University of Wisconsin-Superior Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Well, I don't actually "go" here because I'm a distance learner, so I'll talk about my experience with the administrative staff and the teachers. I would say that in the past the administrative staff is generally good to work with. One thing I have a problem with is that every year they require a $100 payment before the semester begins regardless of whether or not you have financial aid. They don't really tell you about this and wait until you haven't paid to let you know about it, then they tack on a late fee. They don't accept credit cards, well they do, they just have an additional fee if you use a credit card. The way UW-Superior is run is rather archaic; it reminds me of the way government institutions are run. Aside from that, I would say that it's pretty good...the classes are good and in general, I've enjoyed my experience there.