Ursuline College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself so much about life! I would tell myself to trust my gut instincts and follow those. I would tell myself to dump the boyfriend and stick to the original plan! I would tell myself to listen to my mother! I would tell myself to love myself no matter what other people thought of me! I would tell myself to take a step back and look at the bigger picture! I would tell myself to save money! I would tell myself not to try to live big. Stick to your roots and live small, because there are way more important things in life! I would tell myself to make myself my priority and stop focusing on other peoples' needs! Mostly, I would tell myself that patience is an important idea to remember when considering what you really want from life! Everything that I have been through so far in life has been a valuable learning experience which has determined who I am today. I would not be the person I am if I did not learn from the roads I have already traveled!


If i could got back in time as a high school senior the advice to myself would be to learn as much I can, and stay focus on class studies. Start the Finanical application process early as possibe and speak with a counselor about various colleges that interest you. Make sure you have decided on a major and stick with your descison and plan on visiting, several colleges to get the feel of college life. Stay over the weekend if necessary and ask question if you not sure about something. The most important information I can give to myself is not to stress out about the little things and not over whelm yourself with to many classes. Use the campus resourses, the doors are always open to new students as well as old students, and get involved in campus activties around the campus and get to know your professors who can help you, if you are having problems with your studies in class. Try not to get behind in any of your classes, because once you get behind it hard to catch up so, stay focus on all your classes and you can make it through college and graduate!


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school I would tell myself two things. The first thing is that I should've been more involved throughout high school. I was only involved in two organizations and it had scattered events all throughout the year. It was never a consistent every week thing and I probably would've been more social. The second thing is that I should've challenged myself more with classes. I took the easy way out and took classes I knew were a joke so my GPA would look good and I regret it.


I have learned so much in my first semester of school. The teachers use many different techniques of teaching so that people who learn differently all succeed.


My name is Crystal Harris and I am currently a junior at Ursuline College. I have chosen to major in social work with a concentration in Family Therapy Counseling and Chemical Dependency Counseling. I believe that my experiences as a recovering addict will help me professionally in dealing with clients who are trying to overcome their personal addictions and mental problems.I am currently active in a Twelve Step Program and have been abstinent from mind-and mood- altering substances for nine years. I feel ,as a single parent with three school-age children and no steady income, a scholarship will not only help me financially, but will also enable me to move forward to accomplish my dream of becoming a social worker. IComing into adulthood, I had no coping skills, so my life continued to progress in a downward spiral. I became addicted to drugs and was involved in other criminal activities. I am a responsible, productive member of society who values education, helping the community and being an example to many who have walked the same lifestyle that I have experienced. It has been a blessing to lesrn new things and to show my childre educatioin is good.


The education here is top of the line. The teachers are great and I feel completley confident in my skills.


My college experience reemphasized and polished my personal and professional values and beliefs. It certainly made me more confident in life and work by underlining the basic principles of being a valuable and active member of the society. Professors at my school could not be better models of professionalism and good values. I feel that time spent at Ursuline college is invaluable and I will remember it for the rest of my life.


I have gotten bonds with great friends and learning experiences that I would never get anywhere else.


I have greatly enjoyed my expereince at Ursuline College. The small class sizes and personalized attention have helped me excel at this school. I have gained so much from the knowledge of my professors who are all very knowledgeable in their prospective fields. I feel very optimistic about my future once I graduate in Spring.


Attending Ursuline College has helped me grow as a person. I found friends that are just like I am and am not afraid to be myself. Once a child that was picked on constantly for being different, I now fit in perfectly with the crowd at Ursuline, because we are all the unique type. Finding friends like this helped me become much more confident in myself and therefore an overall more happy individual. Many classes have opened my eyes to issues around me and I have become a more accepting person to many different things. I also realize how much the world needs helped and have taken small steps myself to try and solve the worlds problems. Being a member of a team makes me feel closer to my college and by being a member of the organization Allies, helps me help people who are discriminated against every day across the globe in the worse way. I love Ursuline College and am glad I chose to attend there. I am sure there are many students out there who hate the college they attend and I encourage them to get out there and get involved to make their experience exceptional.


