Vermont Technical College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Vermont in itself is not very diverse. Why would a Vermont college be any different? We certainly do have people from various races, religions, social class, even countries. We have exchange students from Australia, Africa, and even Germany. All different groups are accepted with open arms. I don't lie when I tell you everyone is friends with everyone. It's nearly impossible to walk to class without passing 5+ students you either share classes with, or share laughs with. The way I see it, VTC is like high school is regards to how close people are, but without all the drama.


I personally have to say that we do not have any racial or prejudice problems. Our campus is small enough that everyone gets to know each other. People are only prejudice to things they do not understand, but when you are fortunate enough to have a close campus you do not see those problems. Most students wear what they are most comfortable to class, we do not have a dress policy only that you should respect others when picking out t-shirts with sayings. Most of the VTC students come from the state of Vermont, but the students who are from out of state are just as except as the ones who live in state.


They are a good group.


Very focused dedicated individuals.