University of Wisconsin-Stout Top Questions

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What stood out most to me about University of Wisconsin Stout, is that it had so many majors that followed my interests. University of Wisconsin Stout has alot of majors that include management and i really liked that about Stout. One of the best things about Stout is that it provides laptops to every single student there. I thought that was really cool.


The unique thing about my school is my school gives each and everyone of it's students a free laptop with free books all included in tuititon. Speaking of tuition my school was actually the cheapiest school out of all of my choices being at a total of 15,000 dollars a year and that put the iceing on the cake for me!!


I think that my school is unique because my school is known as a polytechnique school, which they offer to give each students their very own laptop. I've never seen any schools that would do that because with the laptops, students here are able to be more involve and have a better communication with everyone from friends to staff to professors. It has also helped students more with a hands-on involvement when doing homeworks and projects. It really reduces the ability to having to rely on the library at all times.


Everyone is so friendly and nice, everyone is excepted here and friends are easily made. Along with this most if not all of the teachers want the students to succeed and it shows. There is a strong support group here and if you are ever down there are so many people to help you and it is just the best place to go. Love it here.


I really enjoy the community of Stout, you go to class and on the way you see 10 people you know. The environment is very comfortable and enjoyable. It is a school that is not overwhelming, but you really take out what you should from college. I love the teachers, they are all very recognized and devoted to thier job, I would recomend this school to anyone. (I have) Not only do you meet life long friends, but you get life long skills to ensure a successful future.


we have lap tops provided for every student and base learning around it.


the classes are smaller and more intimate then average schools


I really love the classes offered and the way the professors teach them. They are very interactive and interesting.


Stout is a very hands on campus. It is also the first polytechnical campus in Wisconsin. Our professors have many group projects and simulations. There are many labs on campus that aid in successful learning at Stout.


They are very hands on with learning, each student gets a laptop with tuition, and its a smaller campus so its very close knit but big enough for you to get the college experience.


My school is unique because it offers so many different majors and minors that other colleges do not have. The job placement after graduation is really awesome also, and the teacher to student ratio is low which makes learning centered around the student.


It's a small campus, so you really get to know and recognize a lot of people.


it's the perfect size with a great campus


The whole town is a close knit community, including the students. I feel at home here, it's very comfortable. It's not too big and not too small, and really pretty.


Everyone that you meet through classes, clubs, and sports are people that are honest and true to each other. You are able to meet anyone and everyone that you would like to meet along with teachers and the community around us.