Attending college in the first place, was a promise I made to someone special to me. He taught me how education is important and how a degree will get me far in the future, he realized now how important it is going college and didnt want me realizing the samething later, if I were to never attend college either. I learned alot about myself while attending college, my weaknesses, strengths, and understanding how the way the real life of survival is. I faced challenges to stay in college, work to survive, and learn to make decisions and sacrifices along the way. College life brings independence to myself and a opportunity to experience making it out on my own and a discovery to really see how far I can go when opstacles come my way.


Ursuline has provided me with a lot during my college experience. First and foremost it has given me the confidence to believe in myself and my abilities as a future professional. After completing my business degree I had the self assurance to continue my education, and enter Ursuline’s Accelerated Nursing Program. Without my experience at Ursuline I would not have believed in myself enough to continue on into the nursing program. Nursing and the health field has always been a passion of mine, but I never thought I had what it took to prosper through the courses and clinical. Now with each passing course I obtain more confidence and pride in my abilities. I have been successful and done extremely well in all course in both business and nursing thus far. This instilled confidence is a value in itself because it gives me the strength and mindset that I will be successful and prepared in the nursing or business field upon graduation. The education at Ursuline is truly valuable because it have given me the skills, mindset, and education I need to be successful after college.


I am thankful for my experience at Ursuline College as it has been truly valuable for me. The people here are kind and friendly, caring and compassionate, helpful and angelic. Everyone is lovely! One of the greatest blessings in attending this small college is that each person knows and appreciates one another. It is common to see students helping their classmates - ensuring the success of their peers as well as their own. The faculty and staff here have been wonderful at offering me guidance and answering my questions. The professors have helped me do well in my studies by making themselves available for questions, offering free tutoring, encouraging participation in class, and assisting in the formation of study groups. With each semester that passes I feel more and more hopeful about my future. The last two summers I have had the opportunity to travel to Africa where I hope to work as a Pediatrician. Ursuline College has been essential in supporting my dreams and preparing me to achieve them. In addition to providing life-long friendships and enhancing my abilities, Ursuline College has allowed me to grow in and sustain my love for Jesus Christ.


I have been able to work toward my life long goal of becoming a fashion designer. It is a goal I had as a high school senior. At the time I pursued a different path, but never gave up on my dream of becoming a designer. I am now enrolled in the fashion design program and have already designed my own line of children's dresses. As an adult student I have a totally different perspective on the learning process. I realize that the classes and technical knowledge obtained are important. But there is an incredible value to the real world connections and advice that the faculty can provide.


It will be my first year attending college. The reason why it will be so important , I'll be training for a better job. There are not many menial jobs that are hirering at the moment, the jobs that are open consist of a college degree. The experiance that i will get is an expand of education. That will lead me to a positive future.


College has taught me to be a leader not only in class but in different organizations that I am in. Currently I am the chairwomen for our Leadership Conference and I am help out with our Orientation.


Through my college experience I have grown, not only as a student but as an individual. I have come to believe in myself, and can envision a very rewarding career ahead. I am majoring in Elementary Education, and I have had instructors at Ivy Tech who I greatly admire. I just hope I am half the teacher that the ones who have really made an impact on me are. I have learned how to challenge myself, and now am constantly pushing myself to be and do better. I was on the Dean’s list and that showed me that hard work really does pay off, so I no longer am willing to settle for the easy way, I look forward to challenges, and strive to be the best person I can be, not only as a student but in everything I do. Through my college experience I have gained confidence, discipline, great friends, and a very high respect for the wonderful teachers who provide a great amount of motivation. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if not for my short college experience, and I look forward to the things I will learn in the next four years.


My college experience is just starting but I know that I am going to gain so much knowledge in many areas. I feel that education is important to a stable and enjoyable future. I feel that college will give me the grounds I need to raise my family in an ecomony that is always going to have struggles. The choice to attend college just solidifies that my future will hold many opprotunities. The idea of choices for my future make the decision to attend and graduate college valuable to myself and my wife. The experience of college is enriching and fullfilling bringiny myself into a different light of the world. I look forward to the many achievements that I will have in school and after.


