Valdosta State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would visited more schools, and look in to how much they cost. I would not go out of state to school, because the cost is to great, the experience is good, but it can slow you down.


I would say not to worry about what anyone thinks of you and to just concentrate on yourself. You are not going to see these people after high school, and the ones that make fun of you are the ones who are going to be failures. Just do what you do, worry about no one, and you will succeed.


Don't worry about what other people think of you because that is not what you are in school for. Concentrate on yourself and being the best you that you can be. The people who make fun of you don't get anywhere in life anyway.


Learn about the different careers and options out there, College is structured around careers and going in without something sure set in mind is very stressful. Also, learn Spanish it's very helpful


Start off working hard and socializing with the right peolple. Get involved in organizations that promote a positve image.


Go big or go home


College is not the same as high school. Don't go in thinking you will not have to study and apply yourself. Thinking like that will only mess up your freshman year and make it hard to receive scholarships and grants. Put your mind to be whatever you want to be.


If I could go back to my days in high school as a senior I would tell myself that college is way more different than high school. There is alot of hard work, dedication, and noone is there behind you . When you go to college you are considered an adult and you have to learn to take care of yourself. At times being a college student can get rough like missing home, being stressed out about school, and even having a bad roommate , but it teaches you to be stronger and more aware of life and the responcibilities that comes with being on your own. Neverthless you may meet new people and all different people from the walks of life, but always remember to be open minded, stay away from negative environments, drugs, and remember to keep the morals and values that your parents taught you. You can never go wrong when you make the right choices in left that will lead you to accomplish your goals and dreams.


When visiting a college you need to make the most out of it by takeing a tour and by staying with someone who goes to that school. try and stay at one of the dorms, thats where the real experience it and let them take you out and show you what students do out side the class room also try and see if you could sit in on a class. When looking for the right college make sure you attend one with majors that intrest you. You dont have to know what you want to major in right away but its good to have options.


You have to make sure the college fits you. Pick a college that you can see yourself at for attending all four years of your college career. Be open to new experiences and go out an get involved in different organizations.


To find the right school, a student must take into their minds how big they want the school to be, how much school spirit they want to be around, social life, what is around the campus, where they would want to live, the weather around the school, what percent graduates, and how many find jobs out of college.


Work as hard as you can to get your GPA as high as possible during your first year, so if you happen to not do well in a later class it won't be as hard to bring your GPA back up. Pick the college that you can see yourself being successfull at, don't pick it just because it really expensive, IVY leage, or because that's where your parents went; pick what's best for you.


A piece of advice I would give to any student or parent looking into a college would be to find a college with a campus that attracts you. You won't always be in class or your dorm, so a campus with a large lawn if fun to study on, or play sports on with your friends or even have lunch! Also, make sure you join as many clubs or activties you can. It's a great way to make life time friends and helps you find out who you really are and what you enjoy doing.


Parents and students should take tours of the campuses that the student is interested in , and talk with the people that go to school there. They should out about the class sizes, what kind of teachers does the school have, and how much work does the average student spend studying outside of class. They should also find out about the different activities that occur on campus.


I would definately have this conversation willingly and openly. In fact, Spring of 2010, I will be returning to my high school to talk to juniors and seniors about college. The advice I would give would be to make sure that the student makes the decision for them- what they truly want. The parents will be understanding, especially with aid available. Stay focused, because it is easy to fall into bad habits. There is no one to wake you up and tell you to go to class; you have to push yourself and know that you can do it. Things will happen in college that make you question your abilities, but you can't give up on yourself; college is about new experiences, finding yourself, making the transition to an adult, and being on track to bettering your future. Parents, be there for your rising stars and constantly remind them that you are proud. It will give them that extra boost and reassurance that they are America's future.


Parents and students should look closely at the academic quality of the school, but also at the student body environment before choosing which school to attend. Academics are a huge part of one's education but the student body and extracurricular activities will make a student a well-rounded individual. I also believe that the more colleges you visit, the easier it will be to choose which one fits you best, because the college you attend will be the one that you know from the start is where you are suppose to be.


Go to class.


