Valdosta State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I love my friends at my school! I brag about my VSU friends to my high school/other friends!


The classes and professors of Valdosta State University are wonderful! The are very few lecture style classes over 100 people. This makes it easier to develop a more personal relationship with the professor, and thus will enhance the learning. All of the professors I have had thus far at Valdosta State have all been phenomenal!. The teach the subjects very well, and will do whatever they can to ensure the success of their students.


When I tell others about my school, one thing I can vouch for is the social unity and togetherness on campus. The campus is always filled with social gatherings to get students involved and to be more proactive about helping others in need around the community as well as on campus.


The faculty at Valdosta State University are the best part of VSU. The faculty push you to your best, and they are very involved in helping you decide your plans for the future. I plan to be in contact with my professors for a very long time because they have fostered a great deal of knowledge and intellectualism in me. The people are friendly, the classes aren't too big, and by no means is anyone at this university considered a number. That is why i recommend VSU to prospective students.


Valdosta state is a great place considering where its location is, 20 mins from the state of florida, and about at most 2 hours from the jacksonville, Florida beach, restaurants, and venues. Jacksonville is good for tourism, and getting away from school for the weekend to relax . Valdosta's city has alot of store choices and eateries. I love the school's spanish archititecture buildings, it has the feel of being at a resort, and the front lawn is the most remote spot that will make you not want to leave.


My great professors and how they are willing to help and get involved in my education.


When I brag about my school, I tell my friends about the student success center. The student success center is a place to get help in any subject you are having problems in. If you go to the success center, there is no way you can fail a class. My school really want the best for their students. The teachers are always willing to help. Most schools don't offer these opportunities. If you utilize the sources correctly, then you will have a successful college career.


I would brag about how beautiful the campus is. How all the students go out to the front lawn and study or just hang out with friends. I would also tell them about how small the class size is and how easy it is to get help.


The Spanish-style architecture along with the brick pathways, palm trees, Spanish Moss, and huge front lawn "the Green" make VSU the perfect scenery for studying outside, playing games and sports with friends, walking, running, or even just walking from class to class. The people here have an open, friendly attitude, and I have met new friends from all over the world! I am never bored here with art shows, concerts, Varsity Cheerleading, football, rec leagues, dance bars, movies, studying, international nights, or being with friends! It is a Divison 2 school with a Division 1 spirit and atmosphere!


I mostly brag about how clean the campus is. VIsiting other schools I see that it is a blessing to be on a campus that is clean and pleasant to enjoy!


The environment the school has to offer. There is a generous variety of backgroungs that attend VSU. The weather is perfect. And they are always striving to make the school bigger and better to go along with the increasing population.


How nice the campus is. The class buildings, the dorms, everything is so nice it looks like a million dollar neighborhood.


how we are title town and the how valdosta is like a minature athens/ UGA


The teachers are willing to help any student who needs extra help.




When I tell my friends about my school, I tend to brag about the professors. When I tell them about the professors, I tell them that my school has some of the best professors because there always prepared and they are well aware of the subject they are teaching the students. Our professors are even willing to stay late after office hours. At my school as long as the professors see that you are coming to them when you begin to struggle in the class the will always be there to help you.


About how great our football team is.


My fraternity


VSU football team are the Division II National Champions. The state of the art buildings renovations being made. Also, the journalism program.


How beautiful the campus is. Small setting, very personal with professors and students.


My school is TitleTown!


The campus rec program and facilities as well as the nightlife. The weather. Its always hot :)


There are alot of pretty girls that attend this college. Most of the people here are friendly. The school is not to big but at the same time not too small either. There is usually something going on to keep students interested but not to much to the extet that it interferes with their studies.