Utah State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.

Carrie Ann

Utah State University is best known for it's history as an agricultural studies university. In more recent years it has become a strong Engineering school.


USU is best known for the friendly community and school spirit. There are lots of ways to get involved and people to meet.


Utah State University is best known for the research that they do in the different departments and colleges. Additionally, Utah State is known for the vibrance of the students who attend there and the school spirit that they have, especially at basketball and football games.


My school is best known for its school spirit. Football, men's basketball, women's basketball, men's volleyball, women's volleyball, swim, wrestling, gymnastics, baseball, rugby, lacrosse, men's soccer, women's soccer, men's tennis, women's tennis, track and field-you name it and you will find cheering fans attending the event. Students don't stop cheering from the first buzzer to the last. Not only do the students love the school, but the faculty and community do as well. You will see school spirit all around the valley.


It is best known for it's agricultural programs. It also has a really good engineering college.


This is a great school for agriculture and business. It has many other great programs as well and it is just a fantastic environment to learn.


Supreme academics.


Basketball program, Football more so now, Business school, Education progam and Agriculture Science programs.


Utah State University is best known for their pride in every single game, as well as a great education and business program. This schools is really diverse and provides students with many opportunities to get involved.


There are lots of things that Utah State is known for. True aggie night, the howl, the awesome bands that we get for the end of the year parties, and of course Utah State has one of the best educational programs in the country. That is the main reason that I decided to come to Utah State, I want to become a teacher and when I heard that Utah State had an elementary school on campus I knew it was the right place for me.


Agriclulture and Engineering programs. Also, their fun campus.


The education program, the agricultural program


Agriculture and natural resource studies


USU has been rewarded many times for their advancement in the engineering field. The College of Engineering is renowned and consistently turns out students who make all sorts of contributions to the field. I, however, studied in the College of Education which is ranked in the top 2% of teaching programs nationwide. Within the College of Education are experienced professors intent on molding the best possible teachers that the nation has seen yet.


Utah State is best known for the student audience at basketball games. It is crazy and wild and I absolutly love it! Everyone knows the same cheers and everyone stands and shouts and cheers the whole time. It is so fun to go and be apart of the student body.


A ridiculously loud student section, a serious amount of school spirit, good ice cream, friendly people, and an amazing education, engineering, and business programs.


I think Utah State is best known for the personal attention that is available for each student as well as the many student programs that we have. So I guess overall it's known for the great student experience.


My school is best known for being an Agricultural school in Utah and a Carniege Foundation Doctoral/Research University institution.


Utah State University is best known for its research. While I haven't yet gotten the chance to participate in research here, I have heard many good things. USU has sent more experiments into space than any other nation in the world! Right now USU is helping with the renovation of Gorongosa National Park as well. USU also has the second oldest undergraduate research program in the nation, next to M.I.T.


USU is well known as an engineering school. Students from here send a lot of experiments into space from the Space Dynamics Lab. Our basketball team has a tradition of excellence, and the student section is the best in the nation. Wild Bill was even featured on ESPN for his fan heroics. Even though I married the best one, the girls at USU are great. And Aggie Ice cream is divine.




I have no idea.


Utah State University is well known for its quality of education in many diverse areas of study that include engineering, aviation, art, agricultural sciences, and several others.


My school is best know for research. Also the bussiness program is very popular here.


We are best known for our excellent academic achievement, our basketball team, our engineering and business programs, our Old Main building looking like Hogwarts, and great skiing and hiking areas close to Logan.


it's education, engineering, agriculture and business programs.


The school is know for its outstanding engineering program, and also the elementry education program. The school also has a very good basketball program.


Academically my school is very well known for the engineering and education programs. Non-academcially we are known for our famous aggie ice cream and men's basketball team.


We are well known for a couple of things, #1 our mens basketball team, #2 our engineering programs, #3 our agricultural programs, and #4 our elementary education program


Student life


Our amazing school spirit, and our music program.


Make the most of the opportunities here. This is a great school where you'll get out of it what you put into it.


Best known for its pride and friendly atmosphere and research based experiments. USU is a campus for the students and is held to a higher law and is successful in every endeavor that has been put before it.


Utah State University is best known for the research they do. The best part about it is that they allow undergraduates the chance to get involved in research going on right here on campus.




Utah State University is best known for it's school pride. If you're an Aggie once, you're an Aggie for life. The campus is fun and the people are adventurous. There's no dead social life here. Aggie games are the best place to be, screaming and cheering for your team to score the next two points or to finally make a touch down. Aggie life is the best!


Aggie Ice Cream, a sucky football team, a good basketball team, and freezing cold winters!


The school is best known for its traditions. There is a lot of loyalty and long held tradition.