My only advice is to listen to your heart. You know better than anyone else what your dreams are and what you want to accomplish. Don't let anyone persuade you to do otherwise. Choose the major and college that will benefit you and your life and your dreams. Because in the end after it is all said and done. YOU and YOU ALONE will have to live the life you have chosen and live with the decisions you have made. SO choose wisely.


don't give up after one month or so. It's tough for almost every other freshmen.


If a college-bound student came up to me and asked for advice on what they should do when finding a college to attend, I would tell them to explore all their options before making their final decision. It is very important to make sure you are going to be comfortable educationally as well as socially at the college or university you attend. Without reviewing all of your options, you might make a mistake and take longer to graduate than the typical student.


Students should really take their time visiting the schools they are interested in. Take the campus tour like most prospective students do, but also choose to take it one step further. Talk with admissions counselors and financial advisors to learn more about possible fields of study and course work at the schools you are interested in, as well as the cost of the school and how much financial aid you will be able to receive. I would also recommend talking to current students at the school. No one else can give you a more honest opinion about the college/university than one of the current attending students. Ask them about the student life (extracurricular activities, student civility, helpfulness of faculty/teachers, campus unity, etc.) and don't hesitate to ask them the million dollar question: "If you could do it all over again would you still choose to attend 'insert prospective college here'?" I would also advise students to be their own person and for parents to encourage their child to do this. Do not choose a school because your friends are going there, it's okay to be different. Always make the right choice for yourself!


To research everythingaround the shcool notjustthe school itself


I would stress to everyone in high school to start early!! By early, I mean start visiting colleges and universities that you are interested in as soon as you can. If I could go back to my junior and senior year I would visit as many campuses as my schedule allowed. Another suggestion would be to do some networking and try to make some friends wherever you are interested in attending and get their opinions on the school, professors, departments, housing, and surrounding city. Transferring is not as easy as everyone would like you to believe and enjoying where you are living and the people that surround you is as equally important as being happy and satisfied with what you are studying. Another suggestion would be to get involved on campus with a club or activity that you really enjoy. Staying busy helps keep you on a good schedule and leaves little room for laziness.


When you are considering colleges, look at the class size, the organizations available, and the diversity of the student/faculty population. When professors are passionate about their classes, the atmosphere for learning and sharing is more apparent and enjoyable. Smaller classes and more interactive classes are more memorable than large lecture halls and huge classes. Developing relationships with your professors and fellow students creates a network that extends beyond classes and curriculums. Those relationships are the ones that last outside of your degree and the brief time you are in school.


Valdosta State University is a ggod school. It is filled with students from all walks of life and professors who actually care about their students. VSU helps students with jobs and career development. There are tutors for every major willing to help along the way. VSU has great classes but also a wealth of social clubs and campus activities which allow students to be well-rounded. Overall, VSU should be on everyone's list for schools to possibly attend.


The advice i would give to parents and/or students about finding the right college would be to start very early. It is never good to rush into the first college that accepts you. Always take your time to visit the different colleges of your choice along with the area where the college is located. The best thing to do is to be familiar with your surroundings about a place where you will basically be living for the next four years. Once you have decided on the college of your choice and know thats where u want to be, make the best out of it by getting envolved with the college activities and meeting new people. You would be amazed at how far people travel to attend the same college that you decided on. College is what you make of it and i would advice you to make the best of your fours there.


Find a college that is right for you. Think about whether you want to go to a small close knit college or one that is much larger. Think about what fits youy learning style, look at class size, whether you will have classes in large lecture rooms or smaller classes of 30 or 40 people. Think about what is most important to you such as sports, fraternity/sorority, or campus clubs and activities and make sure the colleges you are considering have these. Have some idea of what you would like your major to be and make sure the college offers this degree. Make sure to visit the colleges you are considering because touring a campus can give you a good idea of what the environment at that school is like.


Shop around, visit a bunch of schools meet current students. Take classes seriously but make time for fun and extra- curricular activities, get invoved in the community.


Find a college that best fits your ideals. Find a school that makes you feel welcome and comfortable.


