Utah Valley University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


I think there is a place for everyone here.


Someone who is not interested in obtaining a degree.


They are very accepting of people from all ages, races and diabilities so I think anyone is suited to attend at UVU


I feel like there isnt a certain type of person, this school could be for anyone.


People who aren't serious about getting a good education shouldn't attend this school.


I think this school is for just about everyone. It is an open-enrollment school and is all about learning. This is probably not for someone who wants a school with a very prestigous reputation.


UVSC/UVU is an open-admission college; anyone can be admitted. For that reason, many people see it as a good launching point. While using UVSC/UVU to knock out your general courses before transferring elsewhere to finish your degree is a common trend, it may not always be the best decision. Those who are looking for a specific environment (smaller classes, etc.) would dislike UVSC/UVU with its thousands of undergraduates. Plus, anyone seeking a certain style of learning that is geared specifically towards their major (i.e. art school) might find it more beneficial to go elsewhere.


A person who doesn't wish to work hard.


I don't think I have the right to say who should or who shouldn't attend UVU. It is a good school and any type of person can obtain a great education there.


Anybody can attend UVU!


A person that doesn't like to work or grow shouldn't attend this school. Someone that doesn't like awesomeness or cool people also shouldn't attend this school. If a person doesn't like to meet new people, go on adventures or learn everyday, they shouldn't go to this school.


The type of people that should not attend this school are those that are looking for a "party" college. This is a very friendly school. The students maintain morals and values. They are interested in creating relationships not party environments.


A person who is unwilling to work as part of their education experience. A person who is going to use others to do their work or try to manipulate professors into reducing workload or expectations. A person who is not committed to their education. You don't have to know your major; you only need to work and work until you do and then keep working until you graduate.


Someone who is going into the field of an English major or Math or pretty much anything besides aviation, cooking, or science should not attend here. UVU is a beginner, or just for associates degree students that don't really know what they are doing yet.


Someone who was going to school to join a fraternity. We don't have fraternities at UVU, and it's great! There are no scary hazing events, or anything like that. I always feel safe at UVU.


There's not really a type of person who couldn't attend this school. The University is located in a very conservative location and is primarily white. I can not speak for being a minority but a more liberal person may find themselves more often than not in the minority viewpoint. Being a more liberal person than my classmates I have only had respectful and informative discourses with my professors and fellow students.


I honestly can not think of a person that shouldn't attend this college, especially if they live in Utah County. This is very good school, and you get a very good education for the price you pay. Close to this university is BYU and U of U. These schools are very prestigious in Utah and by attending this college you can make yourself a very competitive student to be admitted to the other schools I have mentioned.


Anyone who is looking for very rigorous study or a prestigious education should not attend Utah Valley University. It has a beautiful campus and location, great staff, and nice facilities, however it is very easy going. It is an okay University for your undergraduate major if you are wanting to continue living at home and it is your local University, but it is not a very difficult school with the best education or reputation around.


UVU welcomes all kinds of students from every imaginable background. There are older students, students still in High school, those with interest in the arts, some Pre-law. I have had classmates from India, Africa and Austria and all seem to enjoy their time in the halls and classrooms of UVU.


A person who is motivated and is looking for a great opportunity in life to succeed should enroll in the school, tuition is lower than most, but the programs are the best in the State.


If you have a deep hatred of members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, sorry, they'll be around. Also, if you don't like cold weather this school might not be the best choice for you.


Someone who is not scholalry orientated, someone who does not like or is not interested in learning.


Any student is able to recieve an education at Utah Valley University. It is one of the largest schools in Utah, which leads lets people know that this is a great school to attend. It is open enrollment and there are a variety of people to attend this university. There are students from all over the world who came to this school. Anyone who has the desire to get a college education, Utah Valley University is a great place to begin!


A person who is interested in a serious school with great job-placement . It has great, clean social life and friendly faculty and students. I highly recommend this school.


Anyone not willing to work hard to achieve decent grades need not apply. Teachers are very willing to help you if needed but they first want to see that you've been trying. Also, people that are insecure about their political, religious, or other beliefs may find it intimidating that this campus community has a strong conversative vibe.


The Person that should not attend this school is the type of person who is looking for the full on University experience.