Valparaiso University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I think the best thing my school is known for is the academic program that is offered. There is a very wide variety of classes for students to choose from and a large list of majors and minors. They offer many opportunities for students to get internships and jobs, before their intended major is complete.


They are probably best known for Bryce Drew ( the basketball coach ) making a buzzer-beater in the NCAA tournament when he played here. They are also well know for being in the Horizion League and being a very good engineering and nursing school


In the media, Valpo is best known for its basketball team, ex-coach Homer Drew, and his son's Sweet 16 buzzer beater, The Shot. Academically I think it is very well respected as an institution for engineers. I'm not sure how it is regarded within the Lutheran community, but the fact that it is affiliated with the Lutheran church is big. The chapel is one of the campus's main architectural draws.


My school is known for being one of the best schools in the country for Law. You can definately find a lawyer husband if that's what your looking for, and our food is phenomonal.


Homer Drew's Basketball shot


The law school is a pretty big thing, as well as the chapel/the fact that its a lutheran school. Also small class sizes


Valpo is best known, academically, for nursing and meteorology and, athleticaly, basketball and volleyball; it is known reguardless as a school for indiviuals who want to work hard, put in the effort, and achieve a dream.


VU has a strong Lutheran tradition that is well-known. The faith community here is a big deal to a lot of students and most of the faculty, but it isn't oppressive. I'm not Lutheran and don't feel out of place.


Bad football team


Our men's basketball team 10 years ago was really good; they're really young this year, but the games are still intense. We also have excellent nursing, engineering and meteorology departments. Our business school is a large supporter of eco-friendly and ethical practices and organizations that sponsor such practices or activities.


My school is best known for their pre-law program.


Good Academics, Nurses, Meteorologists, Engineers


Meteorology, business, nursing, basketball, law school


Most people know Valpo for it's Basketball team and the famous on-the-buzz shot that Carson Drew's son made about a decade ago. It is also recognized as a Lutheran affiliated college. Some people recognize it because Chicago is only an hour or so away by train.


Our meteorology and engineering colleges bring in a lot of students because they are small and specialized.