University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I did not know that there were a huge variety of clubs devoted to protecting our environment, promoting sustainability, and encouraging development for green careers, wildlife conservation, and water resources. As a whole, they are not only devoted to what happens on campus, but what happens in the community and world around us, often reaching out to the citizens of Wisconsin to listen to their presentations and welcoming public particpation in the many events they hold throughout the year. They want everyone to understand how critical our natural resources are to human lifestyles.


I wish I knew more about the research participation part of my major and that you could get a job working as a research assistant in my major because I would have did that instead of getting a job at the planetarium.


I wish I had known about the nightlife situation, but also more about the campus in general. The NFAC building, where I spent the majority of my time first semester, is one of the coolest buildings I've been in. It is also undoubtedly the most interesting building on campus, and my favorite.


I wish I had saved more money to be financially prepared.


Looking back, I wish I would have taking the time to get to know the campus and all that it offered. To this day I am still finding new activities and programs to join. There is a lot of options, more than you would expect for classes, clubs, and other activities. The school doesn't only care about your learning program and ability, but the all around health of your body and mind.


I wish I know more about the campus that I am attending. I should have looked at the types of people that go there and figured out weather or not this college as the one for me. I am a person who isn't too environmentally fiendly butthis school is and it has changed me and it is a big change. But if I would have known that before I went there I probably wouldn't have chosen the school.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had known more about the different atmospheres of all of the residence halls. Each hall has a different "thing" going on. Be it multicultural, eco-friendly, or really anything else. The one thing I really wish I had known is the different atmosphere of the halls, and which one I fit in the best.


I wish I would have known they would take away the 605 plan from the meal plan. The 605 plan gives students 605 "points" that are like $605 to spend on campus. Now that they have taken away the 605 plan I am forced to choose one of the other meal plans like 125 meals and 125 points. The meals are very limited and I have to buy pointer plate with them. If its not a pointer plate it doesn't count as a meal. There are limited choices for the pointer plates.


When I registered at the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point, I knew almost everything that was important. I was a nervous freshman coming in and I wish I would have known that college is not as scary as people say. College is a great experience and I enjoy every moment of it. Sometimes it can be stressful, but overall college was everything I expected it to be.


Reading textbooks can be key in learning material thoroughly. Being able to balance school and social life.


I wish that I had known a little bit more of the area. But with being here for the time I have been now, I have learned more and more about it each day.


I wish I'd have looked into everything Stevens Point offers. I came to this school for the Theatre program, which is amazing, but I didn't investigate all the things Point offers. There are many different clubs for students. You can meet with people with similar religions, or get involved in student government. Students can even participate in community services together. I think all of these things make students better people, and I wish I would have took more time to investigate the different areas I could commit myself to to become a better rounded person.


How many hot girls were here. There aren't a whole lot.


There is nothing more I could have known before I came to this school. There were a lot of letters that were sent out to me in the summer that told me what would be happening. I knew what I shouldnt bring, and what I should. Also I knew what was expected of me academically and in the residential living halls and on campus. I also knew my options for the meal plans, and also where everything was located.


Everyone always told me that I would have to study way more in college than in high school, but I wish I had known just how much studying I need to do.


Before coming to UW-Stevens Point, I wish I would have known how different studying for college classes would be than high school. I didn't realize that I would have to study at odd hours of the day in college because in high school I only studied at night after all activities were done for the day. Time management is so much different in college.


That is was so cold in winter


I wish I would have known that they never cancel class!


How involved you have to be with your studies.


I wish I would have known that no one stays back on the weekends and how small a University it really is. When getting to know everyone I would always ask "What high school did you go to and how many people did you graduate with?", people would always reply with a name I have never heard of that was off in some corn field and said their graduating class was one of the biggest with 120 kids. I would just laugh because I graduated with over 430 and I got to know most of them.