University of Wyoming Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The things I am learning about. (makes me a much better conversationalist). And the pride I have in being a UW student. Also taking classes with Larry Nance JR. who just signed with the Lakers. :) Pretty awesome, hope you remember me when I hit you up for tickets Larry ;)


When talking with my friends about the school I attend I most boast about the quality of the geology department. The college is one of the best in this region and is located in possibly the best area for geological study. The professors within the department tend to be renowned in their field and are very engaged in teaching students. The college arranges field trips and stresses the importance of comradery within the students. The Geology department here at the university really is one of the best I know of.


The University of Wyoming is very affordable compared to other colleges, and the in-state scholarships are very helpful. The Criminal Justice program and classes are also great, and they are great at helping you get into your career field through internships and connecting you with Criminal Justice employers.


The beautiful surrounding area/state as well as the snow. It's a small town so everyone knows everyone. When you graduate you are part of a Wyoming family since we are the only 4 year University in the state.


The small class sizes which make learning easy and more intimate. I also like to brag about the price considering it is relatively cheap.


The cost, variety of activities, free transportation around town, and fantasitc faculty.


I recieved the same high quality education they recieved for a fraction of the cost.


The University of Wyoming is the perfect fit for college students because it provides students with a big-time college environment but class sizes are small enough that students can interact with instructors without being just a number. School pride is enormous. The campus is located in such a cool part of Wyoming - students have the chance to do many outdoor activities but still have the luxury of big-city fun. Teachers are willing to get to know students and help them not only with their education, but also to become better people.


The University of Wyoming has been so accepting to me and the Professors are amazing. I always brag about the activities the school does to keep us involved. Laramie is a small town and people say "there must be nothing to do there." But I come from a big city and I feel there is more to do in Laramie because the University of Wyoming has activities; including indoor and outdoor all the time! I have gone rock climbing, snowboarding, fishing, painting, they project movies outside on the dormitory buildings, there is just so many fun things to do!


I always tell my friends about how well I am doing. Before attending college I have never recieved a 4.0, now I am steadily maintaining one. I also tell my friends about how much I am enjoying my classes. I am now working on my classes that directly apply to my major, and I am truely enjoying them.


The school really makes an effort to put the students first. They provide a wide array of activities on campus at no cost to the students. They also really make an effort to hear what the students think. They regularly do surveys on what we think of the school's performance. In the residence halls, we are able to explress what we would like to see as far as residence life and dining goes. But most importantly for my major, they provide a hands on experience with animals that many other schools may not be able to offer.


When I tell my friends of my school, I tell of the dedication the students and alumni have to the football team, even if the team is not great. I tell of the social events students go to, and the fair class sizes that work well for me.


When I tell my friends about the University of Wyoming I like to brag about how nice the campus is but mainly I like to brag about how amazing their nursing program is. I am so excited to go into nursing here because of how in depth th program is, and how realisitic they make it seem, and how they work with you until you get it perfect. Everyone that I have talked to about the program loved it and had the best experience with it, so when I brag about my school, I brag abbout the nursing progrm.


I don't brag about going to my school. It's got a nice surrounding area though. Lots of areas for hiking, fishing, skiing, etc...


We have the best trumpet section of any school in this part of the united states. The marching band is a great program and represents Wyoming pride and spirit.


I like the atomoshpere here at Univeristy of Wyoming. I describe it as a small town atmosphere in that everyone is very friendly and willing to go out of their way to help me. Class sizes are relatively small resulting in better interaction with faculty. I feel at home here.


This school has one of the best engineering programs in the country.


I brag about the teachers, the small classes, teh personal attention and the social lives of myself and my friends.


The scenery at the University of Wyoming is certainly something to brag about. We are surrounded by mountains which provide study areas in the peaceful outdoors, and the lawns and gardens are always well kept. In the winter, the snow looks beautiful in the trees and on the buildings.; it also provides great recreational opportunities, such as skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and snow-shoeing!


Wyoing is cheaper then thier schools and I am getting as good if not better education than most of them going to state schools.




Friendly small town people.


Small CLass Size, Good Proffesors


I tell them how cheap it is!


I tell them that I attend a school that promotes student involvement and student success as its number one driving factors. That the institution promotes one of the most active learning environments that I have seen at any institution. As well as inform them that students are placed on every committee that makes an affluent decision that will affect the University in any way as this University has a student oriented focus.


It is great for my major, Geology, due to it's surrounding area. It is perfect sized and the surrounding area is great for hiking, sleding, fishing, hunting and camping.


I would have to say the cost. It is fairly cheap for me to go to school and infact it is cheaper for students from surrounding state to come here out of state then it is to go to school in their state with instate tution. Even though it is enexpensive the quality of the eduaction is great. Thats and the location of UW is what I brag about most.