Vassar College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Smart, creative, people should attend this school. If you were slightly odd in highschool, flashing your creativity in the face of the homogenization of teenage culture, you would be a good fit at Vassar. Or not: I'd honestly say Vassar has the most diverse group of students, with more infinately different interests I've ever encountered in one spot.


Someone who knows that they want a liberal school filled with liberal people who is very open-minded and focused on academics. The person should be dedicated to their schoolwork but social as well.


A person that is independent and won't rely on friend groups or teachers to push or encourage them. Someone with clear interests and a bright personality, with individual style and an open mind.


Someone who attends Vassar should be highly motivated to do well in school. They should willing to listen to a diverse set of views and not be bothered by them. They should not be bothered by cold weather and should love to go sledding. They should be outgoing and willing to put themselves out there in order to meet knew people and learn new things. They should be bold. They should be accepting. They should either like to party or be able to find alterative means to have fun other than the party scene.


Fun, energetic, motivated students who want a small liberal arts school where they can get a truly well-rounded education, but still want to have fun. This is not a campus for the competitive student; instead, people collaborate and work together to help each other succeed.


smart, atypical, liberal, artistic, driven, passionate


All types of people are accepted here as long as you're not afraid to be exactly who you are.


Someone who is very into themselves and very into their own personal aspirations and goals. If you're rich, you'll fit in, and if you do a lot of drugs, even heavy ones, you will too. Don't mind being far from a city, and isolated from the real world and outside community. Dress like a hipster, American Apparel wearers are definitely encouraged to apply. You could be lazy and still do just fine here.


The person who should attend this school should be okay with being alone as well as in a party setting. Maybe I'm just a dancer, but because the college's main party scene is either dances or at the mug (the college owned dance club), you should be comfortable getting your boogie on most weekends. You'll need self-confidence to keep other's judgements at bay and a good heart to keep your own judgements under wraps because in a small school, word travels quickly and it can be easy to get muddled up in bad opinions.