Vanderbilt University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


For people who are strongly opposed to drugs of all forms, it's hard to find friends who don't drink or do drugs at all. At the same time, I've learned to be more tolerant and accepting of different viewpoints, but as someone is drug-free and appreciates their quiet time, the party culture can be a bit much for me at times.


Not having a laundry facitlity in every dorm.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the lack of parking spaces and the restriction of being forced to live on campus. Due to these restrictions most students don't have a vehicle on campus.


The workload.


One thing I was not expecting when I accepted admission to Vanderbilt was how exclusive the social atmosphere can feel. Greek life is a huge part of campus, and if that isn't your thing it will feel like you are the only one who didn't rush. The motto here is "Work hard, play hard," and students definitely live up to that.


The meal plan system for freshman.


The housing process


The difficulty of the academics in the school is extremely frustrating. It is common to see students study all the time and put all of their time into studying for a test but still fail.


It's quite competitive here.


The work load. Sometimes you study your ass off for weeks at a time for a single final, think you know everything, and then get slapped in the face when you get it back and it's a big fat F.


closed minded


Everyone is either in a frat or sorority,


The classes have been much harder than I was used to in High School where I saw alot of success. I have struggled to adjust to the work load and spend too much time drinking and partying.


The school is in a process of change


The emphasis on the Greek scene can be frustrating at time. While I am Greek myself, I am sometimes fed up with others' (both Greek and non) perception of Greek life and its centrality to Vanderbilt life.