I have a very strong sense of accomplishment; every A that I receive is hard earned and I have learned so much from every single one of my professors. I have also learned confidence and gained a strong sense of self. Ursuline College has a mantra: Values, Voice, and Vision. This mantra is at the core of every class and is held in high standard within every course syllabus. The Values I have learned are to be open-minded and to respect other people’s beliefs or ideas even if I don’t agree with them; there is always something to be learned from everyone. Ursuline has given me the Voice to speak honestly and openly; to express myself with confidence and self assurance. The Vision to finally see my goals and desires come to fruition. I honestly and truly believe that this school has made me a better person and upon completion I will be able to make the world a better place.


Life after high school without a college degree is just as you had imagined it; unbearable. The foolish notion that a break after high school will allow you to develop the strength you need to heal and persevere through the enormous stresses this new academia will cause is unfounded. Attempting to pay rent, among other bills, with retail wages is far more stressful than worrying about that awful chemistry exam. You have always ensured that you were a studiously scholarly individual. While your body may enjoy the rest, your mind will feel terrorized in its constant state of ennui. I understand your underlying reason for choosing not to attend college is wholly rooted in social anxiety. An environment in which you are constantly surrounded by others is an unwelcoming and overwhelming scenario for a cutter. You cannot allow that self-abusive bane to prevent you from following through with your desires for an education. Open your eyes beyond the small selection of universities that are alleged to be ?elite?. Do not limit your options based on your GPA. You achieved the grades you did in order to have all options open to you. Take advantage of them.


If I could go back in time, and talk to my self as a high school senior, I would tell myself to go to college after graduating from high school. I am 45 years old, married, working full time, and attending college. Even though I have my Associate Degree in Business, I wish I would have attended a four year college upon graduating from high school. I would tell myself that you do not know how the economy will be, or how competitive the job market will get, as you mature. Many years from now, the job mmarket may be saturated with people looking for jobs or promotions. It will be important for you to have at least a four year degree to be competitive in the job market and to be successfull You have a lifetime to work, make money, have fun with friends and go on vacations. It is not easy to go back to school later in life.


The advice that I would give myself about college life is that I would tell myself ahead of time that; you need discipline, trying to preserve relationships must not take precedence over preserving you. If someone wants to leave your life let them, they could be doing you a favor. The road is going to be rough. It will not always be brains that get you through the journey you are about to take. A certain amount of intelligence will be emotional intelligence. You may lose people, gain new friends, or learn something new about yourself through interaction with others. During the tough times do not isolate yourself completely away from the world after you realize that your old friends will not understand your determination to always strive to be better than the minute before. Those who have true love for you will be there for the long haul. Remember to take care of yourself and treat yourself to a spa, new outfit, or new hairdo once in a while. It is your reward. You will have make sacrifices but do not let those sacrifices damage your self-esteem. It is ok to LIVE, DREAM, and HAVE WHAT YOU WANT.


The first thing I would say to myself is be confident, study hard and enjoy the time you have in school because these are the best days of your life.


If I could go back to high school as a senior I would tell my self that I need to get better grades, make more friends, and become more comfortable with myself. When I was a senior I was going through some of the hardest times of my life; I was battling severe depression and extreme social anxiety disorder. Therefore, making and keeping friends was difficult for me to do. I also had trouble keeping my grades up, which I now regret because the way to get more money from the school is to have good grades. Unfortunately, nothing of this mattered to me at the time because my mental illness was in complete control over me. Now, I have been out of high school for two years. I have recently found treatment for my problems and I have done a complete 360 in school, as I am now achieving a 3.9 GPA! So, to go back to answering the essay question, I would tell myself that I need to get help from a professional so that I can turn my life around and try harder in school. Also, so I can make friends and just be happy!


