University of Wyoming Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The common stereotypes are cowboys and hicks that can't afford any better.


Well among other stereotypes the main stereotype of students is cowboys and cowgirls, but I believe we also have a great mixture of other stereotypes as well. .


That it is a really small dinky place with nothing to do but get drunk.


That UW students are just a bunch of dumb hicks and cowboys, and it goes the same for the state; people think that it is just empty plains with nothing to do filled with uneducated rednecks and cows.


Some of the stereotypes are that there is no diversity at UW and that a lot of people are racist.


That everyone is cowboys and that they like to drink and that Laramie is a horrible place to live so why go to college there


We are a bunch of drunken cowboys who like to party.


Some of the stereotypes about Wyoming students from the east coast are that it's a bunch of hick town cowboys in the middle of no where. Not many people outside of the Wyoming area know of how good a school the University is and how good a deal the school is as well.


The whole stereotypes that we are backwards hicks who marry each others cousins is completely false. That would be some state like Arkansas or Alabama. (He He He)


The main stereotype about Wyoming is that Wyoming is a cold, ugly place, with nothing to do. As far as the students just that they are Copenhagen crewing, steer wrangling, cowboys.


Well first of all that we are all hicks.


We are all a bunch of hicks and all we do is drink.


They're all cowboy hicks and are dumb and lame...I guess. I mean, it IS Wyoming.


that we are all cowboys and farmers or hicks. that wyoming doesnt have normal amenities such as, cable television, the internet, running water, paved roads, etc.


All the students are native. It is a horrible palce to get a college education because it is in Wy, and a bunch of hicks come here


Lot of hicks that are set in their ways, but a lot of really cool people too. There is no problem with racism, as no students of race attend this college Still a huge anti gay population in this town geared towards new thinking


Wyoming is a totally rural and cowboy state. The students are only cowboys and cowgirls who ride horses to school and have to protect their home from galavanting hostiles.


Very conservative, small town, set in our ways, family oriented, big skies, everyone is friendly.


Stereotypes about Wyoming: everyone is a cowboy/girl, or that people are resistant to outsiders.


We drink a lot. We are hicks.