University of Wisconsin-Platteville Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I think I would have likedto know about more on-campus jobs. Though I love my job on campus now it would have been nice to know about other ones.


I wish I had known not to let the emphasis on appearance bother me. In a school with so many men it is sometimes difficult to be evaluated by knowledge and not looks. I wish I had known to get myself known first for my intelligence and drive to succeed before I became focused on acceptance. If I had known that would come after I had developed myself, I would not have been as nervous or as self-conscious as I was in the beginning.


One thing that I wish I should had known before coming to this school is that the class buildings was farther away from my hall then I think it was. Also to know that I have to pay to park y car at the campus and that I need a parking permit to park my car. Along with this, I wish I should have known that parking on the side of the street needs its own parking permit or I will have to pay for a citation/ticket.


Before I came to this school I wish I would have known how small the city was and how there isn't much diversity. I also wish I would have known more people in this state to be able to travel and explore its wonderful land.


I am extremely happy at my current school. I am able to do online classes at a public school and earn a degree while working. I wish I would have known the exact process of taking my general education courses with University of Wisconsin Online colleges as well as my major courses with University of Wisconsin Platteville. I think that the consortium agreement could be explained more clearly.


I wanted to know the cost of tutition, meal plans, and types of programs. I also wanted attend a smaller campus before going to Madison University.


I would have been more prepared for taking basic classes than I was originally. I did not understand that i would be taking so many general courses to get credits. If this was brought to me in highschool I would have concentrated even harder to get through as many AP level classes as possible to earn college credit. By doing this, it would have given me an opportunity to concentrate more on classes that were dealing with my majors.


I wish I would have pulled my head out of my backside and payed attention in highschool. It is so much harder being 41 years old and trying to work full time and go to school.I also wish I would have finished school in 1995 instaed of dropping out and trying to finish later.


I wish that I had prepared my seld for the amount of studying that is needed to succeed in college. In high school it's so easy to just get by, but not so much in college. Also, knowing how to balance personal life challenges with school challenges. This is a big one because in college, time management is everything. Not knowing how to properly manage your time can result in a dissaster for due dates and exams.


This is nothing like high school. You will have a lot more free time and will need to find activities to keep involved in or you will become easily bored and homesick. This is a small town school, so there isn't a lot to do "in town" - so you may find your evenings spent in your dorm room quite often.