Academics and location were the two things I think are the most important. Make sure you think ahead about how often you want to visit home and how far the trip is. Don't forget about the place the college is in. is it a small town, a city or a suburb? Are you going to like it? I did;t think it really mattered and overlooked that question in my decision process and I regret that now. Also, you want to be at a place that makes you feel comfortable academically. You want to be challenged but not over the top where you don't have time to sleep or eat. But you also don't want to be handed A's. Sometimes you may wish they did that, but you want to learn (that is what college is about).


when looking at school options, also look at the town it is in. if you know what you want to major in, look into that particular department and determine if the professors can actually help you get were you want to go. if you do not know what you want to major in, it is perfectly fine to be undecided until you know for sure, this will eliminate taking classes for no reason. if you have the "i didnt need to study in high school, and i did just fine" attitude, change it NOW! the earlier you choose to study the better you will be. do not "cram" for tests. this will come back to haunt you to no end! learn the word responsibility. its a hard concpet for some, but will help you later on in life. between the studying and projects and side jobs, remember to have some fun also!


To make most of the college experience for the students and their parents is to work as a team. When I first started college my sons where still in middle school, now one is in college and the other is finishing high school. Working as a team has been the most effective path for all concerned then and now. While my oldest is in college, I am going back to school working on my Masters. As I achieve, it encourages and strengthens them. These qualities come from more then just me attending school; it comes from my approach to life in the same manner, never give up. Things may get rough?but never give up! Do not, I repeat, Do not compare yourself to others and their goals. Make your own, stay organized, and focused. Another part of the team will always be the teacher. Work with the teacher wisely. They are there to assist you in any manner possible. Your teacher can be the best ?Guide? on campus for you and will if you allow them to be.


When it was time for me to make the decision on where I would continue my education, both my parents and I had a say in the decision. We sat down and listed all of the pros and cons of in state schools verses out of state schools. The same way my parents and I made that decision, I feel that you and your parents should do the same as well. This decision is not one that should be based solely on neither the student?s decision nor the parent?s decision. I feel that this should be discussed together, because in most cases parents are the ones who pay for you to get a higher education. So, why not include them in your decision. Once you have made your final decision about where you are going to get a higher education, you must go in knowing what your priorities are because if not then your grades will definitely start slipping. Your educational life should always come before your night/party life, because there will always be a parties in college. If you are able to keep your priorities in order, you will excel when you go off to college.


My advice to parents and students about finding the right college would be to not to make the decision too quickly and to make sure that if possible, to go and visit the college or university to get a better understanding about the town, people, and even to observe what student life is like. I believe that taking that visit should play an intrical part in the decision about which college or university to attend. Once you decide which college or university to attend, I would advise students to become involved in as many activities as possible. In college, you are a "little fish in a big pond," and in order to meet people and make friends is to get involved with extracurricular activities. My other piece of advice is to go to with an open mind because you are going to have the opportunity to meet and associate with people of many different backgrounds so it is important to have that open mind because every person's personality is different and having an open mind will make it easier for you to get along with other people and vice versa.


Check them out.


Visit campuses, look at the surrounding community. Check financial aid choices. What type of academic choices are available. Get involved in student activities, take advantage of freshman first semester programs to help acclimate yourself into the college community. Sorority and fraternity associations can be a positive step in forming lasting friendships, ability to volunteer in the surrounding community and contrary to popular belief, improve or maintain academic status. What type of housing is offered. What are the meal plans and what are the meal choices. What is available for study aids (library) and technology (computer access). What type of transportation is offered on campus to assist students get from place to place on campus. How far away from home.


I would advise parents to let their child pick at least two or three schools they would like to attend. Make a visit to the campus and talk with students there. Once the decision is made, you need to apply for admission to the school. Apply early in case you are not accepted, there is time to enroll somewhere else. I suggest living in the dorm at least one year in order to meet different people and get a real feel for campus life. This is an exciting experience and this is where you learn a lot about the school and area from other students. Consult with the financial aid office early so that all paperwork in ready prior to the semester starting. The most important advice I would give is for the student to know their major. Once you start school and get into the major courses and decide you don't like it, you change and it takes longer to finish school. Think about the career you want and go and job shadow someone in that job for at least two weeks to be sure that is what you want to do for the rest of your life.


I would encourage students to visit the campus before they apply and meet the faculty of their intended major. Also, do not forget to check out the library.


