Vassar College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The availability of faculty (and their knowledge) and the openness of staff and students to consider alternative paths after graduation. Although many of my friends from Vassar went on to the typical internship/corporate drudgery work, many of them also went on to be Park Service Naturalists, starving actors, publishing agents, and other slightly more exciting and unique pursuits. Furthermore, my current attendane at a large state university for graduate work has allowed me to appreciate the small classrooms that encourage thinking and problem-solving, with no one answer looked for. Discussion is paramount. I miss it.


The trees are probably the best objects on campus, but that's not exactly high priority for most prosepctive students. The best thing, then, is the intangible atmosphere at Vassar that encourages the students to continuously try new things, whether they are classes that have nothing to do with a major, or going on Buddhist retreats, or joining a new club three years in to the college career. I have found students and faculty alike to be enormously supportive when I have wanted to try something or start something new, which is what college is all about.


Vassar is such a welcoming environment, and it truly draws from every student to create something that is so much greater that than its parts. Whatever you bring to campus, the school takes it and makes it shine.


There's a lot of activities on campus and it's very easy to find a community.


I consider the entire environment of my campus to be the best part of my school. There really is a community feel to it all. There is such a diverse group of students and professors and yet there is anunderlying bond between us all. Everyone is really friendly, approachable and accepting and you form meaningul frindships and relationships with peers and faculty alike.


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The amazing relationship between the students, as well as the faculty. It's an amazing community.


At Vassar, you are encouraged to find your niche. Professors believe in their students, and are eager to help with classwork, recommendations, finding internships, jobs, etc. Classes are small, so professors know their students and are interested in their lives. Students are intelligent and focused on their work, but there is no feeling of competition. Students support one another, and rarely discuss grades. Everyone is creative and artistic, and care about things that matter - such as developing friendships and talents - rather than appearances, or popularity. You feel comfortable being yourself, and there is no pressure to drink/do drugs.


I love how open and welcoming this school is - and how excited everyone is to meet and engage with other students on campus no matter hwne it is or where it is. Everyone really loves this school and these people and can't wait to meet new students.


The best thing about Vassar is that it's very easy to meet new people or really the entire campus if you want to, haha. And thus it's easy to find people who you connect with and who you will stay friends with for a long time. But remember, as you will meet wonderful, beautiful people, you will also meet a lot of people you were probably better off never hooking up... I mean, meeting, and you will have to see these people on a daily bases.


A campus myth – haunted academic building, Blodgett Hall