University of Wyoming Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The materials are up to date and presented in a way that is easy to understand as long as you come to class prepared. (and sometimes even if you aren't). The professors are accessible and care about their work and the students. They take extra time with the students if needed and the classes are much smaller than many other universities.


The classes are wonderful and the teachers are great!


Boring, and really easy to get away with cheating, because the professors don't care anymore. They don't reward students who actually make an effort


Academics are pretty basic but the class sizes are small enough that a professor will remember you.


Most of my professors know my name, as most of the classes are relatively small. My favorite class is probably Color Theory; being able to finally apply color schemes to art is very entertaining and a valuable learning experience. My least favorite class is 3D, because I don't enjoy doing 3D art projects at all. How often students study varies a great deal depending on the individual, and to some extent the major. Engineering students tend to study a lot more than Art students, for instance. Some students also value partying and hanging out with friends more than studying, while others value the opposite more. Many students are active participants in class, though moreso in the smaller classes than the larger ones. There are many students that have intellectual conversations outside of class, but some don't. Some students like to create competition, but most students are not incredibly competitive; they like to encourage their fellow classmates rather than try to be better than them. The most unique class I've taken is probably the first semester of Honors Colloquium; classtime was dedicated purely to discussion, with no interuptions or unnecessary encouragements by the teacher. My major is Art, with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I am a little disappointed that I cannot start the main Graphic Design courses until next semester, and also that the program does not offer a more robust Graphic Design program as art focused schools do, though the program does offer a more well rounded art education overall. I do not spend time with my professors outside of class. The schools overall academic requirements are rather annoying; as a college student, I shouldn't be required to take my high school curriculum all over again. The education is a bit of a mix between focusing on getting a job vs. focusing on pure learning; it primarily depends on the major and emphasis of the student.


A lot of my professors know my name, but that's because I take the time to go see them. However, the professors are great about remembering your name above 180 some kids. I also feel challenged in the classes here. Because of this, I feel accomplished. Plus, a lot of the professors here do everything they can for you to do well and learn lots from them. It's just a friendly environment all around!


The academics at the University of Wyoming are fairly unique. The professors will most likely know your name in most classes after two weeks. Additionally, making appointments with professors during office hours is convenient and doable. Moreover, class participation is required in a lot of classes, but this makes the class more interesting and helps students voice their opinions on different topics. Nonetheless, students are expected to come to class and do the homework. Therefore, reading assigned readings is very important, due to pop quizzes. Likewise, studying for tests is crucial to doing well in college. However, studying varies for each individual, so I would recommend studying a sufficient amount until you develop adequate studying habits. Also, the academic requirements are pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, so I believe they are attainable. I am a criminal justice major and I have found my department to be very helpful when it comes to deciding class schedules and other issues relating to my degree. Additionally, the education at this university is geared toward preparing individuals to get a job and develop adequate knowledge that will be beneficial in future careers. Overall, the academics at the University of Wyoming are reasonable.


I have never had a professor who did not know my name. Even in large classes, I easily made office visits with my professors. During the office visits they learned my name and were always helpful. My major is elementary education so my perspective may be different from other students. However, I would like to point out that since this is the only University in the entire state, they get lots of funding for academics and they offer almost every major. This makes it easier for students who are undecided or who may change their major. In education classes, there is a lot of class participation and classes are small. Teachers focus on critical thought in which we do a lot of class activities and discussions. Throughout my experience, teachers are willing to help you. I have had professors help me get a job, write a letter of recommendation, help me with scholarships, and give me additional help me class assignments. Teachers are willing to go out of their way to make sure that you are successful in school and in life.


Academic life here is pretty good. I'd say that the classes here are actually challenging and the quality is usually good. The professors do a really good job at learning your name if your outgoing, and the town is small enough that you'll probably see them around town sometimes too. The classes, in my department anyways, encourage class participation and the professors will really try to help if you go to them. I've been very satisfied with my education here and considering that I've payed so little to come here, I'd say it may the most quality education per dollar you can get.


I find that you can take academics at UW as seriously or not seriously as you wish. My freshman year I kind of slacked off and had the social scene going a little too heavy, and then realized that I needed to be hitting the books a little bit harder to succede at my degree. But you can do this still having a great social life! Even though UW is known as a party school and many people ask what is there to do in Laramie besides drink, I have met many very dedicated students who take their studies very seriously, and many of the schools are very competitive to get into. Students come from across the country to get into the nursing school, and all of the programs at UW are renound. You will not be disappointed in the staff or the things you can get involved with and learn from the University of Wyoming, both inside and out of the classroom.


UW's education is geared towards succeeding with an employer and making their students elite.


They are challenging but the teachers are willing to help! And there are so many different options of classes.


