Utah State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Utah State University is an excellent place to gain an education, make friends that you will keep for a lifetime, and to enjoy life.


Engaged in creating a fun atmosphere for students.


Utah State University is a very sociable, fun learning environment, where everyone is so willing to get to know each other and get along.


A small school overflowing with spirit.

Carrie Ann

Utah State University has been a friendly environment for a nontraditional returning student.


You learn what you need to know and the teachers and advisors are very helpful and mindful of you.


Friendly atmosphere.


A very friendly school based around, agricluture and natural resources.


Fun and interesting


It is a busy school with many activities.


If you want a lively, fun school, with a lot of school spirit and unity, as well as having great classes, teachers, and endless help, this is definitely the school.


My school really helped me learn the structure of the government, the importance of analytical thinking and to challenge ideas that I question.


Distance Education.


Utah State University is the best thing that ever happened to me!!!!


Utah State Univeristy is the place where unforgettable experiences happen.


Utah State University is a state of the art education facility and technology leader with the aim of providing a positive learning environment that allows the diverse student population to learn and achieve.


Utah State University is a very student friendly facility with lots of diversity.


Really awesome


A great opportunity for a small community.


The greatest experience so far in my life.


To the tune of ?Over My Head? by The Fray I never knew, I never knew that school could be so awesome cool. With classes such as skiing, jazz (kayaking too!) And did you know that students graduate with less debt Than most the other schools.. in theee United States yes Princeton says its true. And Looogan is a top ranked safest town for you. The teachers care for what they teach and meeeeeee! Everyone knows it?s all at Utah State. The school is great! Mountains outside your window, a canyon five minutes awayyyyy. I?m going hiking todaaaay.


Utah State University is an open an excellent college with a wonderful study atmosphere, one can lose themselves in hours of study while sitting comfortably in the library.


My school has a very beautiful campus, in my opinion, because of the mission style buildings and the wuad areas are very peaceful to relax and study in.


USU is one of the most beautiful campuses that I have ever seen. It is kinda on the smaller end which is nice because it doesnt take more than 10 minutes to get from one side to the other. There is a big green pad with trees to hang with friends and study outside when the weather is nice. There are lots of clubs to join which makes a college experience so fun. We have a lot of school pride at all the games and have one of the best elementry education programs.


Utah State University is an affordable school, that offers a friendly and diverse learning atmosphere for college students to become the best they can be in thier competitive field of study, creating oppurtunities for careers and research.


Utah State University is a good school with an exciting campus and great educational programs.


Utah State is located in Logan, a small college town out in the country about an hour in a half north of Salt Lake City.The School is located in a valley right by the mountains and there are plenty of things to do if you love the out doors, camping, fishing, water skiing, rock climbing, snowboarding and skiing, etc. The University has a great program, great teachers, campus is perfect and easy to get around, the main religion is Latte Day Saints known as Mormons but there is still a lot of diversity, and housing is very cheap.


Utah State University is a traditional school that definitely provides a welcome feeling to all students while placing them in successful programs, social environments, and eventually jobs.


Utah State University is a large school located in Logan, UT. and offers many different courses and majors.


Student involved University.


Utah State University is a school where everyone has a chance to get involved while enjoying getting a quality education.


Loves research and brilliant kids or athletically great kids but still cares for the average people sometimes.


I don't like to think about it.


Utah State University is an interactive school, determined that its students will have a fulfilling experience while attending.


The quality of the school in all aspects exceeds what you pay to attend.


Come and find where you fit in.


High quality education with a fun social scene.


Utah State is for everyone and anyone! There are so many new and unique experiences that are learned from attending this university.


It wasn't my first choice, but after talking to people that went here before me, I learned no one had a bad thing to say about this school, so I figured I'd give it a shot.


Aggie Pride: Spirit. Knowledge. Friendship. Growth.


Utah State has a beautiful, historic campus that is interested in helping students obtain the education they want.


My school is a great way to get to where you want to go.


This school has a sense of close community and is just the right size.


Really fun if you meet the right people that you connect with.


My school is upbeat, social, and hard working.


It is quite conservative (although possibly one of the most liberal in the state), and does not happily welcome outsiders.


There is a lot to do at Utah State and there is a lot offered that can lead you to have a great educational experience, they have great professors and great fields of study. They just need to continue to expand that.