To parents, make sure it is what your child wants. To students, make sure its somewhere where you will happy studying what you love to do.


START NOW!!!! Apply to as many colleges as you can and of course visit them. I suggest ones that offer broad array of degrees and transfer programs if you want to change majors. Dont be ashamed to decide to be undecided your first year. If possible take maybe one class in the summer to get a good feel for the school and how classes are going to be. Fight for your classes when it comes time to register and know if you want them in the morning if your an early bird or midday if your lazy like me. Late afternoon classes are the best in my opinion. The classes are more likely to have older students that know the way things are and the professors are more laidback or just ready to go home. Its a bad idea to skip class if you know or even you think you know you dont have to go. Join something, whether it be marching band, frat/sorority or just an intramuals team.


visit the school and let the child choose what school is best for them.


The right college should meet the applicants social requirements, career goals, one with diverse culture, has adequate resources to assist in whatever area assistnce will be required, one with good student teacher interaction, one that is academically focused, and one that will meet the applicants overall needs.


Make sure that the college has lots of programs that are there to help the student. You never know when something may happen in your life and you're going to need help. Whether that be physically, academically, emotionally, socially, etc. It's always a great idea to have that there whenever you need it. Also make sure you're going to a college that you can afford and not one that's really expensive. In the end it doesn't really matter where you went to college. It just matters that you went and what you did. Also, make sure you do your best in school and make good grades. If the teacher offers extra credit make sure you take that opportunity. College is great and it can be really hard to resist all the urges to neglect your school work, but don't cave in! Do all your assignments and then have fun whenever you have free time! Trust me it'll be worth it in the end!


Start preparing as early as freshman year in high school, take advantage of all high school extra cirricular activities and also in college


When choosing a college, I strongly recommend one to make a decision based on their comfortability level and make sure they are going to the school based on academic, social, and monetary demands. If I could change my time in college, I would definitely have done more activities and attended more events to maximize my college experience. I would also recommend staying in the dorms for at least 2 years to get the full college experience. It may seem horrible at the time, but I promise, you will never regret it nor forget it!


While searching for the right college for your child, keep an open mind. I believe the best way to go about making an important, life changing decision, is to do your own research, while dismissing all third party sources out of your mind. I'm not suggesting to completely disregard every opinion you may hear about a college. I'm just saying don't be narrow minded if a friend, colleague, advisor, or even results from a survey which may imply that the college you had in mind may not be the right one for your child. As simple as one, miniscule bad experience has the power to completely turn one away from a decision, which can lead others to feel the same way, without even giving that experience a try. Go to the college. Visit the campus. Research the academics. My parents and I did these things, and I am very satisfied with my college experience. It hurts my heart when I see or hear about some of my peers' unhappiness about their current college experience, and I just wish they would have put in the time and effort to actually research before they made such an important decision.


The real and final decision should be left up to the student him/herself. College is one of the most important times of your life, so think carefully and make an educated choice. Look closely at the Major requirements and talk to students about what goes on on campus during a typical year. It's also a good idea to keep your options open; think of other majors you may be interested in just in case your first choice doesn't work out. Finding a school that has a wide variety of majors that are equally concentrated on will keep you from having to go through the transfer hassle if you change your mind. Don't be afraid to talk to your professors and fellow students, it might surprise you just how many people think the way you do. College is a time for new experiences and making new friends. Have fun but don't forget that you are in college to study first, so don't go too crazy.


College may not be for everyone, but it is worth a try in order to find out what is right for you. Everyone needs to find out what they want and what is right for them and if you never put yourself in a position to get what you want you'll never get it.


The advice i would give is for the student to first visit the college before applying to make sure it is what you want. Ask plenty of questions, and ask to visit some classrooms to get an idea of the setting. To make the most of the college experience, try everything, and talk to everyone, don't just stay with one group. Make yourself easily accessible, and be friendly. You never know who you might need in the future.


To Parents and Students searching for the right college or University: Make sure that when searching for the correct institution that you follow your intuition. If you feel as if the college or University lacks a characteristic or quality you need, then do not choose that institution. You must also take into consideration what field you are planning on going after. Choose what is best for you, the student, and not what's best for everyone else! This is YOUR time to shine! :0)