Ursuline College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Ursuline College?


The social work program is differcult but we are there for one another, the classes are small and intimate.


I am enrolled in the UCAP program at Ursuline College. I tell my friends and colleagues that it is a great program because it is accelerated and very convenient for my schedule. The staff/professors at Ursuline are knowledgable, friendly and in tune with the students needs. I am glad I chose to attend Ursuline College.


It is a better overall school and people tend to respect the fact that it is a private school more.


I always talk about how the classes are challenging and thought-provoking, and how the staff at the college take the time to personally get to know the students. I also talk about how wonderful Ursuline is from an educational standpoint, compared to other institutes of higher learning that I have attended. I am very impressed.


i tell them about the good reputation of the nursing program. I alslo tell them about the teacher and how dedicated they are to the students.


I always make comments about the great education I am getting at Ursuline College. They prepared nursing student very well, they focus on the personal and spiritual aspects of our jrole as nurses.


I brag about the class sizes, being in smaller classes allows for the teacher to know their students on a more personal level. That it is an all girls school, because we do not have to worry about getting ready for classes and dealing with the drama boys may bring. Also, that it is a smaller campus and to go to class a student does not have to walk far at all.


The small classes as will as the nice quiet environment. As will as the well rounded faculty that works here.