I would not have picked this school had I known what I know now. The learning style is not for me, and I had a very limited choice as to what majors I could pick from, which was hard since I ended up switching majors. It is hard to transfer out of Ursuline because their classes aren't compatible with other schools. The dorms aren't the best, and I wouldn't have lived on campus had I known what they were like. I would have picked a different school that was similar to Ursuline in terms of size, but other than that, I wouldn't have gone to Ursuline and I wouldn't really recommend it to people who have the same learning style as I do.


You started out great completing an associates degree. I know being a single parent is tough but continue to take at least 1 or 2 classes per semester to improve your job opportunites. Great job doing community, foster parenting and volunteer work all of these years, the skills, knowledged and networking enhanced your people skills and show a good leader,self motivation, diversity and a teamplayer. Don't give up your dream. Stay focus on your goal. Reflecting on the years we bore life cycles that repeats its self. From each episode we learn from and if needed begin again. Evolving as a product of our enviroment. Born independence, more knowledge to aquire, experience the mistakes and happy times. Unable to thrive without the influences of man , we continue to expand. As a child of God we will always have life to bore. Frequencies in repetition of lifes cycles can occur at anytime. Born again and again giving birth to a more developed you and a contribution to society. Success is a life learning experience that gives its rewards in your smile and success. I LOVE YOU, I am PROUD of you and god will always bless and keep you.


Well, when I was a high school senior, I was already taking college classes at my community college. The problem I had is that I had no idea which direction I wanted to go. I was so confused as to what field I wanted to get into. I was taking all of my general requirments at the time, and I didn't get into any groups or clubs. The advice I would give myself now would be to take a bunch of different classes to see which area I would have liked to get into. After taking a year off of school to go to a grooming school in Michigan, I have decided that grooming wasn't for me (the physical part of the job and not making enough money). I really thought hard about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, and getting into the field of digital media and graphic arts really excites me. Now, I have found what I like, and I am excited to see what the future holds in the field of graphic design.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself not to put off going to college. That was the worst decision of my life. I ended up getting married at 19 and that was a big mistake. I was divorced by 23 with a beautiful daugher. I started going back to school at the age of 31, so I was not able to experience the wonderful world of campus life. If I could go back in time, I would definately let myself know that there is a huge world out there and that I need to put my future in my hands and go directly to college. Jobs are really limited when you do not posess a college degree. You are to smart to let life pass you by! Make the most of your potential!




Pick a college where there are a lot less prereqs. Most of all I think I would go through the post secondary programs and technical programs my school has to offer that way I can save a lot on tuition.


If I had to go back as a high school senior I would inform myself that college is a lot harder than it seems. It takes a lot of time and hard work. It is not all fun and games, it is a lot of studying and memorization. Also I would prepare myself from being away from all of my friends. I was the only one of my friends to go to Ursulilne and stay close to home. It was a lot tougher than i thought it was going to be. With what I know now I would prepare myself for the difference it was. Being away from my best friends was probably the hardest thing I had to do. But with the education I am getting I would not change a thing.


I would tell myself to do more research on schools I was interested in, rather than the ones my friends were going to. Chosing a college that your excited about will make the next 4 years of your life a lot easier. Don't sweat the small stuff, and enjoy it!


Stay focused and work hard


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to get involve in school and start taking it more serious. College is a great experience. Enjoy your youth while you can, however, start planning for you future early this way when its time to start freshman year this can go smoother. Also, major advice, you need to start applying yourself when it comes to school work. Teachers expect you to comoplete the minimum but, you are smarter than minimum. Show people how much of a overachiever you are and how intelligent you can be. Slacking does not pay off in the long run so its time for a change. Better late then never!


I would start off at a community college then move to a 4-year college after I got the basic college knowledge. It is not only cheaper but as a student with parents that did not go to college it was hard to know what to do when I got there. I also am a slower learner so a community college was better because the class size was smaller than at (OSU) where I started off.


