University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students at my school tend to look out for one another. You'll always see others helping someone out.


They are very friendly and most of them have a good head on their shoulders.


My classmates having a variety of personalities that can't be lumped into one.


Interesting Specimens


The students of Whitewater provide a sense of warm welcome and open arms to anyone that enrolls or visits the campus.


The classmates at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater are wonderful individuals that are always there for one another if help is needed, and as time goes on throughout the year they seem as they are family.


Many of my classmates are much like me, eager to learn and very tentative in the classroom. Although, not everyone is such a wonderful student there are still some students who don't try because they didn't need to in high school and many of those students are not doing well or are no longer here. For the majority of students though, the ones that try, are fun to work with and easy to get along with which makes college a happier place for many people.


Classmates here are friendly approachable, and some quiet and reserved, all depending on the class and who is in it.


Friendly but the only way to socialize on this campus is through drinking.


My classmates are very friendly and personable- never hesitate to ask anyone a question.


Fun, friendly, sociable.


Every class you take is filled with a variety of students, all from diverse backgrounds.


My classmates are very focused and career driven individuals with the same interest/passion for our degree.


My classmates are kind, helpful, very caring, and eager to help eachother out, no matter what it may be in.


Very friendly people coming from similar places, and similar goals in mind.


Predominately white, mostly good people, some country-bumpkin types.


I would like to call all my classmates in a sense very understanding, and down to Earth.