Utah State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most people are really nice. The students there really want to learn, and there is a lot of variability.


For the most part, my classmates are hard working individuals who really care about their grades. There are, however, some who I will see when I look around the room and see them sleeping; meaning that they didnt get a good nights sleep due to cramming, or an excessive social life.


In high school all they would tallk about is the trends and not about the educational side.


Classmates at Utah State are fun-loving, friendly people who love to learn.


My classmates at Utah State University have been a major blessing because they are always there to make you feel welcome, involved, and supported.


Most of my classmates are cheerful and friendly, though sometimes they have no concept of personal space or privacy. They tend to be easy to work with and outgoing. They generally are up to doing their part of any work that is required, which makes group projects or assignments easy to complete.


My classmates are alot younger than myself, they are full of hopes and dreams for the future. They lack self-discipline, unaware of the challenges that life is soon to hand them. There positive attitude and hope is uplifting, fun to be around as a mature adult. But scary because of how naive they are, for all of the challenges that life will hand them. It’s scary to imagine them trying to balance work, family, bills and everything else that adult life throws at you. The real working world, is not like they teach you in school.


My classmates are friendly, courteous, and dedicated to Utah State University.


Overall, they are a wonderful group, yet diverse from one another in basically every way.


My experience with the students of USU has been mostly positive. There is a lot of variety and good support for all sorts of religious (or not religious), social, and other groups. I am not entirely sure how well different groups interact, but for me personally, I've been introduced to and welcomed by a lot of different kinds of people. Students here are mostly friendly and eager to meet new people.


Some of the most creative and innovative people I've met.


My classmates are friendly, mature, fun, have great and diverse ideas and cultures, and are very willing to study together and help each other succeed.


This is not BYU. There is not honor code to follow. You can live a life of drugs and alcohol if that is what you choose. There is a substantial minority who do choose that life. However, that lifestyle is not very visible. The bulk of the students are LDS, and live by those standards. If you want friends with strong LDS values, there are plenty to be found, and you can avoid the less pleasant aspects of college life if you so choose. However, if you find those aspects more appealing, they are certainly there if you just ask around.


Friendly, earthy, and willing to try new things.


Most of my classmates are just your average young adult trying to get through college and balance finances, all while still wanting to have fun.


My classmates were usually friendly and hard working.


In all of my classes I have about 200-700 students, so it is hard to get to know all of them but most are my friends and I like them a lot!


My classmates are either freshmen like myself transitioning into this new like style willing to make new friends and open to many new ideas. My other classmates are in my intended major looking to perfect their skills and learn as much as they can to be succesful in life.


Attention focused, smart and determined.


In a world with class sizes of 70-100+ I don't know any of my classmates.


Very Friendly




I have never met my classmates face to face, but I can tell from their writing and our online communications, that they are self-motivated go getters with busy schedules like me. They are good writers and communicators, and there is a very diverse age range and ethnical background since we are from all over the world. Some of them are studying for graduate school, and some of us are working on our bachelor's degrees.


My classmates are willing to help you with anything and everything, they have the same goals as I do.


Cute, quirky, fun, smart, happy, positive, playful, kind, considerate, respectful, EPIC, and every other good word imaginable.


My classmates are friendly and generally happy.


Classmates, USU houses many people from different parts of the world, there?s always someone knew to talk to and a culture to learn about. The people I?ve met are engaging and friendly, it?s nice to know that you can always talk to someone.


My classmates where people who were going to change the world. We desired to make great inroads in the areas of child welfare, public policy, health care administration, mental health, and preventing child abuse and domestic violence. Most of us who graduated in 1990, have made great inroads in making those changes we desired to see, however we have had to adapt to making subtle changes slowly.


My classmates are smart, inteligent, genius, and laid back.


Depends on the attitude you go into with the class. If you are nice to people and try to talk with them you are going to walk away with lots of friends from your class. I believe that making friends in college is important because if you want to get anywhere in life it will most likly happen through having connections. Making friends is easy here at usu and great for your grades because getting a group of people together to study is very easy to do here.


They are friendly, smart students who love to participate in class discussions.


My classmates so far are great; everyone is self-motivated and respectful. I have found the students in my classes are eager to help one another succeed. No one should ever feel like they have no help and no one to turn too. Utah State provides ways for students to get the help they need from other students which also provides a way for people to make friends, form study groups and get help on homework. I feel very comfortable giving my opinion and participating in class discussions.


My classmates are prepared, organized, and ready to have fun with our professors as well as socializing outside of class and enjoy the beautiful scenery that Logan has to offer.


My classmates, in general, seem to be enthusiastically motivated and academically goal conscious.


My classmates at Utah State are very helpful and friendly.


Fun and engaged students keep the atmosphere interesting and questions applicable and interactive. People are friendly and very helpful while being open minded.


Engaged in class, they ask a lot of questions.


The students at USU are extremely friendly and open. All my classmates are so willing to help in any way they can. While I am surrounded by students at USU I can't help but want to serve and be a better person. I find it very easy to make new friends with my classmates.


great people


My classmates are dedicated to their schoolwork and enjoy being a part of Utah State University.


People who are going to this school because they like the programs of engineering, education, and research and like to be out doors and active.


All active and participating.


My classmates are spirited, friendly, focused, intelligent, capable, even competitive people and I am privileged to associate with them on a daily basis and learn and grow with them.


My classmates were very friendly and helpful.


The students here are friendly and helpful.


I really only associate with those in my major, since I'm an upper classman, but from the group I'm with, I love them and they are all dedicated to their majors and are hard workers.


My classmates are diverse, friendly, and studious, and they bring lots of new ideas to the classroom.


very helpful in all my classes


My classmates are crazy, fun and sometimes frustrating.


Very friendly and smart -- hard workers.