If I was able to go back in time and be able to give myself advise I would remind myself of the impact that High School grades have on attending the college of your choice. As a senior in High School I never saw the importance of your academics the way I see it now. If had the chance of going back in time I would work my hardest on improving my performance in High School so that I would had been able to earn more scholarships and discard money problems when choosing the college of my choice. I would also remind myself of the difference between doing your homework and sudying. In college the most important thing to be succesfull is studying. Studying is not just doing the work and getting it done but also knowing the material and being prepaired for any discussion your professor might have. Another advice I would give myself is ton being the college life with an open mind because not everyone comes from the same place and they all have their own personal opinions.


The one advice I can give to a freshmen is time managment and work hard and learnthe informantion becasue this is the infromation you need for the rest of your life.


Hello, Adam. I know you better than anyone else ever will. It seems surreal to you now, but this is the beginning of the rest of your life; high school was too easy, and we both know you only went because you were forced to go. No one will ever force you to do anything again. This is your life, and you now possess the awesome power to make your own decisions. Those decisions will affect you forever, just as they will affect your future spouse and your unborn children. Choose wisely, Adam. Strive to make your own way; clear your own path. Respect those people who you can learn from but don't worship them, and give them your complete focus and effort like you never did in high school. Celebrate in moderation this coming of age, and focus on the goal of achieving your degree, and once you begin- NEVER stop until you have it. Failure is much easier to acheive than success, and poor choices are often quick and easy, while the hard work that is the result of a good choice can be the most rewarding work of your life. Above all- be honest to yourself.


Hello Chelsea, it's Chelsea. Don't be too frightened, I just wanted to pop back in from the future and give you some helpful advice about your college experience (cool right?) First off, R-E-L-A-X, they are going to be some of the best years, so enjoy them. Learn to magage your time well, there really IS a time and place for everything. Know what you love and hang onto the person that you are; there really is a place that is going to love you for you (as corny as that sounds) Never get rid of that love of learning, you are going to need it throughout college. Breath and enjoy the little things, they seem to go by so fast. Laugh laugh and, well, laugh because...let me tell you... humor is something that will get you through the stressful parts and late night study binges with friends. Finally, college is on of the most exciting, stressful, wonderful, topsy-turvy times of your life, but it's worht it...it's so worth it. You've found the perfect fit for you so sit back and enjoy the ride. You can do it.


The advice that I would give to myself as a high school senior would be to make sure I go into college not as shy. Going into college or any new surrounding makes it more difficult to meet new people and friends. I would also advice myself to be open to trying new things and getting out there. Another word of advice that I would give myself would be to make sure to study and not put homework and studying off for later because in the end you will be overwhelmed. It is better to try and do your homework and studying in a timely matter instead of putting it off til the last minute because then you will not do as well as you would have thought and hoped.


If I were able to go back in time and offer advice to my senior in high school self, I would say, "Relax, have confidence, and be honest". Entering and experiencing college is an overwhelming experience with so many expectations and unknowns; the transitions are challenging and taxing, but there can be a lot of joy and fun as well. If I would have known to had more confidence in the beginning weeks and semesters in college the associated challenges of college life could have made for an easier tranisition. All of the people you are trying to impress and form friendships with are going through the same emotions and uncertainties that you are, don't be afraid to express them. But tell youself, too, that it is all temporary and soon this will pass. Walk with ease and your head held high, ready to take on the day and next challenge that awaits you; you will make it through, even when the end looks too dark and gray to be seen.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself not to worry so much about what everybody else is doing and who's going to which school. I would tell myself that it's ok to be unsure about what you want to do right now and that it will come to you and when it does you will be going to a school you love and studying for a career that will help you help others. I would make sure to tell myself that being afraid of math isn't a reason not to go to college and that it's ok to ask for help because that's what the teachers are there for. Finally, I would tell my apprehensive senior self that going to college is a lot of harrd work and dedication and if you're willing to try, it will definitely pay off in the end.


Note to self: When choosing a college, look for a school that will provide you with a well balanced curriculum, somewhat like a diet. You want a school that will challenge you as a young woman in today's society. Women can and will someday, be president, so do not doubt who you are, or who you could be. Ursuline will offer you this world, in addition to a staff of educators who will truly become your family. They will support you in any way, that you need them. Be true to who you are. When kidney failure is diagnosed, and you have to face your first transplant, only to return to dialysis for seven more years, do not give up. Accept the things you cannt change, and change the things you can. You will get your 2nd transplant in April 2009, and you will return to school, because nursing has always been your first love. Do not doubt that this is the right time, others will ask you why you are not enjoying your life now, but believe the feeling you will have, that this new learning is enjoyment. Others will see, and feel your love, for the profession.


