Vanguard University of Southern California Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Vanguard is known for their closes knit community. The teachers are very one on one an care about your future and you as perosn. Located near the beach is also another benefit for those who attend vanguard.


Vanguard is less than 10 minutes from 3 different beaches!


Vanguard University is best known for their Christ-Centered atmosphere. You have the intimate community amongst other Christian students who can be influential and helpful in your lives. Vanguard is not only a great school that’s challenges you mentally, but it’s also a place that challenges you spiritually in your walk with God. It’s a place to guide you into being Christ-centered and fulfilling the purpose and Goals God has for you besides getting your education along the way.


Kineseology, business, and phsycology


Vanguard University of Southern California has knowledgeable and professional professors/educators.


Vanguard is a christian college that supports its' students in all aspects of life including studies, personal well being, finanical and others.


Being very laid back and a "beachy" styled school.


Our school is best known for out athletics (basketball and soccer, mostly), being a Christian university, and outreach to the community and to other countries.


Its religious focus, the larger majors, including the graduate programs, & its community based campus.


It is best know for its great community in which staff, faculty, and students all work together to learn and grow. It is well known in the business community as producing the best people for jobs . It is also known for its all around development of the person not just academically but really puts forth a whole person development.