University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I truley cant answer this question becuase I never toured any colleges before attending the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. I chose it becuase it was a smaller student body as well as convienient to be an hour away from home and my obligations to the military.


Once attending Universiy of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, I wish someone would have told me how I needed to be spontaneous and outgoing from the start. Making friends is a lot easier in the beginning of the academic year when everyone is equally nervous than in the middle when things begin to settle down.


I knew quite a bit about this school which is why I applied. Both my mom and my grandmother are alumni of this school. I liked the location of the campus and the activities it offered. The city of Oshkosh is a nice size city located on a lake with a lot of great activities going on. I wish I had had a better idea of the direction I wanted my education to go, but I narrowed it down fairly quickly with help from my academic advisor.




I wish I would have known about all the opportunities and organizations that were here. For example, I am currently involved in the University Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta, and The National Society of Leadership and Success among others. I also wasnt sure what to expect as far as classes were concerned. I had no idea what the difficulty level would be or how the classrooms looked. One thing I was suprised to find were all the different ways people dresses with self expression. This concept was new to me because everyone dressed relatively the same in my small town.


That I would have more opportunities to perform at other schools, and also that it is easy to make friends if you put yourself out there and aren't affraid of people's reactions towards you being you.


I wish I had known that crowded parties with plenty of underage drinking in some stranger's house are usually a waste of time and energy. I wish that I had a flawless organizational system for all my homework and textbooks, and that I had taken Interdisciplinary Study Skills (how to study effectively) earlier in my educational career. I wish that I'd have known that the math class in which I'd enrolled was not one required in my program of study. Despite all these wishes, however, I did have a fantastic, joyful, and enriching first semester of college.


I wish I would have known how much better the campus is than what people told me. I had heard from many people how bad the underage drinking is and how instructors allow cheating on exams. But when I decided to attend UW-Oshkosh I was surprised at how student-oriented the campus is, and how different it was from my previous college experiences.


I wish I would have known more about the sororities right away within the first couple weeks of school. Now that I am in a sorority it has helped me tremendously with leadership, cooperation, and many other life skills that will help me after I graduate.


I wish i knew more about financial aid and scholarships to help me pay for college.


I wish I would have known that no one goes to the football games.


Before I decided to come to this school I wish I had known my major, which is photography; because while Oshkosh is a great school submersed in art and culture they don't have the best art department in the area, and I could have probably found a school with a better photography program. But overall my experience at Oshkosh has been great and my photography professor does the best he can with the resources available to him.


I wish I would have known how many people go home on the weekends. I wish I would have known more about extracurricular activities.




I wish I had known more about now the services worked here. For intance, the career services.


Nothing, I felt well prepared for what I found.


I started at the university of wisconsin Eau Claire - so I wish I would have known that this is the school I would do best at . I do wish I would have known more about the Education Program and Student Teaching, but it is not something that would have changed my choice in schools.


One thing that would have been night would have been how to get around campus better as well knowing how the meal plans were going to work, with the specific rules.


I wish I had known that it is very difficult to get help when you have a problem, since each office tells you to go to another office and you end up having to figure it out yourself. Also that there are only white people, asian people and like 2 black people. There is not much diversity.


I had known people that went to UWO so I was not in the dark coming here. I would have liked to know nearly all of my classes are in basement classrooms, however. I have a tendency to get light-deprived through out the day.


I can not say that I wished I knew anything prior to attending this school.


When I came to this school, I probably wish that i would have known how fast paced it was. For istance, if you fall behind with the work-load and dont balace your time correctly, your pretty much screwed. Students here from what i've heard if you fall behind you'll never catch up.