University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The most difficult thing about attending the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater is that the majority of students go home for the weekend. Whitewater itself is not all that interesting of a place with only a few fast food resaurants, and a Walmart. Without many other students sticking around for the weekend it becomes hard to find fun things to do from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening.


I don't see anything wrong with University of Whitewater's education, but the one thing I would have to say is the location. The town is a pretty small place. The only main store there is is Walmart. This is not big deal though.


It's a small town.


The worst thing I consinder about UW-Whitewater is the parking lot. Some parking lots are right by the main road. During winter you cannot really park by the main road because when they plow they give you a ticket if your car is parked on this road.


The worst thing I found about the University of Wisconsin Whitewater was their allocation of funds towards updating campus buildings. The University Center, the area that is photographed for publicity use, is often undergoing updates and recently received an entirely new face-lift. Other buildings remain far enough behind that they do not even have air conditioning.


The small town is the worst thing in my eyes. The campus is not that large and is not surrounded by a city but the petiteness of the town allows for a homely atmosphere. It could be just a bit bigger and I would be happy.


People who aren't accepting of others.


In looking at the broad picture of The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, the small-town backdrop upon which the campus exists is what I believe to be the worst thing about it. The fact that the town of Whitewater is so small ensures that there is a limited capacity for diversity and the expansion of opinions and ideas in the minds of incoming students. The lack of a "big-city" atmosphere and the diverse demographics characteristic of such a metropolitan area, can take away from the influential outside-world experiences that students may otherwise have while in college.


If you're not a freshman, I think it's difficult to find a way to become active and participate in different activities around campus. In the dorms, they have get to know you events and such. For transfer students, it is a struggle to reach out and become fully immersed in the campus life. I think over time, people would find others in classes and clubs. But for starting out, you have to be bold and be determined to meet people and put yourself out there. Otherwise it won't happen.


Worst thing? is that a serious question?


I absolutely love the experience I have had so far at UW-Whitewater. However, if I had to choose something bad about my school, it would be the close proximity to my home. Although this has nothing to do with the school itself, I feel that living farther away from school may be more beneficial for me. Because I live only 15 minutes from Whitewater, I can come home a lot. Although this is very nice at times, I think it somewhat limits the amount of independence I have, something that often helps college students mature into responsible adults.


The worst thing I would have to say about my school would have to be the food. The dining halls that we have do not have the best of food. They also do not offer the best meal plans, they do not allow you to use more than one meal during the week for a friend or something. They do, however, offer enough food offered in one meal plan to fill you up.


I do not have a worst thing to say about my school.


The way money is wasted.


I do not feel anything bad about school, but I do feel the pressure of doing my best in school and sports.


The worst thing about my school is how small the town is. The only reason that the town is alive is because of the school so when everyone goes home for the summer or winter, the town becomes a ghost town. The closest big city we have is Janesville which is around 25 to 30 minutes away. It makes shopping and otherwise doing activities off campus much more of a road trip opposed to maybe simply walking down the street or taking a 10 minute car drive.


They pamper any student that is a minority or shows any kind of learning disability real or imagined.


It is a suitcase campus so a lot of kids go home on weekends.


The worst thing is that everyone goes home on the weekends and Whitewater becomes a ghost town.


I think the worst thing about the schoool is the maintanance of the roads and sidewalks in the winter because they don't plow or salt until there is already a layer of two inch thick ice on the road and it makes getting places really dangerous.


all the construction going on around campus




The worst thing about my school is the constant construction. They are currently building a new business hall and are starting a new dorm hall. This has left the campus torn up in areas and has limited the number of places to park on campus for commuters.


It is a small town so there arent any off campus jobs but there are towns not to far away where you can get jobs.


A lot of people like to go home on the weekends even though there are plenty of activities going on here.


The worst thing about Whitewater is the lack of things to do in the town like restaurants, etc


The worst thing about this school is its lacking in cultural diversity.


I believe that the worst thing about my school is that there isn't anything around. I think that it is the reason why so many people go home on the weekends. It isn't a typical college town, the store that is open the latest is a small Wal-Mart and that is only open until 11pm. Other stores, resturants and shops around town close at 9pm. I think that if there was a 24 hour store or even a coffee shop such as Starbucks or Caribou, people would stick around more on weekends.


The worst thing about this school is that there is limited WiFi in the Dorms on the east side of campus.


Some of the food, and the winters


In my opinion, the worst thing about my school is that it has a reputation for being a big party and drinking campus, which I believe is false. Every campus drinks, and this one is no different. Just like on any campus, if you want to party, you can, otherwise, there are a lot of other things to do besides drink.


Beside that fact I am generally happy with my school, I would have to say the worst thing about it is the meal options for students that live on campus. Here it is required that you live on campus the first two years, meaning all of those students eat on campus. Not only the health factors in here, the taste and portions are not much above acceptable at all. I do know that our campus is growing and the situation has been getting a lot better.


I don't think they have the best food selections. I wish that they had a few more meal choices.


They are extremely liberal while I am very conservative. Also the drug and alcohol use is quite the nuisance.