I love the geology department. It is so small that you get to the professor so well. They are so close that they go by first name basis. It is hard to balance academics with activities and work, so when I had trouble with school I would talk to the proffesor during their office hours. College is not like high school. In high school you get good grades so you can get into college. In college your job is to learn the material.


Academics at Wyoming are very strong. Like any school though you have your good classes and professors and your bad classes and professors. My two favorite classes that I have taken would have to be my spanish class and my cultural anthropology class. Both teachers were engaging, challenging, and very concerned with how their students did. For the most part I have really liked all of my teachers with the exception of 2 or 3. Most professors know your name at school but if you don't participate actively in the larger lectures, you may get lost in the crowd. My least favorite classes have been two of the classes required for my major. The intro course to nursing and the human development online course I took. Both instructors were hard to work with and the classes felt like a waste of time and money at points. Nursing is one of the most competitive and difficult majors at the University of Wyoming. Toward the end of sophomore year pre-nursing students have to apply in to the actual nursing program. During this process we have been told that over 300 applicants are competing for under 45 spots. A GPA of at least 3.5 is needed but much higher is recommended. My advisor has been basically useless for me this past year, whenever my course selection came up I seemed to have a problem no matter what I did to prepare, thankfully the assistant dean of students and other professors and academic advisors really helped me out in getting the classes I needed. The academic requirements at Wyoming are fairly rigorous. I've been look at other nursing schools to apply to along with the University of Wyoming just in case and looking at their requirements for their nursing program has shown me tha the University of Wyoming has a much more rigourouse prerequisite course load. Wyoming overall is a really great part of the world of academia.


As far a living in a college town and going to UW, well for some it is not as easy to handle as it is for others. Laramie,WY is known as home to the University of Wyoming and basically over winter and summer break the town loses half it populaton. I personally think this is very funny. UW, itself is a great place to come. The classes are like some of the major colleges and Ivy League schools on the coasts but different. I have taken classes ranging from 20 students to 150 students. In the 150 student classes i feel every bit as much involved as in the 20 student classes. Ironically enough we also talk outside of classes. I don't know how many times the issue in my Pol Sci class has been turned into a full blown argument with my friends who don't even take the class. From the students that i have met, competition is a must. Not the hardcore, i am going to wipe the floor with you competition, more like i will ignore you and still kick your butt on the test then rub it in your face. Ok maybe that is a little bit of an exageration. More like the person who got the best grade makes everyone else who didn't feel better. We are here to learn and that is what our profs tell us but they also know that we are paying for this education, ok more like our parents, and that sometimes school can just take over, they trust and know that we are adults which makes going to calss even better cause the person teaching you understands you.


Every class i have taken has been benetilficial. I was undeclared undeclared until my fourth semester and truly wouldn't have changed a thing about the many different experiences i have had in the class room.


I think the most unique classes I have take were Deviant Behavior with Malcolm Holmes and Criminal Psychopathology with Scott Culhane. The nature of the course as well as its presentation made them interesting. I joke with my parents that I was learning about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. And while that is what I learned about I learned about it from a sociologists perspective.


I'm super happy with my art classes and my Japanese class. Japanese is definitely unique and is probably my favorite because it's so small and informal and our instructor is awesomely Japanese. So far, I've liked all but one of my professors, so that's a good sign. Actually, I was somewhat surprised at how much discussion takes place in classes, so that's cool too. And I'm down with all the requirements, but as an Art major, I'm pretty sad that I have to take lame-ass math because I hate it. But whatev.


generally the professors do know your name. sometimes the class size is large though so student teacher interaction is limited. lease favorite class - accounting I and II. most favoritie class - introduction to theatre. upper level business classes tend to have group projects.


I think that academics at UW are amazing and have prepared me for years of medical practice.


Yes, professors know our names. My favorite class is Gender and Religion. I love this class and I am thinking about adding on a religion minor just because of this class. My least favorite class is Gender and Society. I study usually for five hours Monday through Thursday and the weekends at least six hours total. The most unique class I have taken is Women in Poverty in the United States. I have two departments. Both are a lot alike in that they are very active in helping students. The women's studies program is very involved on campus by hosting events and being a part of the campus community. I did spend time abroad with my professors in the Women Studies department and I see my advisors in both departments once a semester. I feel we have a very competitive University with challenging courses and classes. I feel that this University really prepares students for the real world and is very helpful when looking for jobs!


I think the classes here are pretty much similar to elsewhere. A lot of students here are focused a little more on what they will be able to do with their degrees once they graduate, but I may think that because most of my friends are graduating within a year. There have been a few professors that I absolutely loved and a few I despised, but I think that's pretty typical.