help us all the time. I also talk about how there are many oppertunities to seek help by getting free tutors for a class, writing center, math center, and counsling. I mention how here at my college, they focus on the student first to help give them the best education and opertuinitys to prosper in the future.


When I tell my friends about my school I brag about the online course availability, flexibility, and the helpfulness of my program advisor and instructors. UW Oshkosh has made my decision to return to school much less difficult and has given me the opportunity to advance my education and career for myself and my son. I am very grateful! UW Oshkosh is a really great school that offers a lot of tools for online learners so that we are able to feel connected with the school and their resources. They go above and beyond to help me succeed.


I love talking about the social life I have here at campus. It was very easy to meet my friends. The campus has endless events and opportunities to enjoy with friends and to meet new people. My favorite events that happen at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh are the club hockey games. I being a fan of hockey really enjoy the games. As a club team, our school is very good. Whenever my friends and I go to a game, we know we are going to have a great time.


I brag about the sense of community I feel at my school. UW- Oshkosh is a decent sized school yet with all the oppurtunites to join clubs it makes the big campus seem like a small community. I hear horror stories from my friends who feel like they haven't yet settled in to their school and their new enviornment. My transition to Oshkosh was flawless. Oshkosh makes getting involved in different clubs and activites easy and painless. There is a club for anything you might be interested in and thats what I brag about to my friends.


When I brag about my school, I brag about the incredible Nursing program that Oshkosh has. UW Oshkosh is known for its competitive Nursing program. I love being able to tell my friends that my school is one of the best Nursing schools around. A lot of my friends are also going into nursing so being able to tell them that I'm going to a very well-known Nursing school is awesome!


The opportunities I recieve in relation to my major.


I mostly brag about my staunch friends I have made that also attend UW Oshkosh.


I would say that I brag most about how great a relationship the professors have with their students. The teachers genuinly care about you and want to see you suceed.


Something that I brag the most about this school is the campus food. I love the food options available in the cafeteria.


I brag about how competitive the nursing program is. It is an awesome feeling knowing that I am part of a small group of students who are also equally as dedicated to their schoolwork.


There are so many people to meet and so many opportunites to get involved in enriching and enjoyable activities. It is easy to get involved and have fun. Also, the size and layout of the campus. It does not take longer than fifteen minutes to walk completely across campus. It is the perfect size and is a nice and enjoyable environment.


In order to support myself through my schooling since my parents are unable to help me I have to work a full time job. The flexibility of class times and online classes really assists me and makes it easier to balance a 40 hour work week and a full time student status.


I like to brag about all of my GREAT friends, student government, and excellent and well-known and respected College of Nursing here at UWO!


The professors are fair in grading


It is an excellent school with wonderful professors who want to see you succeed and help you find the resources needed to be successful in the real world. The professors have real-life experiences and strive to help students network with future employers.


I brag about the great new dorms that were built, and the awesome involvement we have on campus!


I would say the quality in the staff. Anytime I need help, they are are gladly willing to help me. If they don't know the answer, they'll find some one who does. This definitely gives the school a small town community feel even though there are over 13,000 students here. I also brag how exquisite the campus is. I love the fresh green scenery.


When I brag about UW-Oshkosh I always bring up how prestigous our nursing program is. Only the top students are chosen to enter out of hundreds of hopefuls and when the students graduate they are almost always guaranteed a position right after. Also our athletic training program rates very high and only fifteen students out of around 60 are chosen to enter. This is the program I am pursuing and it will be difficult but if you want to be the best, you have to beat out the best.


When it comes to me talking about my school I have lots to brag about. First of all the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh has one of the nursing programs in the state of Wisconsin, along with numerous programs to help all students excel academically no matter what your major is. Also, I was part of the Women's Track and Field team which last year was National Indoor Champions and Runner-up for Outdoor, so if thats not something to brag about then I do not know what is.


What is there to not brag about when it comes to Oshkosh? It's a great place and has a very good environment. People are friendly and so are the professors. It's a large school but at the same time feels small enough to give it a cozy feel. It also in a city that reminds me of my home town which makes it easy to feel comfortable in and allows me to relax. Plus, the breakfast they serve is amazing!


When I brag about my school to my friends I tell them about how it is the thrid largest school in the state but it still has a small school feel. I also talk about how well the school does trying to make sure that everyone is well adjusted and has good oppertunities.


I always talk about what I'm getting for my money. This university offers amazing learning opportunities but isn't something you need to pay insane amounts of money for.


i like the fact that you can take up ot 18 credits for the same price


I brag abou the fact that the teachers are so accessible and will help you in any way they can.


Disability services are great.


The recreation/gym that we have on campus. Brand new and great!


I brag about my freedom. Being able to make my own choices and decisions without needing to check with my parents to make sure it is okay. It is the first time I have really felt like an adult since I turned 18. I make my own choices and I am responsible for the outcome. UW Oshkosh in particular is a nice place to have this freedom because it has so many things to offer. There are plenty of nice stores to shop at, good places to eat, and a great theater for entertainment, really fun parks and more.


