Valdosta State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The ASL program. It is 1 of 2 in Georgia, and I appreciate that!


The best thing about VSU was the friendships I made while attending. You form great relationships with people that you will consider family.


The best thing about this school is its friendliness. I've met a lot of people in my freshman year and every one of them has welcomed me with open arms. They understand that I'm a shy person and almost always try to contact me to invite me places.


The best thing about VSU was how close everything was. It's in a small town so everything was minutes away. Walking on campus to get to your classes or even riding te shuttle to get to north campus was simple. Also living on campus was great because that's where all the campus activities took place. With my major, American Sign Language, that program was great for that skill set. I enjoyed learning the matrerial.


The best thing about VSU is its ideal size.


The best thing about my school is the scenery. It is so beautiful and it is very peaceful. You can sit out in the front lawn and study. It is just very peaceful outside.


The campus landscape and the diversity.


I think the best thing about Valdosta State University is that it includes a diverse number of people. That showed me that people from other states and countries are different in numerous ways, but all of us strive to make it to the day that we graduate. It makes me want to rise up and strive to accomplish my goals so I may say that I knew I was better than my best.


The professors and faculty here are the best thing this school has to offer. Many of the professors are admired and respected in their given fields, and could work at much nicer universities for better salaries but choose to stay here. I do believe that the professors are the most competant employees at the university. In each class I've taken, the professor has demonstrated a vast amount of knowledge on their given subject. Most have plenty of experience outside of the classroom to back up their degrees.


The best thing about our school is not only the great atmosphere of diverse collegeues enteracting with you, but having professors that will do whatever they can to assisting your success in obtaining that degree you have always wanted. The food is heathly and in variety from salads to stir-fry chicken meals. There's a gym that aids in maintaining the stress that builds up everyday from studying for test and quizzes. Without this college, I would not have the chance to apply for a school that offers my major for four years, which is American Sign Language Interpreting.


The best thing about my school is the various clubs and activities that they have for us on campus. This allows me to help my social skills by meeting and interacting with new people. Everything that I ever wanted within a campus is right in hands reach, which makes it very convenient for me.


I love the fact that Valdosta State University allows for students to have more face-to-face, intimate relation with teachers; and it also allows every students the chance to get advised.


Me personally, I like the diversity. My reason is because it is somewhat hard to find a school that accepts someone who is a mixed race as well as being friendly. Of course, you can't ecsape racism but the diversity there lets you mingle with plenty of different people both race and personalities which I love most about the university.


One of the best things that I enjoy about my school is the academic program. The school focuses on challenging the students to their fullest potential despite their educational background.


The best thing about Valdosta State University is my college ministry. My involvement in my college ministry Campus Outreach has saved my life. Before being involved in Campus Outreach I was corrupted with the lies of the world. Now I have changed my ways and see a whole new meaning to the word LIFE. With Campus Outreach I have developed friendship with people from all walks of life who I can feel free to be who I am without the worries of being judged or criticized. Campus Outreach is what made my college experience thus far an enjoyable one.


The best thing about my school would probably have to be the timely manner they get back to you. I have been to another school before that did not do things quite as quickly as they say they will. My school does it immediately without a doubt. Also I enjoy the things offered on campus and the social events they use to help people get to know each other.


Availability of professors, the honors program, and small classes are great. It is very important to have teachers who are willing to help the students, especially in the honors program. Since I am in the honors program, I have classes with as few as 10 students, which is great for making friends, getting to know the professors, and it is even easier to understand the material.


I think the campus is one of the best things. The landscaping is beautful and the buildings are very detailed. The front lawn on Patterson is one of the hottest spots to read, study, or play sports with your friends in the spring/fall time. The professors are great. They are there for you when you need them. They love what they do and they are willing to show you they care about how you do in their class. The professors are diverse and there is something to learn about all of them.


The best thing about Valdosta State University is perhaps the diversity in subjects available. This was one of the only choices in the state of Georgia that had both a music and art program that included my wanted major, Interior Design.


I think the dorm halls. LIving on campus I get to see how clean the dorms are and how clean the VSU staff keeps them.


The layout of the school and availability of off campus houseing.


The school is very helpful, and open to new ideas, the campus is very nice. The cost is better than going out of state.


The fact that it's a smaller school and I get to see more of the same people and get more acquainted with alot of them


I consider all the people the best thing about my school because the different people are what makes Valdosta State University a community. The community surrounding the school is diverse as well. All of the different people make it more exciting to be on campus so that you can learn more about each culture. All of the people also show their school spirit very well and that is also very exciting to see.


I conisder the best thing about my school to be the warm and welcoming environment. It is very easy to adjust and on-campus as well as off-campus life is amazing. It is easy to balance school work and fun with discipline.


I like the friendships i have developed and the people i have met. I know that these are friendships i will have for a lifetime.


its small enough that you always no someone in your classes and everyone seems to know everyone


we have a beautiful campus. our front lawn is a nice place to study or take a nap




My school is academically focused and my professors have great personalities.


There are tons of clubs and activities that the students can get involved in. Sports is also one.


The diversity of the students and staff.


The campus is beautiful. The classes are well balanced. Everyone is friendly.


I think the best thing about Valdosta State University is the student body and helpful, supportive staff. Both groups of people encourage a career focused, happy environment.


Academics, sports, social life, the area