University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Top Questions

Describe how University of Wisconsin-Whitewater looks to someone who's never seen it.


Very personable and small class size.


Whitewater is nice and helpful school. There are plenty people and places to get help from if you are stuck in any course. Nice people and students, makes you feel comfortable.


It's a pleasant, friendly, well accredited Liberal Arts college, where one can receive both an excellent education and a sense of communal responsibilities.


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is a mid-sized school that has great Education and Business undergraduate programs.


Small, personable, and fun


UW-Whitewater allows you to go far in life while staying close to home for a reasonable price.


I would describe the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater as a school that for its size is very diverse, offers a lot of opportunities to be involved on campus, and gets you prepared for life in the real world after college.


Small, low-key, and straightforward.


University of whitewater is one of the best business schools that i know of. With the great education and the excitement of the sprots teams i cant get bored. The University of Whitewater cares for its students and the city around it, i would never want it to change, only for the better.


UW Whitewater is here to assist the student in every aspect of the experience, from academics, school spirit, individualism, volunteerism, extra-curricular activities, and financial (ex. college book rental) to make the student excell and become a contributing, well rounded , member of society.