Ventura College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before setting foot on the Ventura College campus, I wish I had known that the school was not my enemy. I had abundant anxiety and skepticism towards enrolling in college at all due to the fact that I'm an unorthodox pipe dreamer. However, VC offers what they call the VC Promise: a chance to be awarded the first year of tuition completly free. Had I not taken advantage of that opportunity, I probably would not have been introduced to new, more "practical" subjects that have left me smitten about school and inspired to continue on to hopefully, a UC.


I wish I knew how important studying would be and the ammount of self motivtion I needed to succeed.


I wish that I would have known that getting books ahead of time is a good thing. Another thing would be to do my FAFSA ahead of time and not at the last minute. Another would be to not be so shy and quiet whil talking to other people. And finally I would tell myself to not procrastinate and get any and all of the classwork done so that it won't come back to haunt me.


I wish I had known the Nursing program was going to be so costly especially all the required courses before entering the program.


Ventura college is a good opportunity for all of students who want to have a good future and career. It is the beging of next step of education. it is near to me home and my daughter 's day care. And good environment and repetition.