Vanderbilt University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Vanderbilt University is known for being one of the top universities in the country and is probably best known for their undergraduate pre-med program, medical school, and top research facilities. With that being said, Vanderbilt offers a lot more than just a stepping stone to med school. The College of Arts and Sciences, which I attend, offers degrees in almost every field. The Blair School of Music is renowned; anyone pursuing a career in music would love to study there. The undergraduate degrees obtained here at Vanderbilt can open a world of possibilities for their graduates.


The girls in pearls, guys in suits, partying hard and studying even harder.


Vanderbilt is known for so many different things, most of which I'm not even aware of. I seem to learn something new and amazing about the school every month or so. To name a few, we have the #1 ranked education school in the country (Peabody) and we also have one of the nation's top 25 hospitals. Certain professors have also done very important work in their fields; for instance, Marianne Ploger in ear training or E. E. Barnard in astronomy.


It is well known for it's Medical School .


We've been stigmatized as rich and preppy but I've gotten to know a diverse array of students here who are extremely intelligent and friendly. Appearances can be deceiving.


Reputation, great financial aid, strong academic resources.


Snobbing rich kids you drive BMWs and live off of daddy's money obssessed with Greek Life and who got in on pure wealth/legacies not intelligence or merit. Where everyone wears polo shirts with the collars popped, guys have seersucker shorts and flip flops and girls miniskirts and Ugg boots or flip flops. Where the frats and sororities reign supreme. Where drunkeness is expected. Where everyone is too rich and spoiled to give a crap about the world.


It's best known for its academics. It's known for high-quality education with distinguished professors.


Excellent academic programs.


Vanderbilt is known for the beauty of its campus and its students. More than that, however, it is known for its academic integrity and overall excellence.


Beautiful campus, lively social scene, great balance of academics and socializing, strong volunteering engagement, strong academics, good reputation.


Being prepy.


reputation, parties, attractive people, wealth, good jobs, arboretum


Probably its Greek life


It's Attitude


Vanderbilt is best known for its academics, preparation for different careers, and networking available after graduation.


Quality education. Strong follower of the "Work Hard, Play Hard" motto.


National ranking and the best hostipal in the nation.


The Medical Center is very well known. We are also known for being a Southern, elitst school where Greek life dominates, which does have some truth.