Hi self! You know that Coach from Ursuline College that wants to recruit you for track? You should definitely take the offer. Being part of the track team is a great college experience and you won?t regret it. Not to mention the class sizes, teachers, and small all girls? school are all advantages to your learning. One tip for success is staying organized and managing your time. You will notice that all of the teachers are so helpful and understanding. I encourage you to ask for help if you are confused because that is why your teachers are there. The best place to study or do homework is in the back of the library in the study spaces, go there when you?re roommate or friends are distracting you. If you have extra time after studying and track practice, you should participate in as many campus clubs or events as possible. Make sure you take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way and get to know the people in your field. You will make several friends and possible study partners. Maintain good grades and be the best possible person you can be! Remember, you create your future.


I would probably tell myself to not make my college decision so quickly. I feel as though i chose a college too fast and i did not take enough time to go and research more schools. I am regretting my college decision because i chose a school close to my house and i feel as though i need more space. I should have looked at more nursing schools and not just the schools around my area. I feel if i could go back to high school i would maybe do things differently and take more time on my decisions. Choosing a college is a very important decision and it impacts you for the rest of your life.


The advice I would give myself as a senior getting ready to enter collge is to be ready to enter a new atmosphere of new people, situations, living, and learning. You need to stay focus and keep your goal in mind. Be prepared to meet people from different backgrounds and ethnicity. Take advantage of all the resources available on campus and engage in campus activities , groups, and clubs. I would tell myself that you need to be financially ready even if finanical aid pays for most of your education because you may have to just buy books or have a small balance to pay off out of pocket. I would say that you need to be ready to learn how to be independent and start to become an adult. In the end the best advice I would give myself is going to collge will have its ins and outs but never get discourage because their are people who are there to help you and you will make it through.


I graduated from a Technical School and my mind was set up to study something related to my techical degree. I did it, I went into Bussiness but I did not know what the future was going to bring for me. I came to America later and my destiny changed. I wasted time after high school, I started to work right away and I got into an Associated degree in Bussiness, instead of going straight to the Bachelors degree. If I had to do it all over again, I will first follow my heart and study what I had passion for. Perhaps Fashion Design. Eight years after I graduated from High School, here I am not done with school and now my decisions are driven by other reasons not only for my enthusiasm but for the stability that my degree would bring to me. At my age I am starting to look for new horizonts that are totally different than the horizonts I found when I was younger. Follow your dream would be the advice I would give myself If I went back in time. Just follow your dreams.


I would tell myself to make sure I talk to the soccer coach because I would not want to make the wrong desicion about playing, because I have had a wonderful experience. Also, to join as many clubs as I can because I would like to be a part of more now. To not regret this desicion, and to know that Ursuline really is the best choice.


In order for parents/students to find the right college, make sure you research colleges in your junior year of high school-this way you have plenty of time to way your options. The make time maybe during spring break to visit those colleges with a parent, so they can see it too. After visiting all the colleges that you liked to see I suggest making a pro and con list about what you saw. Evalute your list and then go from there. Make sure your parents agree with your choice, so that everyone is happy! In order to make the best of your college experience I suggest living on campus. You will make more friends and you really do get a taste of what it is like to be on your own. Also, make sure you are studying hard and then you can have fun on the weekends with your friends.


I would tell them to make sure that they have there heart and soul into whatever major they choose. Because without those two things you are just in it for the money and you will never be happy as you grow to realize it. I look at it like this, if i couldnt get paid to be a nurse, I would still tend to the care of the ill and weak as a volunteer. Because I have the passion, within me, to give care to all who are in need. And for the parents I would say to let there children pick where they feel comfortable at, because being pressured into college causing nothing more but resentment and failure.