It is less expensive than most schools but you get a good education.


When I brag to my friends about UW- Oshkosh it's always about how accepted I feel on campus. I came out as being gay in the beginning of my freshman year on campus and had an incredible amount of support. People I barely knew were still asking me to hangout, particiapte in activites, and most importantly be their friend. I had a fear that being gay would be a setback and earn me no friends on campus, however the opposite happened.


I live in Chippewa and almost everyone from my class went to schools that are close to home and that was never what I wanted to do so I find myself talking a lot about how good of a choice it was for me to move away for school. I also love my school because I met really great people and all of the staff that I have had are very helpful! I love the school spirit too, makes the transition so much easier.


The UWO Football team as well as different clubs, organizations, and opportunities.


For a mid to upper middle sized univerisity, there is no school with a better social scene than Oshkosh. There is always something going on whether its organized by the campus or ahh lets call them social events. Everyone at Oshkosh is very inclusive and generally just wants to have a good time. Its such a great place to meet great friends and connect with people that are like you and totally different from you.


The best part about UW-Oshkosh is the campus community. The faculty and students truly care about their peers and this makes the campus a very accepting and comforting place to be. I was a transfer student and within weeks I was able to say I felt like I was at home. Oshkosh is a perfect, safe location and always has something going on to keep you entertained.


When I talk to my friends about my school I always talk about how many activities, and opportunities there are here. With everyone being friendly, there is no doubt that you won't be having fun on this campus with all of the activities going on here.


When I talk to my friends about my school I tend to brag about the success of our sports teams. Even though we are a D3 school, out teams work just as hard, if not harder, than the higher division schools.


UW-Oshkosh is amazing, the people here are so friendly, and don't judge you. The teachers try to make sure you succeed, and there are so many people here to help make sure you complete your goals and dreams. I love how the campus is set up, it's so easy to find classes. UW-Oshkosh also always has events lined up to keep students happy and busy. They also have a great variety of food for meal times!


When I talk to my friends about UWO, I tell them it is a great school to go and the campus is always having something going on so you will never get bored. When you get hungry, there are food places right on campus that you can go to. Overall UWO is an awesome place to go to school.


Farther away from home! Many of my friends went to UW-Platteville which is only about 30 minutes away from where we are from. Being at Oshkosh has allowed me to grow up and become more responsible. I am practically living on my own. I can only go home once a month, if I'm lucky. I have a job up here and it allows me to explore different cultures than my small hometown.


Everything is just a couple minutes walk away. Everything you could possibly want (within reason for a broke college student) can be found/bought either on campus, or within walking distance from it. There's several places to eat, and there's Starbuck's locations in several of the academic buildings!


I would say that the lessons in class taught are able to be applied to working conditions or situations found in the workplace today.


My school has an academically focused and friendly environment. Majority of the students on campus know why they're here and they work hard to achieve good grades. The professors are always willing to help and they give challenging exams, tests or quizzes. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh is a great school overall!


I usually brag about the reasonable cost in comparison to the private school I attended. The cafeteria food here is wonderful, but I'm very easy to please apparently. Above all else, the main reason I attended UW-Oshkosh was for their prestigious running community. I thoroughly enjoy running for the team here and I am planning on staying a full four years (in lieu of graduating early) in order to run as much as possible.


When I talk to my friends about the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, I typically brag about the size of the campus and the quality of the programs and professors the University has to offer. I brag about the size of campus because it truly is the perfect size, not too small and not too big. The quality of the professors here are legit, I haven't encountered a 'bad' professor in my college career here in Oshkosh. There is a wide range of programs UW-O has to offer that helps students succeed in whichever field they decide to pursue.


The people on campus are really nice for the most part and every friendly and helpful. I love the classes offered on this campus and there's great diversity in people and classes.


I brag about the relaxed atmosphere of the dorms, how cool all of the students are, and how the teachers are willing to help you and they make an effort to know your name and know who you really are.


The student recreation center is state of the art construction and has all the facilities in it. Weights,track,gyms, indoor golf, rock climbing wall. The campuss is located right on the fox river and there is a walk way too. We can't forget about our teachers, there the ones who is futhering our education and helping us towards our dreams.


I brag about all of the opportunities that I have to meet new people at Oshkosh. The residence halls are fairly close together so it makes it easy to meet someone new every day.


I love how comfortable I feel at the school and how safe it is. It is an university with a town built around it; instead of a university built into a town and spread all over the map. The teachers are wonderful and make the courses enjoyable. This university changed my opinion of the english subject and overall made my decision to major in english.


UWO is very student oridented. My campus caters to what I want to do as a student, and takes advice from students on how to improve campus life. Just recently the school introuduced a Boxing Club due to the high volume of request for it!