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Vanguard University is unique in very aspect such as the community, academically, spiritually, and location. For the community is of different backgrounds reaching out and connecting with each other. Academically, regardless of your major, the school is committed to help you excel. Spiritually by building a strong and personal relationship with God.


It is a Christian University, so if you are looking for a school with a Christian environment in the class room, Vanguard is the place.


Our professors care a great deal about helping students to succeed. The smaller class sizes give them opportunity to be a mentor as well as a teacher. Our campus tutoring center also offers free tutoring to students who need a little extra assistance in a particular subject. This center also provides jobs for students who need flexible work schedules. When eating in the Cafe, I feel at ease approaching complete strangers and having a meal with them. I have made many friends on our campus because of their openess and willingness to connect with others in the community.


There are certian standards that we as students must adheard to, which i believe sets my university apart.


Fun Facts: Vanguard Library rents out a large variety of free DVDs as well as VHSs. You get about $11 for printing money in the library computer lab OC Public Transportation System is really good, so if you know how to use them, the busses are a great way to get around Sadly, Miley Cyrus-Party in the USA can often be heard playing in the hallways Last year there was one day when it poured and the lawn in front of the Heath building flooded. Soon after, students could be found running and sliding on skim boards on the lawn. Last year at the Mr. VU competition, In the Cove was a favorite Campus security uses segweys haha You are practically quaranteed if Resident Life somehow finds out you're sick (because of the swine flu)--in fact, they've installed purrell dispensers at various locations throughout campus. Britney Spears was going to come to Vanguard, but she apparently couldn't get a room to herself so she ended up not coming.


The most unique thing about Vanguard University is its emphasis and foundation on Jesus Christ. I chose this school because I knew my education would be centered around Christ and would give me all the tools I needed to incorporate my beliefs with my career. I take my relationship with Jesus and my beliefs very seriously, and Vanguard was the one school that had such a strong foundation in Christ , from everything to their campus activities to their professors and staff.